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									The Elements of Music
Part Six: Texture

           In music, texture is the
            number of individual
            musical lines (melodies)
            and the relationships
            these lines have to one
           There are three main
            types of musical
            textures: monophonic,
            homophonic, and
            polyphonic (they have
            historical origins).

 Music that only has one melody line
 Examples:
  A vocal song with no accompaniment
  A single musical instrument playing a melody
  Many instruments playing the same melody
Monophonic Example

 Example 1:

 Music that has a single melodic line with
 Examples
  Choral music in which the parts have mostly the
   same rhythms
  A song with accompaniment
  A single musical instrument or many musical
   instruments playing a melody which is supported
   by other instruments playing the harmony
Homophonic Example

 Example 2:
Monophonic/Homophonic Example

 Sometimes though, songs can have
  monophonic and homophonic textures
 Example 3:

 Music which consists of two or more
  independent melodic lines which sound at
  the same time
 Example
  Round
  Canon
Polyphonic Example

 Example 4:
Homophonic/Polyphonic Example

 Sometimes though, songs can have
  homophonic and polyphonic textures.
 Most often this occurs in classical music, but
  it does occur in pop music:
 Example 5:
Putting It All Together

 Listen to the following musical example and
  make comments about the musical elements
  in your handout.

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