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									                           AIRBUS A330 PTF        OFF TARGET                  ROCKET BOOST
                           CAN THE CARGO          T-X trainer service entry   Vega supplier Avio revels
                           CARRIERS BE            pushed back to next         in launch success, and
                           CONVERTED?             decade in US Air Force      gears up for rising civil
                           NEWS ANALYSIS          budget proposal 19          engine demand 24



                           COMMERCIAL ENGINES

                           IN TRENT
                           WE TRUST
                           As XWB engine starts wing trials
                           Rolls-Royce powers up its strategy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      FLIGHT           INTERNATIONAL
VOLUME 181 NUMBER 5330                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   28 FEBRUARY-5 MARCH 2012

                              AIRBUS A330 PTF        OFF TARGET                  ROCKET BOOST
                              CAN THE CARGO          T-X trainer service entry   Vega supplier Avio revels
                              CARRIERS BE            pushed back to next         in launch success, and
                              CONVERTED?             decade in US Air Force      gears up for rising civil

                                                                                                                      PIC OF THE WEEK
                              NEWS ANALYSIS          budget proposal 19          engine demand 24

   FLIGHT                     INTERNATIONAL
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   28 FEBRUARY-5 MARCH 2012
                                                                                                                      AirSpace user Duncan Monk posted this shot
                              COMMERCIAL ENGINES

                              IN TRENT                                                                                of a Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A340
                              WE TRUST
                              As XWB engine starts wing trials
                              Rolls-Royce powers up its strategy                                                      (registration LN-RKG) departing Dubai during
                                                                                                                      the emirate’s air show of 2009. Open a
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                                                                                                                                                                     Duncan Monk gallery on flightglobal.com/AirSpace
  This photograph shows a
  Rolls-Royce Trent XWB
  making the engine type’s
  maiden flight, fitted to
  Airbus’s dedicated A380
  flying-testbed aircraft.
  See This Week P7 and

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Rex Features, Eurocopter
  Special Report P26                                                                                                                                                                                                    Eurocopter airs its frustration over Indian contest delay
                                                                                                                             flightglobal.com/imageoftheweek                                                             P17. UK government backs new European flight time
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        regulations despite concerns P8

               NEWS                                                                                                                 17 Swiss minister fights back in Gripen                                                                COVER STORY
                                                                                                                                       selection dispute.                                                                             28 Trents on target Rolls-Royce may be
               THIS WEEK                                                                                                               UAC to sustain fixed-wing sales                                                                   exiting the small jet market, but with
  6            EASA hours rules offer ‘safety gain’                                                                                 19 USAF pushes T-38 trainer replacement                                                              strong positions with Airbus and Boeing,
  7            Trent XWB’s first flight delights Airbus.                                                                               back to 2020.                                                                                     its big Trent family is powering forward
               China powers ahead with new vertical                                                                                    F-35 reveals external weapons load
               take-off UAV                                                                                                            BUSINESS AVIATION                                                                                   FEATURES
  8            Qantas cuts costs, delays Dreamliner                                                                                 20 Eastern Airways aims to tap growth of                                                          26 COMMERCIAL ENGINES
  9            Airbus out to convert market with A330                                                                                  blue-chip charter.                                                                             32 Return of the power turboprop The
               conversion programme                                                                                                    Embraer hands over its 300th Phenom                                                               large turboprop airliner could be back,
                                                                                                                                    21 ‘Wait and see’ mode is stalling sales,                                                            and engines are being developed for it
     AIR TRANSPORT                                                                                                                     says Gama                                                                                      35 Cold logic Wrap up warm as we drop
  10 Modern cockpit threatens skill levels                                                                                                                                                                                               into Winnipeg to see GE’s cold-weather
  11 Heavyweight A380 set to enter ring.                                                                                               SPACEFLIGHT                                                                                       test facility in the Canadian city
     Ukraine engages antidote to squawk-                                                                                            23 China readies manned flight surge.
     code crisis                                                                                                                       Fourth stage is next step to all-European Vega
  12 Pilot left to struggle alone before                                                                                               BUSINESS
     Lanzarote overrun.                                                                                                             24 Avio rockets into 2012
     Israeli ATRs forced out by anti-missile
     requirement                                                                                                                         REGULARS
  15 Fire fears drive tighter battery rules.                                                                                        5    Comment
     Simulated power loss initiated Brasilia’s                                                                                      38   Straight & Level

     fatal dive
                                                                                                                                    39   Letters
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         NEXT WEEK INDIA SPECIAL
     DEFENCE                                                                                                                        41   Classified
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kingfisher has lost its fizz amid hard
  16 UK and French armed forces to expand                                                                                           44   Jobs                                                                                            times for the country’s airlines. We
     UAV pact.                                                                                                                      51   Working Week                                                                                    explore the sector’s plight, and assess
     Japan looks to lift Hercules fleet with                                                                                        44   JOB OF THE WEEK Head of Training, CTC,                                                          national defence procurement plans
     surplus deal                                                                                                                        Oxfordshire

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 Air Europa....................................................12          Derby, UK, to research our cover              FlightBlogger argued that the narrowbody type’s single
 Air France ....................................................11
 Airnorth .......................................................15        story on the powerplant maker’s               biggest contribution to commercial aerospace is its digital
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 Barnes Group ..............................................25             braved the frozen plains of                                                 Sunward Tech Star-Lite
 Beijing Capital Airlines .................................20              Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada,
 Boeing ...........................................8, 9, 12, 15                                                                                        SVU200 vertical take-off and
 Bombardier ...........................................12, 20              to visit a new icing test facility
 Bond Offshore Helicopters ...........................20                                                                                               landing unmanned air vehicle
                                                                           – developed jointly by GE and
 Bristow Helicopters ......................................20
                                                                           StandardAero (P35). And editor                                              (UAV). Ariel View’s Arie Egozi
 British Airways ..............................................25
 Cessna ........................................................20         Murdo Morrison was in Paris for               profiled Sky Sapience’s tethered hovering platform for
 CFM International ........................................24                                                            small vehicles, the HoverMast (above), which will be
 China Eastern Airlines ..................................11               a briefing given by the head of
 China Southern Airlines................................11                 the French defence procurement                displayed at the AUVSI international conference in Tel
 Dassault ..........................................16, 17, 20             agency, DGA (P16).                            Aviv, Israel, on 20-22 March. On The DEW Line, Stephen
 EADS ...........................................................16
 Eastern Airways ............................................20                                                          Trimble used “the Goldilocks method” to analyse a mystery
 Elbit Systems ...............................................16
 Elop .............................................................12                                                    UAV snapped in flight over Uzbekistan: “Predator/Gray
 Embraer.................................................12, 20                                                          Eagle/Reaper is too big, yet the UAV still seems too small
 Emirates ......................................................11
 Etihad Airways........................................11, 25                                                            to be a Hermes 900. China’s Pterodactyl/Wing Loong,
 Eurocopter ...................................................17                                                        however, seems just right.”
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 Singapore Airlines ........................................11           flightinternational.subs@qss-uk.com             1 Trent XWB powerplant makes maiden sortie
 Skymark Airlines ..........................................11                                                           2 Airbus to offer higher-weight A380 from 2013
 ST Aerospace .........................................20, 25            REPRINTS
 Sukhoi .....................................................6, 17       +44 20 8652 8612                                3 Analysis: Soaring demand drives Airbus to plug freighter gap
 Sunward Tech.................................................7          reprints@rbi.co.uk
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                                                                                                                         4 Qantas delays service entry of Boeing 787-8s
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 4 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                                                                   flightglobal.com

                                Better late than never
                                By bowing to customer pressure in launching an A330 conversion programme – however
                                reluctantly – Airbus has wound up with a more sensible, coherent freighter strategy

                                     he apparent backpedalling by Airbus over A330
                                T    freighter conversions – after it claimed, barely three
                                months ago, that such a scheme was “far down” its
                                to-do list – is hardly surprising, given that the airfram-
                                er’s freighter strategy appears to have been directionless
                                for the past five years.
                                   While Airbus’s success in the passenger market is
                                beyond question, the closure of the A300 freighter line
                                in mid-2007 effectively began the manufacturer’s drift
                                into the cargo wilderness. Integrators UPS and FedEx
                                had kept A300 production alive, but the halving of
                                UPS’s huge backlog of 90 hastened its end as a new-

                                build type.
                                   It also illustrated in stark terms the maddening un-       But will the rethink chill A330-200F sales?
                                predictability of the cargo market, in which limited op-
                                portunities for new-build aircraft sales – compared              Despite goading from the Middle East, Airbus has
                                with the passenger sector – already mean that a tricky        been unwilling to explore the only other avenue along
                                path must be negotiated.                                      which it might find its way back into the freighter busi-
                                                                                              ness: a conversion programme for the A330.
                                About-face might be a difficult                                   The airframer’s dilemma is obvious. The new-build
                                                                                              A330-200F is barely two years out of certification, so
                                direction – but it is better than                             Airbus naturally wants to protect its investment. But
                                none at all                                                   there are potential customers whose interest in the
                                                                                              A330 as a freighter does not extend to buying them off
                                                                                              the production line. Airbus has claimed that – given
                                    When Airbus was planning to halt A300 production          the demands of the A350 and A320neo – it lacks the
                                it showed off the A330-200F, the long-intended replace-       resources to develop a conversion. It is probably closer
                                ment, and talked about offering A320 conversions and          to the truth to suggest that Airbus has simply been lack-
                                the prospects for a cargo version of the A380.                ing the will.
                                    However, initial enthusiasm for the A380F disap-             About-face might be a difficult direction, but it is bet-
                                peared, and took the orders with it, and the A320P2F          ter than none at all. Regardless of whether the uncom-
                                programme collapsed last year without much of an ex-          fortable Qatar Airways press conference in Dubai
                                planation – beyond opaque statements about economic           helped prompt a rethink or some other consideration
                                considerations – as to precisely what had gone wrong.         spurred its decision, Airbus might just have done its
                                All of which left the A330-200F, whose sales have             freighter strategy a huge favour.
                                hardly been stellar, as the last freighter standing.          See This Week P9

                                Love the one you’re with
                                    love letter from the US Federal Communications               Over the past year opinions gave way to hard data
                                A   Commission to the aviation industry arrived on
                                Valentine’s Day. Unlike the flowery prose penned on
                                                                                              gained through thousands of hours and millions of dol-
                                                                                              lars in tests and analyses, showing that indeed the two
                                many perfume-spritzed cards, the FCC’s declaration            are not compatible – at least for the higher-precision
                                was terse, but brought joy to many heavy hearts.              aviation receivers that are bedrock safety devices for
                                  “The Commission will not lift the prohibition on            avoiding terrain and obstacles.
                                LightSquared,” it wrote, ending a year of doubt hanging          Jilted suitor LightSquared went into denial.
                                over the relationship between GPS and aviators. In            “LightSquared recognises, however, that this is just one
                                January 2011, the FCC conditionally approved Light-           step in the process, and it remains committed to
                                Squared’s plan for a broadband network experts said           working toward a resolution,” it said in its response to
                                would divorce aviators from GPS information they              the FCC. One can only hope the FCC has the wisdom to
Was Airbus wise to pursue the
A330 PTF? Is LightSquared’s     have come to love. The approval required LightSquared         stay the course as LightSquared makes its final plea for
plan doomed? Have your say at   and the aviation industry to figure out whether GPS            reconciliation.
flightglobal.com/comment         and the new network could live together in harmony.           See This Week P6

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   OPERATIONS London Heathrow Airport will begin another trial of
   mixed-mode runway operations in July to follow on from the first four-
   month trial which is due to end shortly. Heathrow normally uses one
   runway for departures and the other for arrivals, but for the past four
   months it has been trialling the use of mixed-mode operations. The
   current trial began on 1 November and is due to end on 29 February.
   Wandsworth Borough Council says that so far it has received more

