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									The Elements of a Short Story
  Using “The Cask of Amontillado”
         by Edgar Allan Poe
              The Elements
• When Writing a Short
  Story Remember the
  “5 W’s”
  – The Who – Characters
  – The What – Plot
  – The Where – Setting
  – The Why – Theme
  – The How - Mood
    The Who - Characters

 The characters/people in the story
 Characterization can be found through:
    Descriptions
       Age
       Social Class
       Clothing
    Character accounts
       What do they say?
       What do they do?
       How do others react to them?
                  Poe's Characters
 Montressor
   Coat of Arms: “A
    huge human foot
    d’or, in a field of
    azure; the foot
    crushes a serpent
    rampant whose
    fangs are imbedded
    in the heel.”       Your Turn! What other
                        character are we
                        introduced to? What do
                        we know about
                        him/her?                  Fortunato
                                                    Montressor: “You are
                                                     rich, respected,
                                                     admired, beloved;
                                                     you are happy, as
                                                     once I was. You are a
                                                     man to be missed.”
The What – Plot
The sequence of events in the story
                             Poe's Plot
             •   Exposition – Meet Montressor
             •   Rising Action – Revenge Bait
             •   Climax - Trapped
             •   Falling Action – Bricklaying
             •   Resolution - Buried Alive

Your turn! Do you think I got it
right? Can you change the
location of the climax in the
The Where - Setting

           • Where does this
             story take place?
             – Location
                • Real or Fictional
                • Climate
             – Time
                • Year
                • Time of Day
                • Season
                       Poe's Setting
           The Carnival                       The Catacombs

•Extravagant                                                •Dark
•Free                                                       •Dirty
•Colorful                                                   •Frightening
•Italian                                                    •Cold
Tradition                                                   •Death

               Your Turn! Why does Poe use two completely
               contrasting settings in his story?
The Why - Theme

   • Why is this written? What is
     it trying to tell you about
   • The theme is…
     – Main Idea
     – Message
     – Meaningful Bit
                      Poe's Theme
• Revenge
   – Montressor takes
     revenge on Fortunato for
     some untold slight.
• Lasting Questions:
   – Is revenge justifiable?
   – Are there limits to

                                Your turn! What other themes can you
                                find in “The Cask of Amontillado”?
The How - Mood

       • How does the writing
         make you feel?
         – The atmosphere
         – Adjectives
         – Descriptions
             Poe's Mood




Disturbing    Your turn! What are some other adjectives that can
              be used to describe the mood in the story?
                 Your Turn!

• Using these elements, create
  your own spooky story using
  the theme of revenge that is
  sure to chill and frighten
  even the bravest of souls!
• Remember the “5 W’s”


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