                                                                                                                                                                      Rex Features
   than 600 complaints from local residents, who believe aircraft noise
   has increased during the trial.
                                                                              BALPA is worried about the potential for long working days
                                                                              LEGISLATION MICHAEL GUBISCH LONDON
   SPACEFLIGHT United Airlines has closed the sale of a 1997 Boeing
   747-400 equipped with PW4056 engines to Scaled Composites,
   which will convert the jet into a mobile platform for low-cost satellite
   launches. The 747, serial number 28715, will be transformed into
                                                                              EASA hours rules
   the world’s largest aircraft for the Stratolaunch programme, con-
   ceived by aerospace designer Burt Rutan and funded by a closely-
   held venture of Microsoft entrepreneur Paul Allen.
                                                                              offer ‘safety gain’
                                                                              UK government backs new European flight time regulations
   US REGULATOR UPBRAIDS GPS USERS                                            despite concern from pilots’ union over lowered standards
   NAVIGATION The US Federal Communications Commission will pro-
                                                                                   K minister for transport              are particularly concerned that
   hibit mobile broadband start-up LightSquared from launching serv-
   ices that three government panels have determined will interfere
   with safety-critical navigation systems on aircraft. However, it also
                                                                              U    Theresa Villiers has support-
                                                                              ed the proposed flight time regu-
                                                                                                                         some of the new rules are based
                                                                                                                         on scientific evidence, while oth-
   faulted the GPS and aviation industries for using receivers that pick      lations put forward by the Euro-           ers are in conflict with the re-
   up signals in neighbouring bands of the spectrum. “There are very          pean Aviation Safety Agency                search. BALPA wants the UK
   substantial costs to our economy and to consumers of preventing            (EASA), saying new rules would             government to reject EASA’s pro-
   the use of this and other spectrum for mobile broadband,” it said.         offer a “significant safety gain” for       posal. The CAA, which partici-
                                                                              UK passengers.                             pated in devising the EU rules,
   SUKHOI RATCHETS UP SUPERJET LIST PRICE                                        The UK Parliament’s transport           said safety concerns had been ad-
   AIRFRAMES Sukhoi has sharply hiked the catalogue price for its             select committee on 22 February            dressed in the proposal published
   Superjet 100 but believes the aircraft will remain competitive. Senior     discussed the impact of EASA’s             last month, and safety standards
   vice-president for customer relations Igor Syrtsov confirmed the           proposal with Villiers, the UK             would be maintained.
   baseline version would be priced 11% higher at $35.4 million, and          Civil Aviation Authority (CAA),               Villiers said it would “never be
   the extended-range variant would cost 12% more at $36.2 million, to        pilot unions and representatives           possible to get complete scientific
   account for higher production costs. Syrtsov pointed out that the          from the airline industry.                 consensus and complete consen-
   manufacturer has not changed catalogue prices for the Superjet                The British Airline Pilots’             sus between unions and airlines”.
   since 2010.                                                                Association (BALPA), along with            BALPA believes the maximum
                                                                              other European pilot unions, be-           flight duty period would be ex-
   RUBICON TARGETS FLY540 ACQUISITION                                         lieves the proposed harmonisa-             tended from the current 16h
   AIRLINES Investment company Rubicon Diversified is looking to              tion and unification of varying             15min in the UK to 20h under EU
   acquire African regional carrier Fly540 from Lonrho as it progresses       flight time regulations across              rules. The CAA responded that
   with plans to launch a low-cost airline in Africa in conjunction with      European Union member states               new regulations require a 4h rest
   EasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s EasyGroup business under            will lower safety standards in cer-        within that period. However,
   the Fastjet.com brand. Rubicon said on 23 February that it is “in dis-     tain countries, such as the UK,            while the authority accepts stand-
   cussions regarding the potential acquisition of Fly540” from Lonrho,       where stricter national rules are          by time at the beginning of the
   which is a shareholder in Rubicon. Lonrho has established Fly540 in        currently in place.                        flight duty period as rest, the pilot
   several regional centres across Africa.                                       Given that safety levels were           unions said this does not serve as
                                                                              raised for airlines from countries         proper rest and should count
   SOUTH KOREA SIGNS FIGHTER DEALS                                            which currently have lower                 fully as flight duty time.
   CONTRACTS Boeing has received a $300 million, five-year contract           standards, which UK passengers                If pilots are awake 2h before-
   to maintain the Republic of Korea Air Force’s F-15K Slam Eagle strike      might use for their travels, Villiers      reporting for work and then
   aircraft. South Korean company Hyundai Glovis will provide logistics       said there would be “significant”           spend 4h on standby time before
   handling and supply chain distribution services under the perform-         safety gains as a whole.                   take-off, they could legally land
   ance-based deal. Separately, South Korea’s LIG Nex1 has picked                She added that the proposal             their aircraft 22h after they awoke
   Sweden’s Applied Composites AB to develop a prototype radome for           was “broadly” in line with cur-            that day, BALPA warned.
   Seoul’s KF-X indigenous fighter. Likely to be a twin-engined, medium-      rent UK regulations, and that UK                      Stay up to date with the latest
   size design, the aircraft is scheduled to enter use by 2021.               safety standards were not being                       news in aviation safety, go to
                                                                              compromised. The pilot unions                         flightglobal.com/safety

6 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                              flightglobal.com
                                                                                                                                                             THIS WEEK
                                                   Airbus out to
                                                   convert market
                                                   NEWS FOCUS P9


Trent XWB’s first flight delights Airbus
Rolls-Royce powerplant for the A350 produces “encouraging results” in maiden sortie on dedicated A380 flying testbed

    irst flight of the Rolls-Royce                                                                                                               the Trent 900’s, and we were very
F   Trent XWB aboard a dedicat-
ed Airbus A380 flying testbed
                                                                                                                                                pleased to find those characteris-
                                                                                                                                                tics were almost identical on the
brought the engine to “the edge of                                                                                                              actual flight,” added Lutz.
the flight envelope of the A350”                                                                                                                    The flight kick-started a seven-
and generated “very encouraging,                                                                                                                month test campaign Airbus is pur-
satisfactory results”, in the                                                                                                                   suing jointly with Rolls-Royce.
verdict of the Airbus flight test                                                                                                                This is set to accumulate 175h –
engineer Emanuele Costanzo.                                                                                                                     “some three times more airborne
   Such anomalies as arose                                                                                                                      flying hours than on previous pro-
during the 18 February sortie can                                                                                                               grammes”, and will include hot
be addressed within “the stand-                                                                                                                 weather testing, likely to take place
ard development flight test activ-                                                                                                               in the United Arab Emirates in the
ity for this kind of exercise”,                                                                                                                 summer, plus tests intended to
added Costanzo. They included                                                                                                                   support Rolls-Royce’s efforts to se-

“very gentle oscillations, visible                                                                                                              cure European Aviation Safety
on a plot” when the engine was at     The engine will undergo a 175h flight test campaign                                                       Agency certification – for example,
minimum idle.                                                                                                                                   identification of the re-light enve-
   Costanzo was aboard the 5h         Fernando Alonso, Airbus’s head                           0.9 and normal operating ceiling                 lope and demonstration of com-
flight from Toulouse. A Trent          of flight operations.                                     of 43,000ft (13,100m). It was also               pressor surge margins. “We will
XWB development engine, fitted            Alonso stressed the flight                             operated at a high angle of attack               make the compressor surge in flight
with test sensors, was mounted        focused not just on the engine it-                       and at the minimum speed that                    to determine the surge line of each
on the A380’s inner left pylon,       self, but also on the engine’s inter-                    would be encountered in normal                   compressor in new and deteriorat-
replacing one of the aircraft’s       faces with the aircraft. The A350’s                      service. “The engine was fully                   ed condition,” said Costanzo.
Trent 900s.                           generators, bleed system and hy-                         functional and gave us exactly                      Cold weather testing addition-
   “Flying the actual engine of the   draulic pumps had been fitted.                            the performance that we would                    al to that already carried out by
A350 on one of our airplanes one      “This is a major contributor to the                      have expected at flight level 100                 Rolls-Royce is unlikely to hap-
year before the first flight of the     maturity of the A350 XWB right                           [10,000ft] and 108kt,” said exper-               pen until the A350 airframe is in
A350 gives us a tremendous            from its very first flight,” he said.                      imental test pilot Terry Lutz.                   flight testing. A350 systems to be
opportunity to identify the engine    “The bulk of the first flight on the                          “When we did the simulator                    deployed within the flying test-
behaviour, to identify the han-       flying testbed was about opening                          preparation for this particular                  bed campaign include the air data
dling and operability of the          the flight envelope.”                                     flight, we noticed that engine accel-             computer and a Goodrich nacelle
engine and to bring the engine to        The A380 reached its maxi-                            eration and deceleration character-              and thrust reverser.
extreme      conditions,”     said    mum operating speed of Mach                              istics were just slightly better than            See Feature P28


China powers ahead with new vertical take-off UAV
                                                                                                     hina’s Sunward Tech Star-lite              tary applications, marketing mate-
                                                                                               C     SVU200 vertical take-off and
                                                                                               landing unmanned air vehicle
                                                                                                                                                rial also depicts the SVU200 carry-
                                                                                                                                                ing a chin-mounted electro-optical/
                                                                                               has conducted a 20min first flight,                infrared sensor and launchers for
                                                                                               with the aircraft designed initial-              unguided rockets. The design has
                                                                                               ly to monitor powerlines.                        a maximum useful load of 244kg,
                                                                                                   “The demonstration included                  said the company, which plans to
                                                                                               multiple take-offs, landings, turns,             sell two aircraft and a ground con-
                                                                                               sideways manoeuvres, quick-                      trol station for CNY 10 million
                                                                                               stops, backward flying and for-                   ($1.6 million).
                                                                                               ward-cruise flights,” said Dennis                    With a conventional helicopter
                                                                                               Fetters, the SVU200’s designer. “A               layout, the SVU200 has a 78hp
                                                                                               lifting demonstration of 200kg                   (58kW) engine, a cruise speed of
                                                                                               [441lb] was also performed.”                     95kt (177km/h) and an expected
                                                                                                   Sunward Tech president He                    endurance of up to 2.6h.
                                                                              Dennis Fetters

                                                                                               Qing Hua approved “full autono-                         For more about unmanned air
                                                                                               mous flight testing”, said Fetters.                      vehicle operations, visit
The SVU200 has been initially designed to monitor powerlines                                   Although developed for non-mili-                        flightglobal.com/uav

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Qantas cuts costs, delays Dreamliner
Carrier cites “manufacturer delays” as enabling postponement of entry into service of new twinjet as it trims expenditure

     antas will delay service                                                                                                      The majority of other mainte-
Q    entry of its Boeing 787-8
fleet as the airline moves to slash
                                                                                                                                nance and supply chain opera-
                                                                                                                                tions will be moved to Sydney,
capital expenditure (capex) in                                                                                                  he added.
2012–2013.                                                                                                                         Line maintenance will change
   The carrier said the move,                                                                                                   to a “maintenance on demand”
which had been enabled by                                                                                                       approach, so “engineers will not
“manufacturer delays”, will con-                                                                                                be conducting aircraft checks that
tribute to cuts in capex from a                                                                                                 are not required,” said Joyce.
projected A$ 2.5 billion ($2.7 bil-                                                                                                Rostering and planning activi-
lion) to A$2.3 billion for 2012,                                                                                                ties will largely be consolidated
and from A$2.8 billion to $2.3                                                                                                  to Sydney as well, he said.
billion in 2013, “with further cuts                                                                                                Joyce added: “We need to be
to be identified for that year”, said                                                                                            ready to take tough decisions,
chief executive Alan Joyce.                                                                                                     and we must become more flexi-
   Boeing was due to deliver Qan-                                                                                               ble and productive.”
tas’s first three of 15 787-8s in                                                                                                   A number of network changes
2012 – itself a delay from a                                                                                                    that see Boeing 747s being re-

handover initially projected for                                                                                                placed with A330s on some
2010. The carrier did not specify      The airline was due to take the first three of 15 787-8s this year                       routes – “and the critical mass of
when it would now receive its                                                                                                   12 A380s” in its fleet – will allow
initial Dreamliner.                    added. Heavy maintenance op-            of the final maintenance foot-                    Qantas to retire two more 747s
   Speaking as he announced the        erations will be consolidated           print, but Joyce warned “doing                   this year, in addition to the four of
airline’s half-year results on 23      from its three sites at Melbourne,      nothing is not an option”, and                   the type that will retire in April.
February, Joyce unveiled a raft of     Brisbane and Avalon. No deci-           described the present set-up as                  This will leave the airline with 18
cost-saving measures, including        sion has been taken on the size         “sub-optimal”.                                   747s in its fleet.
route closures and a root-and-
branch review of its maintenance,
repair and overhaul capability,        DISPUTE
which he said was necessary to         Joyce defends fleet grounding in light of ‘damage to brand’
“restore, retain and increase our
efficiency and competitiveness”.        Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce       and the ongoing campaigns were                   around A$194 million ($208 million)
   The carrier’s entire mainte-        has defended the carrier’s grounding    damaging our brand. It was impos-                in the six months ending 31
nance operation will be reconfig-       of its fleet last year in the face of   sible to deliver our schedule and the            December. The airline grounded its
ured, said Joyce, as it looks to in-   escalating strike action.               business community was starting to               fleet at 17:00 local time on 29
crease competitiveness in a               Joyce said the decision “though      leave Qantas.”                                   October 2011, in protest at strike
division which is 30% more cost-       difficult, was necessary” in order to      Despite the disruption to passen-             action from the Transport Workers
ly than its competitors.               bring the dispute to a head.            gers caused by the grounding, the                Union, the Australian Licensed
   Although promising no jobs             He said: “Our decision to ground     airline has since seen a “positive               Aircraft Engineers Association and
would be shifted offshore, some        the fleet was made necessary be-        response in forward bookings” and                the Australian and International
500 positions will be made re-         cause our customers were being          an “upswell of support” from its cus-            Pilots Association. It resumed flights
dundant by the changes, Joyce          massively disrupted by the unions       tomers. The dispute cost the carrier             on 31 October.


Retaliation on the cards as EU ETS row escalates
    list of retaliatory measures       ence in Moscow that each of the         national carriers from participat-               the Moscow participants remain
A   has reportedly been agreed at
a meeting in Moscow held by a
                                       26 nations opposed to ETS – in-
                                       cluding the USA, India and Rus-
                                                                               ing in the ETS and lodging
                                                                               formal complaints with the In-
                                                                                                                                unanswered: what are your con-
                                                                                                                                crete and constructive alterna-
group of countries opposed to the      sia – will be able to choose “the       ternational Civil Aviation Organ-                tives for a global agreement [on
inclusion of aviation in the Euro-     most effective and reliable meas-       isation (ICAO).                                  addressing aviation emissions]
pean Union’s Emissions Trading         ures that will help to cancel or           An EC spokesman said that                     at ICAO?”
System (ETS).                          postpone the implementation of          the Commission has not yet re-                      The EU will “review its posi-
   Reports quote Russian deputy        the EU ETS.”                            ceived a full account from the                   tion” on emissions trading the
transport minister Valery Okulov          The agreed retaliatory meas-         meeting in Moscow, but added:                    day a global solution is proposed,
as saying during a news confer-        ures are said to include barring        “Unfortunately our questions for                 the spokesman said.

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                                                           Modern cockpit                                                                   NEWS FOCUS
                                                           threatens skill
                                                           AIR TRANSPORT P10


Airbus out to convert market
A330 passenger-to-freighter programme will give airframer a two-pronged strategy to meeting soaring cargo demand

      irbus’s decision to launch a                                                                                                  between $22.5-$25 million, ac-
A     passenger-to-freighter conver-
sion programme for its A330
                                                                                                                                    cording to Ascend. Newer aircraft
                                                                                                                                    are worth anywhere between
twinjet was long overdue. The air-                                                                                                  $41.7-$58.9 million for the high-
framer’s own global market fore-                                                                                                    er-gross weight -300 and $38.5-
cast for freighters, issued last year,                                                                                              $51 million for the -200.
predicts demand for a total of
2,731 cargo aircraft over the next                                                                                                  PLENTIFUL FEEDSTOCK
20 years, split between 834 new-                                                                                                    Ascend analyst Chris Seymour
builds and 1,897 conversions.                                                                                                       puts the optimum age for freighter
   Yet until last week’s announce-                                                                                                  conversion at 15 to 20 years. Early
ment, Airbus had addressed that                                                                                                     A330 models sit comfortably in
demand solely with its new-build                                                                                                    that age range, but Seymour says
A330-200F. Although that pro-                                                                                                       the success of the programme

gramme has arguably under-per-                                                                                                      rests partly on the availability of
formed, accumulating just 69 or-             US express carrier FedEx operates 73 Boeing MD-10Fs                                    “feedstock” aircraft ripe for con-
ders to date, Airbus believes that                                                                                                  version. Numbers are plentiful:
section of the market still holds           ing MD-10F/McDonnell Douglas                                                            Ascend lists a total operational
considerable sales potential.               DC-10 and, at the lighter end, the
                                                                                      “The production                               A330 fleet of 800 aircraft, split al-
   Again, its global market fore-           Airbus A300 and A310 freighters,          freighter has been slow                       most equally between the -200
cast offers a clue to the airfram-          all of which still have a significant      in gaining momentum                           and -300 (see graph). And with
er’s thinking. It predicts that most        global presence. Flightglobal’s                                                         the first P2F conversion not due
of the growth in that 20-year pe-           Ascend Online database lists 81           and that makes us a                           to roll out until 2016, Seymour
riod will come in the midsize               MD-10Fs in active service, 198            little cautious”                              predicts even greater feedstock
freighter market occupied by the            A300 freighters and 54 A310               STEVE RIMMER
                                                                                                                                    availability as airline’s defleet in
A330. That equates to a total of            freighters. The vast majority of the      CEO, Guggenheim Aviation Partners             favour of new models.
1,327 units, with potential for             three types are operated by US ex-                                                         Lessor Guggenheim Aviation
around 900 conversions accord-              press carrier FedEx. Closer analy-                                                      Partners is active in the cargo sec-
ing to the forecast.                        sis of its fleet using Ascend shows        (175,000lb)      over    3,305nm              tor, for instance leasing three
                                            the Memphis company operating             (6,115km). Although no payload-               777Fs to European operator TNT
AGEING AIRCRAFT                             a total of 73 MD-10Fs – both -10Fs        range figures are yet available for            Airways. Steve Rimmer, chief ex-
Demand will be driven both by               and -30Fs – with an average age of        the P2F programme, Airbus gives               ecutive officer, says it is “in-
growth in the cargo market and              over 33 years. There are also sub-        the line-build -200F’s maximum                trigued by the programme” but
the need to replace older aircraft.         stantial numbers of A300Fs (71)           payload as 70t over 3,200nm.                  stresses it is too early to form a
In fact, Airbus says around 570             and A310Fs (45) in its fleet, with         Clearly the P2F will not be a like-           firm opinion.
replacements will be required in            an average age of 19.5 and 25.5           for-like replacement for the MD-                 He says: “The production
the midsize sector alone.                   years, respectively.                      10, but Airbus suggests the type’s            freighter has been slow in gain-
  Likely candidates for replace-               Boeing lists the MD-10-30F as          fuel efficiency more than com-                 ing momentum and that makes
ment by the A330 P2F are the Boe-           able to carry a payload of 79.4t          pensates for what it cedes in pay-            us a little cautious, however it’s
                                                                                      load and range. Assuming a fuel               definitely on our radar and we
AIRBUS A330 DELIVERIES BY YEAR                                                        cost of $100 and above per barrel,            will be spending some time re-
Total                                                                                 the -200F model need only have                viewing it when there are fuller
 100                                                                                  utilisation of 2,200h per year to             details available.”
                                                                                      compensate for its $211.5 million                One airline viewed as a poten-
  80                                                                                  acquisition cost against the Boe-             tial launch customer for the con-
                                                                                      ing, claims Airbus.                           version is Qatar Airways. The Do-
  60                                                                                     The necessary utilisation                  ha-based airline has 29 A330-200
                                                                                      would slide even further in Air-              and -300s in service and, with the
  40                                                                                  bus’s favour with a P2F aircraft.             latter about to start being replaced
                                                                                      Airbus has not disclosed a list               by Boeing 787s, it has been urging
  20                                                                                  price for the conversion; howev-              Airbus to launch a A330 cargo
                                                                                      er, early external estimates put a            conversion programme.
   0                                                                                  total cost at around $30 million.                    For more information on our
        ’93 ’94 ’95 ’96 ’97 ’98 ’99 ’00 ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11
                                                                                      Early -300 models, produced be-                      data and consultancy arm, go to
SOURCE: Airbus
                                                                                      tween 1994 and 1997, are valued                      flightglobal.com/ascend

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Modern cockpit threatens skill levels
As IATA aims to update training criteria, incident data points to pilots’ diminishing ability to handle unexpected events

     xtensive evidence from line                                                                                                                   ology is “to build a powerful safe-
E    operations shows that airline
pilots are losing manual flying
                                                                                                                                                   ty and business case” based on
                                                                                                                                                   hard evidence.
skills and are reluctant to revert                                                                                                                    The purpose of the study,
to manual flight, but also that                                                                                                                     added Scully, is to develop evi-
manual flying skills are as vital                                                                                                                   dence-based training programmes
for safe operations as they have                                                                                                                   as the data reveal where pilot
always been despite today’s ultra-                                                                                                                 skills are lacking in the modern
reliable aircraft and their high                                                                                                                   cockpit environment.
levels of automation.                                                                                                                                 IATA has enlisted the RAeS to

   The warning came at the IATA                                                                                                                    help it frame a set of data-derived
Training and Qualification Initia-                                                                                                                  competency standards for airline
tive (ITQI) conference at the                                                                                                                      pilot selection, training and evalua-
Royal Aeronautical Society              Accidents with modern types differ “radically” from older models                                           tion that will modernise and unify
(RAeS) headquarters in London.                                                                                                                     global pilot-licensing measures.
   Using a combination of historic      proach is more dangerous than           incidence of being involved in                                        The two sides, which signed a
and recent data, ITQI consultant        landing from one.                       operational problems during                                        statement of intent during the
Capt John Scully showed the                The complexity of some of the        other phases of flight.                                             15-16 February conference, will
problems that cause incidents           causes behind the events be-               The message, said Varney, is that                               co-operate with ICAO.
were radically different on “gen-       comes apparent the deeper the           evidence-based training regimes                                       Former RAeS president David
eration two” aircraft – such as the     analysis goes. For example, data        must be the future. But at the same                                Rowland explained that IATA
McDonnell Douglas DC-9 – com-           demonstrates go-arounds from            event, International Civil Aviation                                understands that training and li-
pared with “generation four”            stable approaches are three times       Organisation Air Navigation Bu-                                    censing criteria are out of date
types, including the Boeing 777         more likely to be safe than go-         reau senior safety adviser Paul                                    and need reassessment and
and fly-by-wire Airbus family.           arounds from unstable approach-         Lamy warned that changing train-                                   change. It has enlisted the RAeS
   High-profile problems in the          es. Additionally, a safety event        ing practices will be difficult.                                    as an independent society to use
older types included poor visibil-      classified “serious” during go-             “Regulatory agencies tend to                                    operational data to frame selec-
ity, systems malfunctions, engine       around is nearly 1.5 times more         be very conservative. We may                                       tion and training requirements
failures and fire. But problems in       likely to occur after an unstable       have to do some arm-twisting,”                                     based on assembled evidence.
the later models comprised crew         approach as after a stable one.         he said, adding that the way to                                    ICAO will be responsible for
deviation from standard operat-            Beneath it all, Varney found,        persuade people of the case for                                    framing the relevant global stand-
ing procedures, crosswind land-         crews that end up in unstable ap-       radical changes to airline pilot                                   ards and recommended practices
ings, mismanagement of aircraft         proaches have a notably higher          training and assessment method-                                    and seeking approval for them.
systems and issues with runway
and taxiway condition.
   Pilots of “generation four” air-     INVESTIGATION DAVID KAMINSKI-MORROW LONDON
craft are less able to handle sur-      Embraer 190 beached after late, high-speed touchdown
prises than their colleagues on
previous generations types, said        Just 490m (1,610ft) of runway re-       another 740m before its main gear                                  with the [correct] reference speed,”
Capt Michael Varney, ITQI               mained by the time an Aero-             made contact.                                                      the investigators added.
project leader, evidence-based          Republica Embraer 190’s main gear          The lack of main-gear touchdown                                    While the captain, who was flying,
training, but they are just as likely   touched down at Santa Marta, be-        rendered efforts to slow the aircraft                              had logged over 13,700h, much of
to encounter surprises in the lat-      fore the twinjet overran and came to    ineffective, until the first officer ex-                           this experience had been gained on
est aircraft.                           a halt in the sea.                      tended the spoilers manually.                                      older Boeing 727s and McDonnell
   The evidence shows that a vital          The aircraft had been attempting       Investigators said this left a dis-                             Douglas DC-9s, and he had only
manoeuvre for which pilots are          to land on the 1,700m Runway 01         tance “insufficient to stop”, given                                238h on the Embraer.
not required to train – the go-         in wet conditions after arriving from   the Embraer’s speed, and the air-                                     The non-flying pilot did not warn of
around – is one of the most fre-        Cali, but overflew the threshold at     craft travelled beyond the far end,                                the excessive speed on approach
quently mishandled.                     41kt above the reference speed,         crossing a promenade and crashing                                  and the crew failed to initiate a go-
   But the results of the study         stated Colombian aviation authority     onto the beach, coming to rest with                                around, said the inquiry into the 17
have thrown up an apparent              Aerocivil’s Grupo de Investigación      its nose in the sea and severe dam-                                July 2007 accident.
anomaly, which the ITQI team            de Accidentes.                          age to its fuselage and engines.                                      While the captain opted to fly the
has called “the unstable approach           It said the aircraft – which was       “Analysis of braking efficiency                                 non-precision approach manually,
paradox”. Standard procedure is         executing a second approach after       indicated that, under the conditions                               the carrier recommended that auto-
to go around from any unstable          winds prompted a go-around –            prevailing at the time of the acci-                                pilot should be used in such cases.
approach, but Scully pointed to         touched down with its nose-gear         dent, the aircraft would have                                      This non-compliance was “aggra-
statistics revealing that going         first, 470m past the threshold and      stopped within the limits of the run-                              vated” by the short and wet runway,
around from an unstable ap-             flying at 148kt, and continued for      way if it had crossed the threshold                                the inquiry pointed out.

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                                                               Fires prompt                                                                 AIR TRANSPORT
                                                               lithium battery
                                                               AIR TRANSPORT P15


Ukraine engages antidote to squawk-code crisis
     ir navigation providers in                   hosted by pan-European air navi-       nism is leading to a shortage of                 the flight route.
A    Ukraine have become the
first to introduce a new assign-
                                                  gation organisation Eurocontrol.
                                                     Thirteen other countries are set
                                                                                         codes at peak times.
                                                                                            “This problem will become
                                                                                                                                             Eurocontrol claims that this
                                                                                                                                          method “guarantees the most ef-
ment system aimed at overcom-                     to put CCAMS in place this year.       more acute with the expected in-                 ficient use of codes” across the air
ing an increasing shortage of air-                   Squawk codes have previously        crease in traffic,” said Eurocontrol.             traffic network in Europe.
craft transponder squawk codes.                   been “statically” allocated to indi-      Under the new CCAMS con-                         Ukraine’s implementation will
   The navigation service, Uk-                    vidual countries and assigned to       cept the centralised operation as-               be followed by similar changes in
SATSE, has put in place the Cen-                  aircraft by the air navigation serv-   signs a deconflicted code to each                 Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Es-
tralised Code Assignment and                      ice under a specific procedure.         flight in the region. It selects the              tonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania,
Management System (CCAMS),                           But the limitations of the          code automatically and distrib-                  Moldova, Norway, Poland, Swe-
which operates from a server                      squawk coding mean this mecha-         utes it to all air traffic units along            den, Turkey and the UK.


Heavyweight A380 set to enter ring
Variant with optional 575t capability, stretching double-deck type’s payload-range, to be offered for delivery in early 2013

      irbus is to lift the A380’s max-                                                                                                    and Russia’s Transaero, and is pre-
A     imum take-off weight to 575t,
a 6t hike on the current heaviest
                                                                                                                                          senting the engine to China East-
                                                                                                                                          ern Airlines, which has expressed
variant and 2t higher than an ear-                                                                                                        an interest in the aircraft.
lier increased-weight proposal.                                                                                                              Rolls-Royce pointed out, how-
   It will stretch the range by                                                                                                           ever, that it is already positioned
some 150nm, said Airbus, taking                                                                                                           for a higher-weight A380 as its
its capability to around 15,500km                                                                                                         Trent 900 has been operating at
(8,350nm) at current payloads.                                                                                                            72,000lb thrust for four years.
   The higher-weight version                                                                                                                 “Our thrust capability is already
would be offered for introduction                                                                                                         firmly established in the market-
to service early in 2013.                                                                                                                 place, with our Qantas operations
   Airbus’s most recent aircraft                                                                                                          contributing to over 1 million fly-

characteristics document, from                                                                                                            ing hours and 16 million passen-
November last year, listed six                    Qatar Airways will take the GP7200 for the 10 A380s it ordered                          ger journeys achieved by the Trent
weight variants for the passenger                                                                                                         900,” said head of Airbus custom-
type. These had maximum take-                     freighter would have been 590t.          Engine Alliance is offering the                er marketing Peter Johnston.
off weights ranging up to 569t for                   The improvement would bring         GP7272 to customers, although                       Four airlines operate the Trent
the WV002 variant.                                routes from Dubai to Los Angeles       none has selected it so far. The                 900: Qantas, Lufthansa, Singapore
   The airframer said the heavier                 or San Francisco, with respecta-       powerplant manufacturer has                      Airlines and China Southern.
version would include a 3t in-                    ble payloads, within reach.            confirmed, however, that Middle                      The engine has been selected by
crease in maximum zero-fuel                          Engine Alliance is to have a        Eastern operator Qatar Airways                   11 of the 17 announced A380 cus-
weight as well as maximum land-                   higher-thrust version of its GP7200    has selected the GP7200 for its 10               tomers, including Skymark and
ing weight, with a resulting 3t                   powerplant ready for service entry     A380s on order.                                  Asiana. “We remain committed to
increase in payload.                              by early 2013, to support the high-      “We have nearly 600 orders to                  further product enhancement to
   Before the type entered service                er-weight variant.                     date, giving us a 56% market                     deliver long term value to custom-
with Singapore Airlines in 2007,                     The engine, designated the          share of total engine orders for the             ers,” said Johnston.
Airbus performed rejected take-off                GP7272, will be rated at 72,000lbs     A380 so far,” said Jones.                           Last November the engine man-
tests with the aircraft at a weight of            (320kN), said Mary Ellen Jones,          Qatar Airways joins Emirates,                  ufacturer unveiled an improve-
575t, and in 2010 it indicated plans              president of the General Electric-     Air France and Korean Air,                       ment package which, it stated,
to offer a 573t version, while the                Pratt & Whitney joint venture.         which between them have 31                       would deliver a fuel burn im-
                                                                                         A380s in operation, as well as                   provement of up to 1.8% better
A380 WEIGHT VARIANTS (TONNES)                                                            Air Austral and Etihad Airways,                  than specification for future deliv-
                   WV000 WV001 WV002 WV003 WV004 WV005 New variant
                                                                                         as GP7200 customers. A further                   eries. “This reinforces the existing
Max taxi              562       512        571       512    562     562 approx 577
                                                                                         14 A380s powered by GP7200s                      through-life fuel burn advantage
                                                                                         will be delivered by Airbus this                 the Trent 900 has, due to its low-
Max take-off          560       510        569       510    560     560        575
                                                                                         year, said Jones.                                deterioration three-shaft architec-
Max landing           386       394        391       395    391     386 approx 394
                                                                                           She said Engine Alliance is fo-                ture,” said Johnston.
Max zero-fuel         361       372        366       373    366     366 approx 369       cused on campaigns to place                      Additional reporting by Mark Pilling
 SOURCE: Airbus aircraft characteristics documentation                                   GP7200s with Hong Kong Airlines                  in Singapore

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Embraer hints at                      Pilot left to struggle alone
earlier entry for
re-engined E-Jets                     before Lanzarote overrun
                                      Pressure of runway switch and captain’s failure to intervene led 737 to land fast and long
     mbraer could bring a re-en-
E    gined E-Jet to the market as
early as 2016, two years ahead of     I nvestigators in Spain found
                                        that an overbearing captain
                                                                                    vated for 13s, by which time the
                                                                                    737 was barely 200m from the end
                                                                                                                                 pare a different landing proce-
                                                                                                                                 dure with little time.
the previous indicated date, as       helped create the circumstances               of the runway. The aircraft over-               While the first officer tried to
engine availability dictates the      for an unstable approach, which               ran at 51kt and crossed a 60m                reprogram the computer, the cap-
pace of development.                  led an Air Europa Boeing 737-800              stopway before coming to a halt by           tain prompted him to keep de-
   The airframer is talking to all    to overrun at Lanzarote.                      the jet-blast barrier.                       scending. “[The first officer’s]
three main manufacturers about           The aircraft overflew the Run-                 Spanish investigation agency              lack of assertiveness to tell the
suitable advanced powerplants,        way 21 threshold at 180ft (55m)               CIAIAC discovered the 737 was                captain that he did not agree with
commercial aviation president         and 176kt (326km/h), with the                 originally to land on Runway 03,             what he was being forced to do is
Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva said:    flaps deployed at only 25° owing               and the flying first officer had                undoubtedly a contributing factor
“The entry-into-service [date] de-    to automated loading limitations.             programmed this descent into the             to the genesis of the incident,”
pends on the engine manufactur-          It travelled halfway along the             flight management computer. But               said CIAIAC.
er, [but] it will be sometime be-     wet runway before touching down               30nm from the airport the captain               It said the captain “made every
tween 2016-18.                        1,300m beyond the threshold. The              opted instead for a Runway 21                decision” but “at no time” asked
   “GE will probably have an en-      brakes were applied immediately               approach without consulting the              the first officer’s opinion. Despite
gine in 2017-18, and Rolls-Royce      but thrust reversers were not acti-           first officer, forcing him to pre-             being aware of the “worsening”
around 2017-18. The [Pratt &                                                                                                     situation, and “undoubtedly” no-
Whitney geared turbofan] will          AIR EUROPA LANZAROTE OVERRUN ON RUNWAY 21                                                 ticing the inability of the first of-
maybe be a little bit before that.”                                                                                              ficer to cope, the captain did not
   Although little detail has been                                                                                               touch the controls or autopilot.
released on the E-Jet studies,                                                                          t
                                                                 1. Overflies threshold at 176kt and 180ft                           “During the approach… the
Silva said the airframer was con-                                                                                                first officer was at times over-
fident the update will enable E-                                                                                                  whelmed by work, while the cap-
Jets to be more than competitive                                                                                                 tain limited himself to telling the
against new aircraft types.                                                                                                      first officer that he had to descend
   “Our target is at least 15%            LANZAROTE AIRPORT                                                                      more, without actually interven-
                                                                                        2. Flare at 174kt
[lower fuel burn] – our minimum                                                              and 55ft                            ing directly,” said CIAIAC’s re-
should be the best number of the                                                                                                 port on the 31 October 2008 flight
other guys,” he said.                                                                                                 0m         from Glasgow in Scotland.
   Rolls-Royce has been left out of                                                                              500m               While the captain had 8,388h
the Airbus and Boeing re-engin-                                                                                                  on type (more than 10 times that
ing, but it powers Embraer ERJs                                               3. Touchdown                                       of the first officer), CIAIAC said
                                                                                 at 157kt              1,300m
and the E-Jet modernisation                                                                                                      he continued the approach “in
could prove a way back in. While                                                                                                 spite of the presence of a multi-
acknowledging discussions with                            4. Reversers                                                           tude of indications that suggested
Embraer, Rolls-Royce is reluctant                                     kt
                                                        engaged at 96kt                                                          or required that the manoeuvre
to say much more on the subject:                                                                                                 be stopped”. Indications includ-
                                       5. End of runway                              2,200m
“We’ve been in talks with Em-                                                                                   Atlantic         ed repeated alerts from the en-
                                            at 51kt
braer for a while about a range of                                                                               Ocean           hanced ground-proximity warn-
technologies we could offer.”                                                                                                    ing system, during a 28s period,
   Embraer aims to finalise defini-                                          2,400m                                                as it descended below 900ft.
tion of the re-engined E-Jet family                                                                                                 Although the aircraft sustained
in time for a launch decision to be                                  6. Stops next to blast fence                                minor tyre damage, none of the
                                       SOURCE: CIAIAC
made before the year-end.                                                                                                        80 occupants was injured.


Israeli ATRs forced out by anti-missile requirement
 sraeli carriers Arkia and Israir     measures system mandated by                   ATRs are too small to fit C-Music,            those using international routes.
Iwill have to phase out their
ATRs because the turboprops are
                                      the government. Although the
                                      carriers would not comment, the
                                                                                    the type will have to be replaced.
                                                                                    Installation of the Elop-developed
                                                                                                                                    Notification is proof the system
                                                                                                                                 will also be fitted on aircraft oper-
not large enough to carry the         Israeli civil aviation authority has          system on Israeli passenger air-             ating domestic flights, mainly on
C-Music anti-missile counter-         notified the airlines that since the           craft will begin soon, initially on          the Tel Aviv-Eilat route.

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                                                                              our world

Although most achievements in aviation happen           of the Year together with the Lifetime Achievement
because of great teamwork, sometimes involving          Award winner. We want to recognise the best people
hundreds of people, there have always been              in aviation and we’d like you - the biggest collection
individuals who stand out as a result of their sheer    of aviation experts on the planet - to nominate them.
talent, entrepreneurial drive, courage under pressure
or leadership qualities.                                We are also looking for the 2012 Boeing Engineering
                                                        Student of the Year award which recognises an
The Flightglobal Achievement Awards are designed        outstanding engineering student working on
to recognise the contribution of the single human       aeronautical or space technology. If you are a student
being – or small groups of individuals – to industry    or a teacher of an exceptional student, we want to hear
breakthroughs or great moments in aviation and the      from you.
search has begun for 2012’s worthy winners.
There are four categories and we need to find four      So please take the time to nominate now at
exceptional people: Leader, Aviator and Innovator       www.flightglobal.com/awards12
                                                     UK and French                                                      AIR TRANSPORT
                                                     armed forces to
                                                     expand UAV pact
                                                     DEFENCE P16


Fire fears drive tighter battery rules
Loss of cargo aircraft to suspected lithium-cell blazes prompts urgent inspection, training and crew-awareness revision

  nternational Civil Aviation Or-
I ganisation regulators are to con-
sider new safety standards for air
transport of lithium batteries in
the wake of intense concern over
the potential for in-flight fires.
   Following a meeting in Mon-
treal in February, the organisa-
tion’s dangerous goods panel has
put forward recommendations
that large shipments of batteries

                                                                                                                                                                Joe Walker/Flightglobal AirSpace
be treated and labelled as danger-
ous, and that shippers be trained
to prepare them correctly.
   The standards also involve air-
lines performing acceptance
checks and pre-loading inspec-          While inquires are continuing into the Asiana 747-400F fire, the jet had been carrying lithium cells
tions, while pilots would be noti-
fied of the location of any battery      the likelihood of further fire acci-    incident at Toronto airport on 29         Both the Air Line Pilots Asso-
shipment on board an aircraft.          dents to US-registered aircraft.       October, 2011, in which fire ignit-     ciation, International (ALPA), and
   Such provisions, if approved         The assessment – based on five          ed on a pallet containing lithium      the International Federation of
by the ICAO Air Navigation Com-         previous accidents – predicted six     batteries – as well as small-arms      Air Line Pilots’ Associations have
mission, would come into effect         accidents, at least four battery-re-   cartridges – just before loading on    backed the tighter regulations.
from the beginning of 2013.             lated, in the 10 years to 2020.        to a Boeing 767 passenger aircraft.       “While this recommendation
   The transport of lithium batter-        The model also suggested that,         Investigators had no concerns       marks critical progress, ALPA pi-
ies has been a discussion point         in an extreme case, there could be     over the equipment design, and         lots will not rest in our work until
for several years, but the loss of      as many as a dozen accidents.          found the consignment met “all         the safe transport of lithium bat-
two Boeing 747-400Fs – a UPS jet           However, during the Montreal        the requirements” of the techni-       teries is ensured on all aircraft,”
in Dubai and an Asiana aircraft         meeting the Rechargeable Battery       cal instructions for shipping, in-     ALPA said.
near Jeju – to in-flight fire in the      Association rejected the analysis      cluding being correctly classified,        But it added that it would con-
space of 10 months has intensi-         as “flawed” and based on “faulty        labelled, documented and pack-         tinue to press for enhanced over-
fied the debate, as both had been        data and assumptions” – claim-         aged. However, the initiating          sight of battery shippers, better
carrying batteries.                     ing, for instance, that the FAA        event remains “unknown”, and           safety standards for batteries con-
   After the Dubai incident, Trans-     had based its model on the “mere       in response the shipper amended        tained in electronic equipment
port Canada, the US Federal Avia-       presence” of batteries on some of      internal procedures on charging        and mandatory installation of ef-
tion Administration and the UK          the accident flights.                   the batteries and opted to trans-      fective fire suppression in aircraft
Civil Aviation Authority analysed          Delegates heard of a disturbing     port them using freighters only.       freight compartments.


Simulated power loss initiated Brasilia’s fatal dive
     ustralian carrier Airnorth’s       Transport Safety Bureau revealed       maintain the aircraft’s flightpath.     leaving the crew with no time to
A    fatal loss of an Embraer EMB-
120 Brasilia turboprop at Darwin
                                        the commander had retarded the
                                        left-hand power lever to flight-idle
                                                                                  However, the pilot in com-
                                                                               mand allowed the airspeed to de-
                                                                                                                      stop the turboprop rolling left, in-
                                                                                                                      verting and diving to the ground.
two years ago followed the selec-       to simulate failure of the left-hand   crease and for it to bank towards         Airnorth subsequently moved
tion of flight-idle, rather than a ze-   Pratt & Whitney PW118A engine.         the shut-off engine. He also in-       the majority of its pilot training
ro-thrust setting, to simulate an       But this also resulted in a simulat-   creased the power on the right         and proficiency checks on the
engine failure.                         ed failure of the propeller’s auto-    engine and engaged the yaw             EMB-120, including asymmetric
   Engine failure was simulated         feathering system.                     damper “in an attempt to stabilise     flight sequences, to ground-based
during take-off as part of a pilot         “It was not possible to deter-      the aircraft’s flight”.                 simulators, when an Australian
rating revalidation flight, on 22        mine if selection of flight-idle was       “Those actions increased his        aviation training facility was ap-
March 2010. But the aircraft (VH-       deliberate or inadvertent,” said the   workload and made control of the       proved to undertake the opera-
ANB) crashed moments after tak-         ATSB. Data from the aircraft’s         aircraft more difficult. The pilot in   tor’s training requirements.
ing off from Runway 29, killing         flight recorders showed the in-         command did not restore power                 Keep up with safety issues in
both crew members.                      creased drag from the propeller        to the left engine to discontinue             aviation online by logging on to
   Investigations by the Australian     increased the force needed to          the manoeuvre,” said the ATSB,                flightglobal.com/safety

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UK and French
armed forces to
expand UAV pact

                                                                                                                                                                        Rex Features
Cameron and Sarkozy announce bilateral agreement to
strengthen cross-Channel link on unmanned systems                             France will evaluate the British Army’s Watchkeeper design

    he UK and French armed forc-       ment of a new unmanned combat             In a further strengthening of                      Army personnel will visit the
T   es will collaborate more close-
ly in future – particularly in the
                                       air vehicle (UCAV).
                                          Since 2011, BAE Systems and
                                                                              the bilateral relationship, the
                                                                              French army is also to evaluate
                                                                                                                                 UK this year for training, before an
                                                                                                                                 evaluation in France in early 2013
development and deployment of          Dassault have been working joint-      the British Army’s new Thales                      using one ground control station
unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) –         ly on a medium-altitude, long-         UK/Elbit Systems Watchkeeper                       and up to two air vehicles. The
following an agreement between         endurance UAV project. Cameron         tactical UAV. “The [French] army                   French government will by mid-
Prime Minister David Cameron           said the partnership will be deep-     does want Watchkeeper,” said                       2013 “make a statement on wheth-
and President Nicolas Sarkozy.         ened by a “jointly-funded con-         Laurent Collet-Billon, chief exec-                 er we purchase the system, how
   Cameron on 17 February said         tract” to study the technical risks    utive of France’s DGA defence                      many and for how long”, said Col-
the new strategic partnership was      of developing the system, with         procurement agency in Paris on                     let-Billon. A contract could follow
aimed at enabling the nations to       the goal to ensure “respective         22 February, with interest “very                   “before the end of 2013”.
build a shared “sovereign capa-        sovereign requirements will be         high… because we know it is so                        The Royal Artillery’s 32 Regi-
bility”, including the develop-        met in a cost-effective manner”.       qualified for civil airspace”.                      ment will launch Watchkeeper
                                                                                                                                 operational field trials shortly,
                                                                                                                                 said Thales, at ParcAberporth,
                                                                                                                                 Wales. The service plans to pro-
Paris keeps door open to expanded MALE participation                                                                             gressively introduce the system in
                                                                                                                                 Afghanistan during 2012, the UK
Paris is open to offers from Germany                                                                                             Ministry of Defence said.
and Italy to join an Anglo-French                                                                                                   In 2013, France and the UK
project to develop a medium-alti-                                                                                                will also create a BAE/Dassault-
tude, long-endurance (MALE) un-                                                                                                  led demonstration programme for
manned air system, the head of                                                                                                   a UCAV, with combined specifi-
France’s DGA defence procurement                                                                                                 cations to be finalised this year.
agency said. “No door is closed” to                                                                                                 “This work will provide a
either country co-operating in the                                                                                               framework to mature the relevant

study being carried out by BAE                                                                                                   technologies and operational
Systems and Dassault Aviation,         BAE and Dassault have proposed a Telemos version of the Mantis                            concepts for a UCAV operating in
Laurent Collet-Billon said on 22                                                                                                 a high-threat environment,” Cam-
February. “We are setting out re-      was formally divided late last year,   potential customers to build a proto-              eron said.
quirements with the UK and the field   when EADS Cassidian and Italy’s        type of its Talarion air vehicle. BAE              Additional reporting by Murdo
is open for discussions with other     Alenia Aeronautica signed a teaming    and Dassault have proposed a                       Morrison in Paris
countries,” he said.                   agreement, partly in response to the   Telemos development of the Mantis                         For more about unmanned air
   Europe’s emerging demand for a      BAE/Dassault tie-up. Cassidian has     technology demonstrator previously                        vehicle operations, visit
domestic MALE UAS programme            so far failed to secure funding from   flown by the UK company.                                  flightglobal.com/uav


Japan looks to lift Hercules fleet with surplus deal
   apan could acquire six former       DSCA said in a notification to the      vided as excess defence articles.                  130H tanker and 15 C-130H trans-
J  US military Lockheed Martin
KC-130R transports to bolster its
                                       US Congress. “The KC-130 will
                                       provide Japan with an improved
                                                                              The deal would also include “re-
                                                                              generation, overhaul, modifica-
                                                                                                                                 ports, as recorded by Flightglobal’s
                                                                                                                                 MiliCAS database. Several KC-
existing Hercules fleet, the US         capability for the movement of         tions and logistics support for                    130R tankers are still in service
Defense Security Cooperation           cargo and personnel in humani-         those engines” by the US govern-                   with the US Marine Corps, which
Agency (DSCA) has announced.           tarian missions,” it added.            ment, the agency said. CAE will be                 is replacing the legacy type with
   “The proposed sale of aircraft         Valued at $170 million, the pro-    prime contractor for training serv-                new-generation KC-130Js.
and support will help to modern-       posed package includes six sur-        ices if the sale is advanced.                             For all the latest defence
ise the Japanese defence force’s       plus KC-130Rs and 30 Rolls-Royce          The Japan Air-Self Defence                             news from Asia, visit
ageing cargo aircraft fleet,” the       T56-A-16 engines that will be pro-     Force currently operates one KC-                          flightglobal.com/asianskies

16 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                                flightglobal.com
                                                      USAF pushes T-38                                                                                  DEFENCE
                                                      trainer replacement
                                                      back to 2020
                                                      DEFENCE P19


UAC to sustain                          Swiss minister fights back
fixed-wing sales
     ussia’s United Aircraft Corpo-
                                        in Gripen selection dispute
R    ration expects annual produc-
tion of 70-90 fixed-wing combat
                                        Saab’s E/F-model design confirmed as “optimal solution” to replace aged F-5 interceptors

aircraft for the next few years, in          wiss defence minister Ueli
line with its performance in 2011.
   Military sales totalled 80% of
                                        S    Maurer has reaffirmed the na-
                                        tion’s selection of the Saab Gripen
102 aircraft produced last year,        E/F as the “optimal solution” to
said UAC president Mikhail Pogo-        replace its air force fleet of North-
syan. The Russian air force was         rop F-5s, with a formal recommen-
the largest recipient, taking six Su-   dation for the 22-aircraft deal ex-
khoi Su-34 twin-seat interdiction       pected to be made later this year.
aircraft, 12 Su-27SM3s assembled           Maurer countered media reports
from parts manufactured for a can-      questioning the 30 November 2011
celled Chinese order, and several       selection of the Gripen and dis-
twin-seat Su-30M2s. Four Su-35s         missed a leaked 2008 evaluation

were also handed over to support        document which questioned the
test activities, with the type due to   earlier C/D variant’s ability to tackle                A growth version of the Swedish type will carry Meteor missiles
enter air force service in 2013.        future aerial threats.
Russia also signed a deal in Au-           Confirming the next-generation                       Dassault could table an improved       of MBDA’s Meteor beyond visual-
gust for the remanufacture of 30        version of the Gripen had met the                      Rafale offer had not been matched      range air-to-air missile, while the
RSK MiG-31BM interceptors.              established selection criteria –                       by a formal proposal, he added.        E/F offered to the Swiss air force
   Export business last year to-        along with twin-engined rivals                            “We have seen a very strong         will also gain an active electroni-
talled $1.69 billion for 36 Su-30-      the Dassault Rafale and Eurofight-                      commitment from Switzerland            cally scanned array radar.
series fighters sold to Algeria,         er Typhoon – Maurer said the fi-                        twice,” said Saab head of Gripen          Despite the Gripen’s rejection
India, Uganda and Vietnam,              nancial aspects of the respective                      export Eddy de la Motte, who           from India’s medium multi-role
while MiG-29s worth $800 mil-           bids had been of “crucial impor-                       pointed to the “transparent and        combat aircraft contest last year, the
lion were handed over to the In-        tance”. Acquiring the single-en-                       open process” throughout the con-      E/F is being offered to countries in-
dian navy, Myanmar and Syria.           gined Gripen was “financially vi-                       test. Saab said Gripens already in     cluding Brazil, Denmark and the
   In December, Irkut made first ex-     able in the long term”, he added.                      service with five nations are “capa-    Netherlands and has attracted in-
port deliveries of 16 Yakovlev Yak-        “We are in negotiations so we                       ble of performing an extensive         terest from Asia. Hungary recently
130 advanced jet trainers to Algeria    can formulate the concrete de-                         range of air-to-air, air-to-surface    signed an extension to operate its
under an estimated $200 million         fence bill, hopefully by the end of                    and reconnaissance missions em-        14 leased Gripen C/Ds to 2026. De
contract. Irkut president Alexei Fe-    June so that it can go to the parlia-                  ploying the most modern range of       la Motte said discussions are under
dorov said talks are “at an early       ment in the second half of the                         weapons”. This capability will ex-     way to continue a similar arrange-
stage” to sell 10 to Bangladesh.        year,” Maurer said. Suggestions                        pand this decade with the addition     ment with the Czech Republic.


Eurocopter airs frustration at Indian contest delay
                                                                                                    urocopter has sent a letter to       “The existing fleet of [Hindus-
                                                                                               E    the Indian army to express its
                                                                                               concern about ongoing delays in
                                                                                                                                      tan Aeronautics] Cheetah and
                                                                                                                                      Cheetak are getting very old and
                                                                                               the service’s 197-aircraft light       need very quick replacement,
                                                                                               utility helicopter contest between     hence the letter to express our
                                                                                               its AS550 C3 Fennec and the            concern,” Eurocopter said.
                                                                                               Kamov Ka-226.                             Speaking at the Aero India air
                                                                                                  A request for proposals was is-     show in Bengaluru in February
                                                                                               sued in 2008, after an expected        2011, Eurocopter said its AS550
                                                                                               Eurocopter win was derailed the        C3 had completed field trials car-
                                                                                               year before because of faults in In-   rying the full range of equipment
                                                                                               dia’s selection process. A media       required for reconnaissance and
                                                                                               outlet quoted the letter: “The tech-   surveillance missions by the In-
                                                                                               nical evaluation process has now       dian customer.

                                                                                               taken over 38 months and has not               To learn more about our
                                                                                               yet been concluded due to reasons              rotorcraft data service go to
The AS550 C3 Fennec is competing against the Kamov Ka-226                                      which are unknown to us.                       flightglobal.com/helicas

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The Boeing Engineering Student of the
Year Award recognises the outstanding
talent of tomorrow – both at graduate and
undergraduate level.
Presented at the Flightglobal Achievement
Awards at the Farnborough Air Show in July
and now in its seventh year, the Boeing
Engineering Student of the Year Award is the
world’s leading competition to recognise
students whose work shows the greatest
promise, aptitude and dedication in the field of
aeronautical or space technology.
For the first time, as well as the overall
award, a special prize will be given to the
best undergraduate submission, giving
global recognition to those working on their
first degree.
The competition is open to any engineering
student currently enrolled in a programme
leading to a recognised academic degree.
The submission deadline is 21st May
2012. Don’t miss your chance to engineer
the future.
For more information or to enter now go to:
                                                   Eastern Airways                                                                                                      DEFENCE
                                                   unveils bespoke
                                                   charter offering
                                                   BUSINESS AVIATION P20

PROGRAMMES STEPHEN TRIMBLE WASHINGTON DC                                                                                                               SERVICES ARIE EGOZI TEL AVIV

USAF pushes T-38 trainer                                                                                                                               IAI spells out
                                                                                                                                                       ambitions for
replacement back to 2020                                                                                                                               UAS academy
Air force budget delays initial operational capability for T-X programme by three years                                                                  srael Aerospace Industries

     he US Air Force has confirmed
                                                                                                                                                       I (IAI) is establishing an acade-
                                                                                                                                                       my to train and certify operators
T    that its latest budget proposal
delays fielding a replacement for
                                                                                                                                                       and technicians for unmanned
                                                                                                                                                       air systems.
the Northrop T-38 Talon advanced                                                                                                                          The new UAS Academy will
jet trainer by three years.                                                                                                                            be based on the experience IAI
   The fiscal year 2013 budget                                                                                                                          has gained through four decades
proposal unveiled on 13 Febru-                                                                                                                         of designing, manufacturing and
ary postpones initial operational                                                                                                                      operating unmanned systems, as
capability for the T-X programme                                                                                                                       well as in providing training serv-

                                                                                                                                        US Air Force
from FY2017 to FY2020, with a                                                                                                                          ices, the company said.
contract award to be delayed by                                                                                                                           In addition to providing services
one year until FY2016, the Air         The aged Talon cannot fully prepare pilots for the F-22 Raptor                                                  to IAI customers within company
Education and Training Com-                                                                                                                            premises and at other planned lo-
mand (AETC) said.                         The USAF currently uses Lock-                        the T-50 Golden Eagle, which is                         cations, the academy will address
   Despite the slip, the AETC re-      heed F-16s to fill the gap in train-                     manufactured by Korea Aero-                             the growing need to provide
mains committed to replacing the       ing for pilots moving from the                          space Industries. Boeing has also                       trained crews to support the opera-
T-38s, which entered service 51        T-38 to the F-22, but its demand is                     revealed a concept for a purpose-                       tion of UAS by military, paramili-
years ago. “They’re reaching the       expected to increase sharply as                         built trainer, featuring a V-tail and                   tary and civilian organisations.
end of their lifecycle,” the com-      the F-35 enters the fleet in num-                        a single engine, while Northrop’s                          Generic and “cross-platform”
mand said.                             bers by the end of this decade.                         aerospace division also may be                          training services will be available
   Beyond their age, the USAF’s           At least five airframers are al-                      considering a separate bid.                             for external pilots, payload opera-
upgraded T-38Cs are also unable        ready preparing to compete for                             While the USAF still operates                        tors, mission commanders and in-
to perform certain functions that      the T-X project. Alenia Aermacchi                       more than 500 T-38s, the T-X pro-                       structors, through basic, advanced
are necessary to completely train      is offering a US-built T-100 ver-                       gramme has called for acquiring                         and recurrent training courses. In-
pilots for the Lockheed Martin         sion of its M-346, BAE Systems                          between 300 and 350 new jets.                           struction will draw on the use of
F-22 and F-35, such as in-flight        has teamed up with Northrop                                    Find out Stephen Trimble’s view                  theoretical training, practical flight
refuelling and aerial manoeuvres       Technical Services to offer the                                on all the US defence news at                    activity, simulations and high-fi-
beyond 5g.                             Hawk and Lockheed plans to offer                               flightglobal.com/dewline                          delity mission trainers.
                                                                                                                                                          IAI said the academy would be
                                                                                                                                                       suitable for customers with a range
DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                                            of experience, from those seeking
                                                                                                                                                       to establish a basic capability to
F-35 reveals external weapons load                                                                                                                     others wishing to optimise their
                                                                                                                                                       current training activities.
    ockheed Martin’s F-35 has been     with two Raytheon AIM-9X                                F-35A also carried two GBU-31                              Separately, the Israeli air force
L   flown for the first time with an
external weapons load, with a con-
                                       Sidewinder air-to-air missiles be-
                                       neath its outboard wing stations.
                                                                                               908kg (2,000lb) precision guided-
                                                                                               bombs and two Raytheon AIM-
                                                                                                                                                       is evaluating the introduction of a
                                                                                                                                                       standard training asset to enhance
ventional take-off and landing air-      Flown from Edwards AFB in                             120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles                          the instruction delivered at its
craft having completed a test sortie   California on 16 February, the                          within its two internal weapons                         own UAS academy, which uses
                                                                                               bays, and had four additional ex-                       basic equipment previously field-
                                                                                               ternal weapons pylons mounted                           ed by the nation’s armed forces.
                                                                                               under its wing. “No weapons                                “We are conducting a feasibili-
                                                                                               were delivered during the mis-                          ty study that will give us options
                                                                                               sion,” said Lockheed.                                   for using a standard, specially de-
                                                                                                  To be capable of carrying a                          signed platform for the different
                                                                                               maximum load of 8,170kg across                          stages of training,” said a source
                                                                                               its 10 weapons stations, the                            close to the project.
                                                                                               F-35A is expected to enter opera-                          Israeli manufacturers will be
                                                                                               tional use with the US Air Force,                       asked to propose designs if the
                                                                                               plus Joint Strike Fighter partner                       study indicates that a new system
                                                                                               nations Australia, Canada, Den-                         could meet the service’s needs,
                                                                             Lockheed Martin

                                                                                               mark, Italy, the Netherlands,                           the source said.
                                                                                               Norway and Turkey, in addition                                 Follow Arie Egozi’s take on the
                                                                                               to early export customers Israel                               Israeli aerospace industry at
The aircraft carried two Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles                                   and Japan.                                                     flightglobal.com/arielview

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                                                                                          business and general aviation news at


   Sikorsky has clinched an order
                                       Eastern Airways aims to tap
   from Bond Offshore Helicopters
   for 16 S-92s – the largest order
   to date for the heavy-lift type.
                                       growth of blue-chip charter
   The 19-passenger aircraft will be   UK airline launches “special product” to bolster share of the large-group transport market
   used for transportation for the
                                             K airline Eastern Airways is
   oil and gas industry. Since
   entering service in 2004, the
   S-92 fleet has grown to more
                                       U     beefing up its bespoke char-
                                       ter offering in an attempt to bol-
   than 150 aircraft, with about       ster its share of the flourishing
   60% used by transport compa-        large-group transportation mar-
   nies to serve the offshore          ket. The carrier offers contract
   industry. Sikorsky has also sold    charter services to corporate cus-
   an S-76D to Switzerland’s Air       tomers, international companies,
   Engiadina. The medium               blue-chip organisations, sports

                                                                                                                                                                 Eastern Airways
   twin-engined aircraft will enter    teams, the music industry and
   service next year.                  private clients.
                                          “We have been a charter pro-          The carrier has a fleet of 29 aircraft, including two ERJ-135s
   LUXURY BRANDING                     vider for a while, but we wanted
   ST Aerospace has unveiled a         to provide a special product with-       passengers – it is a comfortable          between Aberdeen and Scatsta
   new brand – Aeria Luxury            in this market that would differ-        market to be in,” he added. “We           airport in the Shetland Islands on
   Interiors – as part of the global   entiate us from the other players,”      are willing, however, to add a            behalf of the oil company-led Inte-
   branding programme for its VIP      said Eastern Airways chief oper-         larger type such as the Bombar-           grated Aviation Consortium.
   completion and refurbishment        ating officer Chris Holliday. The         dier CRJ900 or [Embraer] 170 if           Bristow then transports the crews
   business. The company is con-       Humberside airport-based com-            there is enough demand for a              offshore to the east and west Shet-
   verting one of its maintenance      pany has rolled out a four-tier          product like this. Ultimately we          land basins.
   hangars at STA San Antonio,         service, ranging from entry-level        are led by market requirements.”             Eastern Airways has a fleet of 29
   Texas to a VIP completions          “bronze” to the top-of-the-range            Although Eastern has a fleet of         aircraft flying from 23 airports in
   hangar. Building work is expect-    “VIP platinum” service. “These           larger regional aircraft such as the      the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands,
   ed to finish in three months and    customised levels of service will        Saab 2000 and BAe Jetstream 41,           Norway and France. “A lot of our
   will house offices, conference      help to meet a wide variety of re-       “turboprops don’t appeal to be-           charter work is built on the back of
   rooms and various workshops.        quirements and appeal to a whole         spoke charter customers”, Holli-          this scheduled service,” Holliday
                                       host of existing and potential cus-      day conceded.                             said, adding that although the bulk
   JET AVIATION APPROVAL               tomers,” Holliday added.                    Eastern Airways began opera-           of its business is UK-based, Eastern
   Jet Aviation’s St Louis facility       Eastern Airways’ charter offer-       tions in 1997, developing a net-          Airways is looking to expand its
   has become a Gulfstream facto-      ing is targeted at the 29-50 seat mar-   work of scheduled services                bespoke charter service into other
   ry-authorised service centre,       ket, using the company’s fleet of         around the North Sea offshore oil         markets across Europe.
   paving the way for the company      Embraer ERJ-135 and -145 regional        and gas industry with flights from            The operator is also evaluating
   to perform scheduled and un-        jets. Larger twinjets will be added      the east of England to Aberdeen. It       the thriving oil and gas markets of
   scheduled maintenance on            to the fleet as demand dictates.          has an ongoing partnership with           north and west Africa as possible
   G350, G400, G450, G500,                “There is a niche market for          Bristow Helicopters to provide            destinations for its offshore crew
   G550, GIV/GIV-SP and GV busi-       transportation of groups up to 50        fixed-wing flights for employees            shuttle service, he said.
   ness jets. The St Louis site al-
   ready houses dedicated
   maintenance teams and hang-         DELIVERIES
   ars for Bombardier, Dassault,
   Embraer and Hawker
   Beechcraft types.
                                       Embraer hands over its 300th Phenom
                                            mbraer has delivered the            customers,” said Robert Knebel,           for 17%, while Asia accounts for
   Gulfstream is set to become the
                                       E    300th Phenom business jet to
                                       an unnamed US customer. The
                                                                                Embraer Executive Jets vice-pres-
                                                                                ident for North America sales.
                                                                                                                          3% of the market.”
                                                                                                                             Meanwhile, Embraer has deliv-
   first business jet manufacturer     handover of the light cabin Phe-         “These include private individu-          ered the first Czech Republic-reg-
   to offer maintenance, repair and    nom 300 also marks another mile-         als, corporations, universities,          istered Phenom 300 to charter and
   overhaul services for customers     stone for the Phenom family: the         fractional, charter, flying schools        management company ABS Jets,
   in China following an agreement     assembly and first flight of the ini-      and motor racing executives.              bringing the Prague-based opera-
   with Beijing Capital Airlines and   tial aircraft from the company’s         Fifty percent of the Phenom de-           tor’s fleet to 13 aircraft, including
   Grand China Aviation Technik        year-old Melbourne, Florida facil-       liveries have been taken by North         six Legacy 600s, one Bombardier
   earlier this month. The venture     ity – home to Phenom 100 and             American customers, with Latin            Learjet 60XR, one Cessna Citation
   will operate under the              300 assembly.                            American operators accounting             Bravo and four Gulfstream types.
   Gulfstream Beijing brand.              “The success of the Phenoms           for another 30%. Europe, the              ABS operates in Prague and Brati-
                                       can be seen in the diversity of our      Middle East and Africa account            slava, Slovakia.

20 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                         flightglobal.com
                                                                      Fourth stage is                                                BUSINESS AVIATION
                                                                      next step to an
                                                                      all-European Vega
                                                                      SPACEFLIGHT P23


‘Wait and see’ mode is stalling sales
GAMA’s latest shipping and billings report states buyers are hesitant in the “aftershock” of European economic collapse

     usiness aircraft sales are lag-
B    ging corporate return to profit-
ability more than usual during the
economic recovery, fuelled partly
by continued uncertainty in Eu-
rope, the General Aviation Manu-
facturers Association (GAMA)
states in its annual general aviation
shipping and billings report.
   “Companies remain in a ‘wait
and see’ mode due to the world
economy,” said GAMA chairman
Caroline Daniels, chief executive
of ATP, a provider of safety and
compliance information to the

global aviation industry. “Europe
is still grappling with the after-
shock of the economic collapse.”                     Gulfstream has survived the downturn and will ramp-up production of large-cabin aircraft this year
   Despite       the    uncertainty,
GAMA said worldwide billings                        aircraft delivered in 2010. “Ship-              iels said deliveries for aircraft      have often caused potential own-
increased 0.4% to $19.1 billion in                  ments were down in all industry                 weighing less than 5,670kg have        ers to delay or cancel purchases.
2011 compared with 2010. The                        segments,” said Daniels, noting                 decreased more than 70% com-           “The used aircraft market and
accounting is not yet complete as                   that large business jets – weighing             pared with the peak in 2008.           new aircraft sales will pick up
Hawker Beechcraft will not re-                      more than 22,700kg (50,000lb) –                    North America continues to be       once financing improves,” she
port its final fourth-quarter deliv-                 were “steady performers through-                the largest regional market for new    said. Used aircraft inventories
eries until the end of March be-                    out the downturn”, largely be-                  business jets, receiving 53% of the    continue to decline she added,
cause of disclosure requirements.                   cause buyers do not tend to be as               shipments for the year. Daniels        but asking prices are also drop-
                                                    reliant on third-party financing as              said US airframers netted $4.3 bil-    ping. For business jets, 13.8% of
IMPROVED PERFORMANCE                                purchasers of smaller aircraft.                 lion in aircraft export revenue –      the active fleet were for sale at
“Reasons for optimism are there,”                      Her assessment is illustrated                50.7% of the total value of aircraft   year-end, down 1% from 2010,
said Daniels, noting that a decline                 by Gulfstream. The OEM is boost-                produced in the country. Revenue       with the average asking price fall-
in shipments by most manufac-                       ing production of its large cabin               totals do not include engines, avi-    ing by almost 14% year on year.
turers have dipped to “single-                      family to 102 jets this year –                  onics or other components.                Turboprops on the resale mar-
digits”, indicating the “trough has                 which will also mark the service                                                       ket faired better, with 9.6% of the
been established”. She noted                        entry of its ultra long-range G650.             DEMAND IN CHINA                        active fleet for sale at year-end,
some manufacturers reported                         This compares with only 10-15 of                Strongest growth in business avi-      down 1% from 2010. Asking
“improved” performance.                             its midsize types.                              ation is in the Asia-Pacific region,    prices dropped 4% year on year.
   Overall, original equipment                         In total, OEMs delivered 681                 including China, where the in-            Only 6.5% of the global turbine
manufacturers (OEMs) shipped                        business jets in 2011, down 6.3%                stalled base has grown by a factor     helicopter fleet, which GAMA
1,865 business jets, turboprops                     from the 727 delivered in 2010,                 of three in the past five years. The    began tracking this quarter, is for
and piston-powered aircraft in                      with the largest decrease in the                area received 13.5% of the busi-       sale – 5% fewer than in 2010.
2011, down 3.5% from the 1,932                      “lighter end” of the market. Dan-               ness jets shipped in 2011. “China         A healthy increase in business
                                                                                                    demanded larger aircraft and hel-      jet useage in the USA supports
AIRCRAFT SHIPMENTS AND BILLINGS WORLDWIDE, 2008-2011                                                icopters at first,” said Daniels,       GAMA’s assertion the market has
Total                                                                                 $ billion     “but now demand is picking up          reached bottom and will start to
4,000                                                                                          25   for medium and light jets and          rise. Daniels said flight activity in
                                                                             Total shipments        training aircraft.”                    the sector increased 19% in 2011
                                                                             Total billings
3,500                                                                                          23      Turboprop deliveries fell 2.4%      and is now only 5% below the
                                                                                                    in 2011 to 324, versus 332 in 2010.    peak value set in 2007.
3,000                                                                                          21   Piston-powered aircraft started           Europe’s activity mirrored its
                                                                                                    2011 with an rise in deliveries        slower return to health, as busi-
2,500                                                                                          19   compared with the previous year,       ness aircraft flights rose 3% in
                                                                                                    but finished the year at 860 deliver-   2011 year on year – down 10%
2,000                                                                                          17
                                                                                                    ies, down 1.5% from 873 in 2010.       compared with the 2007 peak.
1,500                                                                                          15
                                                                                                       Credit availability continues to       Daniels expects betters per-
        2008                          2009                  2010                        2011        be an issue for light and midsize      formance in 2012 as the “majority
                                                                                                    business jets, said Daniels, and a     of market fundamentals” are
*2011 tally does not include Hawker Beechcraft’s 4th quarter results SOURCE: GAMA
                                                                                                    need for higher down payments          moving in the right direction.

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                                              7th and 8th May 2012, Singapore

KEY SESSIONS FROM LEADING                                      CONFIRMED SPEAKERS
SPEAKERS INCLUDE:                                              INCLUDE:
                                                                 Anthony Houston,            William Yeh, Deputy
                                                                 Assistant Director          Director Safety &
 A lesson for the board: Creating a culture of safety            Safety, Operations          Security Division, EVA
 from the top down                                               & Infrastructure,           Airways
                                                                 International               John McCormick,
 Evaluating the link between culture and decision                Air Transport               Director of Aviation
 making                                                          Association (IATA)          Safety, Civil Aviation
                                                                 Martin Tasker,              Safety Authority
 Case studies on successful implementation of safety             Technical Director,         (CASA) Australia
 management systems (SMS), managing fatigue and                  Association of Asia         Martin Barrow,
                                                                 Pacific Airlines             Advisor to CEO,
 ensuring proactive risk management                              Richard Hall, Director      Malaysian Airlines
 A review of the multi crew pilot license (MPL) against          of Flight Operations,       Kristjof Tritschler,
                                                                 Cathay Pacific               Manager FRMS,
 other training methods                                          Kwok Chan, Head of          Germanwings
 Practical guidance on setting roles, responsibility and         Corporate Safety and        Captain Fareh Ishraf
                                                                 Quality, Dragonair          Mazputra, Director
 engaging staff                                                  Dieter Harms, Multi         of Flight Operations,
 Increasing understanding of how to communicate                  Crew Pilot License          AirAsia
                                                                 (MPL) Facilitator, IATA
 and use flight data and analysis to solve recurring
 Identifying the concerns of tomorrow: potential
 infrastructure and crew resource challenges

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                                                  Avio rockets into                                                           SPACEFLIGHT
                                                  2012 on the back
                                                  of Vega success
                                                  BUSINESS P24


China readies manned flight surge
Observers anticipace 2012 push to exploit orbiting Tiangong-1 laboratory as stepping stone to larger space station

     hina’s spaceflight ambitions      closely observed by China watch-     exploitation of the Tiangong-1              to 700km orbits. Current Long
C    look set to gain momentum
this year with the launch this sum-
                                      ers, who anticipate a significant
                                      push this year to develop the
                                                                           laboratory to pave the way for a
                                                                           larger space station, development
                                                                                                                       March capability is to put about
                                                                                                                       14t in Low Earth orbit.
mer of the country’s fourth manned    manned programme, which is           of a new launcher, Long March 5,               China’s programme is sophisti-
flight, to test rendezvous and dock-   under military control and has       establishment of the Beidou satel-          cated – an automated docking
ing missions with the orbiting        flown three missions – Shen-          lite navigation system, and a gen-          was achieved in 2011 and plans
Tiangong-1 space lab module.          zhou-5, -6 and -7 in 2003, 2005      eral drive to build a high-resolu-          for Long March variants com-
   The Shenzhou-9 mission,            and 2008, including China’s first     tion satellite data capability.             bined with the Shenzhou cap-
scheduled to fly between June          spacewalk on the 2008 flight.            A national space science centre          sules point to a flexible launch
and August aboard a Long-March                                             is being established in Beijing,            system – and Bergquist noted that
2F/G rocket, will see three crew      The organisational                   while a new launch base in Hainan           China has strong political ambi-
members conduct a manual                                                   and Long March integration hall in          tions in space, is setting up the
docking before boarding Tian-
                                      structure of China’s                 Tainjin are also on the agenda. Ad-         infrastructure to pursue them and
gong-1, living there for an un-       space programme                      dressing the Royal Aeronautical             has 150,000 people involved.
specified period and conducting        could work against it.               Society in January, Bergquist                  However, Bergquist sees Chi-
scientific experiments, accord-                                             added that a robotic exploration            na’s push to become a leading
ing to China’s government news        Some parts are                       programme is rumoured.                      space player as hinging on con-
agency, Xinhua.                       controlled by civil                     Of the LM 5, 6 and 7 pro-                tinued economic growth and, he
   The flight will follow the un-                                           grammes little is known, said               added, the organisational struc-
manned Shenzhou-8 mission,
                                      authorities, others                  Bergquist, but the LM 5 is expect-          ture of China’s space programme
which last October carried out a      by the military                      ed to fly in 2014. LM 6 looks like           could work against it.
rendezvous with Tiangong-1 about                                           being comparable to Europe’s                   Some parts of the programme
a month after the laboratory was                                           new Vega launcher, with a focus             are controlled by civil authorities
orbited. That mission, says Xin-        According to Karl Bergquist,       on putting satellites in Sun-syn-           and others, such as manned
hua, established that all relevant    who heads China relations at the     chronous orbits of 700km; the               spaceflight, by the military.
systems are in good condition and     European Space Agency, China’s       customer is thought to be China’s           Bergquist noted it is not always
ready for a manned docking.           12th five-year plan sets out space-   military. And, LM 7 is thought to           clear that the two are willing, or
   The upcoming mission will be       flight priorities for 2011-2015 as    be pointing toward 5.5t payloads            able, to co-operate.


Fourth stage is next step to all-European Vega
     or evidence that winners have                                                                                     restartable stage is needed to ac-
F    friends, look no further than
Vega. As soon as Europe’s new
                                                                                                                       curately put multiple payloads
                                                                                                                       into different orbits.
small launcher made its spectac-                                                                                          German interest in getting in-
ularly successful maiden flight,                                                                                        volved in a successful programme
Italian space agency head Enrico                                                                                       is understandable. The Italians
Saggese received a call from Ger-                                                                                      have championed Vega for the
man counterpart Johann-Dietrich                                                                                        best part of a decade, at times
Woerner who, along with his con-                                                                                       with little interest from France,
gratulations, expressed enthusi-                                                                                       which set Europe’s space pro-
asm that his agency, DLR, might                                                                                        gramme in motion with its origi-
join forces with Saggese’s ASI to                                                                                      nal Ariane rockets and still re-
develop the launcher further.                                                                                          gards itself as the lead player in
   Specifically, DLR is thought to                                                                                      European launcher development.
be keen to help devise a European                                                                                      Germany, meanwhile, has also
alternative to the final, fourth                                                                                        been left behind by Italy.

stage of Vega, which is the tried-    Pre-launch mating of fourth stage, with Ukrainian engine                            However, as Bianchi observes,
and-tested RD-869 restartable en-                                                                                      cost is a critical consideration
gine built in Ukraine and also        Bianchi says the choice of the       hind developing Vega was to en-             and so there should be no change
used as the third stage on the        Ukrainian fourth-stage engine        hance Europe’s independent ca-              to Vega hardware for about 10
Dnepr launch vehicle and its          was made partly to save costs,       pability to access space, and so            years or more than 20 launches:
predecessor, the SS-18 (SATAN)        and he admits it is a candidate      there is thought to be some dis-            “You need to consolidate or you
intercontinental ballistic missile.   for replacement.                     comfort at relying on an import             can’t be competitive. You can’t
   Vega programme boss Stefano           Much of the motivation be-        for such a key component. The               keep changing.”

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                                                              MANUFACTURING DAN THISDELL LONDON

     Good week
                                                              Avio rockets into 2012
                                                              Following the spectacular success of its launcher, Vega supplier turns focus on jet engines
     COMPETITION The gov-
                                                                    f all the people with cause to
     ernment of Montenegro
     has put its national air-
     line on a list of state-
                                                              O     be relieved at the resound-
                                                              ingly successful maiden flight
     owned assets, including                                  two weeks ago of Europe’s new
     a transport firm and a                                   rocket, Vega, few will be as re-
     shipyard, to be privatised                               lieved as Francesco Caio.
     this year. The govern-                                      Caio is chief executive of Turin-
     ment said the objective                                  headquartered Avio, which has
     of the privatisations was                                been perhaps the leading indus-
     to “increase competitive-                                trial player in Vega’s development
     ness and efficiency [and]                                and built key components of the
     encourage foreign invest-                                rocket at its Colleferro facility near
     ment and entrepreneur-                                   Rome. Had the flight failed, a real

     ship in all sectors”.                                    possibility given that 60% of
     Montenegro Airlines op-                                  maiden launches end in tears,            Avio’s aero engine work includes parts for the 787’s GEnx engine
     erates a small fleet of                                  Caio’s pre-launch boast that Vega
     Fokker 100 and Embraer                                   puts Italy in the elite club of coun-    then find an exit. Avio filed for an        to the Powerjet SAM146 engine
     195 twinjets to several                                  tries “that can access space using       initial public offering (IPO) on the      that powers the Superjet 100 re-
     European destinations.                                   their own technologies” would            Milan exchange in the first half of        gional jet. And, Caio stresses, po-
                                                              have proven to be premature.             2011 but, says Caio, decided later        sitions on these new programmes
                                  Aleks B/Wikimedia Commons

                                                                 But even if a second – or third –     in the year that the market was not       are balanced by Avio’s contribu-
                                                              attempt had shown the statement          ready and abandoned the plan.             tions to mature engines such as
                                                              to be true, an initial failure would        With the fundamentals on Cin-          the GE-90. It also supplies CFM
                                                              have left this London-based Italian      ven’s side – 2011 revenue grew            International, Pratt & Whitney
                                                              having to face three sets of unhap-      14% to €2 billion ($2.65 billion),        and Rolls-Royce.
                                                              py stakeholders. Avio’s customer,        EBITDA came in at a healthy
                                                              the European Space Agency, des-          €380 million and capital and              GROWTH CHALLENGE
                                                              perately wanted the success in a         R&D investment grew 26% to                The fact that there are no big new
                                                              year in which cash-strapped mem-         €170 million while net debt de-           programmes on the horizon is no
                                                              ber state governments are due to         clined 4% to €1.4 billion – there         bad thing, he adds, given the de-
                                  Rex Features

                                                              be asked for big, multi-year budget      is “no rush” to sell, says Caio,          velopment costs associated with
                                                              commitments.                             who praises Cinven as “very at-           all-new engines. The huge
                                                                 In addition, Italy’s scientific es-    tentive owners [who] make sure            strength of airliner demand, he
     COMPETITION On a visit                                   tablishment – itself facing the          our growth options are open”.             says, means Avio – ranked 39th
     to Boeing’s Everett re-                                  fallout of a particularly galling fi-        But, he readily admits, an IPO         in the Flightglobal-PwC Top 100
     doubt, US president                                      nancial crisis – clearly needed a        may yet turn out to be Cinven’s           aerospace industry league table –
     Barack Obama kept the                                    reward for championing a techni-         exit route in 2012. A launch fail-        can now look forward to 10 or 12
     natives friendly by an-                                  cally innovative project that was        ure might not have deterred an            years of revenue growth from
     nouncing, with a steely                                  not enthusiastically backed by           IPO attempt in a strong market,           spare parts and new deliveries.
     glance at Europe and                                     some partners in its early years.        but success must have been a far,            To frame his challenges,
     China, that he is ordering                                                                        far better outcome.                       though, Caio likes to look at the
     the US Export-Import                                     WATCH THE EXITS                             As things stand, however, Vega         medium-term future as a period
     Bank “to give American                                   Caio would also have had to deal         is just one of Avio’s long suits:         that will demand “marginal inno-
     companies a fair shot by                                 with London private equity house         space accounts for 14% of turno-          vation rather than fundamental
     matching the unfair ex-                                  Cinven, which owns 81% of Avio           ver, with an another 2% coming            innovation” for a supplier like
     port financing that their                                and brought in the former Cable &        from civil maintenance, repair            Avio, which must keep up with
     competitors receive from                                 Wireless chief to manage the busi-       and overhaul. The rest comes              rising volume demands. Avio –
     other countries”. No                                     ness in March 2011.                      from civil and military aero en-          and other suppliers – must there-
     matter that US airlines                                    Cinven has owned Avio since            gines, and in that department             fore focus first of all on maintain-
     cry foul at the whole                                    2007, when it bought out another         2012 is a big year for Avio.              ing quality. Improving efficiency,
     Ex-Im regime for support-                                private equity owner, Carlyle               Caio flags up Avio’s position as        and hence profitability, can only
     ing their overseas rivals                                Group, which had bought Avio in          supplier of the gearbox and part          be a secondary concern.
     – it’s an election year.                                 2003. Italy’s state-dominated in-        of the low-pressure turbine for              “We are,” says Caio, “particu-
                                                              dustrial holding group Finmec-           the General Electric GEnx engine          larly sensitive to the role we play
       Bad week                                               canica is the other major share-         that will soon be certificated for         in the value chain.”
                                                              holder, with 14%. As is typical in       Boeing’s 787, a programme that                       Analysis of rising stars and
                                                              private equity investment, Cin-          represents 10% of Avio’s turno-                      sputtering flames at
                                                              ven’s plan is to build value and         ver. Avio is also a major supplier                   flightglobal.com/top100

24 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                                                     flightglobal.com
                                                                 For Rolls-Royce, it                                                                     BUSINESS
                                                                 is bigger, the better
                                                                 for its powerplants
                                                                 SPECIAL REPORT P26

PEOPLE MOVES                                                                                           BUSINESS BRIEFS
AJ Walter, Jet Aviation, Kaman, SureFlight, XL Airways Germany
                                                                                                       LIEBHERR STAYS ALL IN THE FAMILY
                                                    heads XL Airways Germany                           OWNERSHIP The owners of Liebherr, the Germany-based but
                                                    following Martin Greiffenhagen’s                   Switzerland-registered industrial group whose products range from
                                                    departure for another airline                      aircraft air conditioning systems to heavy earth-moving machinery,
                                                    industry job. At Jet Aviation,                     have transferred an undisclosed portion of their shares to their chil-
                                                    Micha Miketta and Peter Davidse                    dren to ensure the business remains an “independent family-owned
                                                    are now maintenance sales                          company”. Willi Liebherr and his sister Isolde will remain in charge
                                                    directors in Düsseldorf and                        as heads of parent company Liebherr International.
                                                    Zurich. Etihad Airways has
                                                    seconded Cramer Ball and Shelley                   VIRGIN CLAIMS FARES WILL RISE IF IAG BUYS BMI
                                                    Cole to Air Seychelles, as chief                   COMPETITION Virgin Atlantic has officially registered a protest with
                                                    executive and chief financial                       the European Commission against British Airways and Iberia parent
                                     Jet Aviation

                                                    officer. Engine management                          International Airlines Group’s proposed takeover of UK rival BMI,
                                                    specialist Clive Richardson has                    claiming the deal will open the way for fare rises and service reduc-
Miketta: Jet Düsseldorf                             joined AJ Walter Aviation as                       tions, as it would give British Airways a “monopoly” on some
                                                    regional sales director. Indian                    domestic routes and “eradicate” competition to certain European
Barnes Group has reorganised                        army Major General (Ret) Ajit Hari                 destinations. IAG says it remains confident the deal will be approved.
into three units – aerospace,                       Gadre is now chief executive of
industrial and distribution – and                   the Hindustan Aeronautics-CAE                      ANA: HOLDING COMPANY IS PEACH OF AN IDEA
promoted Patrick Dempsey to                         joint venture HATSOFF.                             AIRLINES Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) is asking shareholders
chief operating officer. Steven                                                                         to approve a restructuring plan to create a holding company for the
Schofield, formerly of Keystone                                                                         ANA, AirAsia Japan and Peach Aviation brands. The move, scheduled
Helicopter, has joined aircraft                                                                        for 1 April 2013, is intended to help the legacy carrier differentiate
refinisher SureFlight as sales                                                                          its brand from the two low-cost operations.
manager. Monogram Aerospace
Fasteners president Brian                                                                              ST AEROSPACE CO-OPERATES FOR MRO TRAINING
McGuire will retire in July and be                                                                     TRAINING Singapore-based maintenance provider ST Aerospace
replaced by chief operating officer                                                                     and Minnesota flight school and simulation specialist Aerosim
David Adler. At Kaman                                                                                  Technologies are joining forces to develop technical training software
Aerospace, former Eaton sales                                                                          and set up an international training centre network of computer-
director Gary Tenison has joined                                                                       based packages to qualify maintenance technicians for most Airbus
as VP business development, and                                                                        and Boeing types. Previously, Aerosim has focused on pilot training
Pat Wheeler has been promoted to                                                                       at centres in Houston, Texas and near Orlando.
VP strategic initiatives. Former
AirBaltic boss Bertolt Flick now                    Cole: Air Seychelles CFO                           Q4 AND FULL-YEAR LOSSES MOUNT AT AMERICAN
                                                                                                       BANKRUPTCY AMR, the American Airlines parent company which
                                                                                                       entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November, saw full-year
  QUOTE OF THE WEEK                                                                                    losses more than quadruple to $2 billion, after recording $917 mil-
                                                                                                       lion in special charges. Fourth-quarter losses including special items
  “Nobody bothers you                                                                                  soared more than tenfold to $1.1 billion, but even excluding special
                                                                                                       items the deficit ballooned to $209 million from only $69 million.

  about why have you                                                                                   AMR believes it needs cost savings of $2 billion annually, including
                                                                                                       $1.2 billion from labour, to compete with its US legacy peers.

        bought a Boeing                                                                                ANTARES ROCKET BOOST FOR ORBITAL
                                                                                                       SPACECRAFT Orbital Sciences posted a 4% rise in revenue to near-

         and not an                                                                                    ly $1.35 billion as all operating segments – launch vehicles, satel-
                                                                                                       lites and space systems and advance space programmes – achieved
                                                                                                       record sales. Featuring heavily was production of Antares rockets
         Airbus?”                                                                                      that will carry cargo to the International Space Station; first flight is
                                                                                                       scheduled for June 2012. Pre-tax profit was up 35% to $88 million.

                                                                                                       AVINGTRANS TO EXPAND IN COMPOSITES
                                                        Interviewed for the March issue                ACQUISITION Nottingham-headquartered engineering group
                                                         of Flight International’s sister              Avingtrans is to acquire Composites Engineering and its operating
                                                          monthly Airline Business,                    businesses Delta Composites, Alpha Composites and Orion
                                                           Kenya Airways boss TITUS                    Machining for an undisclosed sum. The businesses will remain
                                                            NAIKUNI explains why he                    based in Buckingham, UK and trade as Sigma Composites, along-
                                                             likes to go back to his                   side Avingtrans sister company Sigma Precision Components, which
                                                               village to unwind                       is set to expand its aerospace parts business in Chengdu, China.

flightglobal.com                                                                                                     28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 25

For Rolls-Royce, it is a case                    CONTENTS
                                                 28 Trents on target Rolls-Royce plots
of the bigger, the better, as                    sharp ramp-up and new developments
the prosperity of the engine                     32 Return of the power turboprop Rivals
maker’s Trent powerplants                        square up in battle to equip 90-seaters
                                                 35 Cold logic GE opens Canadian icing
alleviates a narrowing                           facility as test schedule gets onerous
position in the single-aisle
market. Our special also
brings analysis of GE’s
emergence as a rival to
Pratt & Whitney Canada in
the race to power larger
turboprops, and a report on
cold-weather testing it has
under way in Winnipeg

Rolls-Royce will be manufacturing 1.5
Trent 1000 engines per week by year-end
(main); that powerplant is in service with
All Nippon Airways, launch operator of the
Boeing 787 (above); GE is targeting the
fixed-wing sector with a civil derivative of
its US military-funded GE38 (above, right);
cold-weather testing preceded the Trent
XWB’s first flight (right)
                                                                                           Rolls-Royce, GE

26 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                         flightglobal.com
                   COMMERCIAL ENGINES
                                          SPECIAL REPORT


flightglobal.com        28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 27
                           COMMERCIAL ENGINES
                           SPECIAL REPORT

                                                                                  TRENTS ON
                                                                                     Rolls-Royce is bidding to make up for
                                                                                    single-aisle shortfalls by pursuing bold
                                                                                    production ramp-up and development
                                                                                       plans for its widebody Trent engines
Photography: Rolls-Royce

                             Rolls-Royce builds
                             about one Trent
                             1000 per week

                           28 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                   flightglobal.com
                                                                          COMMERCIAL ENGINES

ANDREW DOYLE DERBY                                   Trent 1000 that will debut on board the              whole load of demonstrator programmes run-
                                                     stretched 787-9. The intention is that this will     ning that are churning out technologies that we

           olls-Royce may be losing its foot-        also become the standard powerplant for the          are looking at.”
           hold in the high-volume narrow-           baseline -8, allowing Rolls-Royce to maintain
           body engine market, but when it           a common bill of materials to simplify pro-          FLEXIBLE TESTING
           comes to high-value big-twin pow-         duction and support.                                 Although the Package C engine will enter
erplants the UK-based manufacturer is going             Further down the line, a further 787 stretch      service powering the 787-9, it will be flight-
from strength to strength.                           known as the -10X could become a reality.            tested on the -8.
   Production of the Trent 1000 turbofan for         “We’re still talking to Boeing and trying to un-         “What we were keen to do is not link the
the long-delayed Boeing 787 is finally on an          derstand what their plans for the -10X are,          certification and qualification of an engine to
upward curve after the aircraft entered service      specifically in terms of size and timing, and         a new airplane delivery. It would be bad for
with launch customer All Nippon Airways.             they continue to be the key points of that dis-      us if the -9 suddenly started to slip and we
Meanwhile, Rolls-Royce’s status as de facto          cussion,” says Carlisle. “We feel well placed        couldn’t put a better engine on the -8 because
sole-source engine supplier for the Airbus           because we have an engine that’s capable of          it was linked to the -9,” says Carlisle. “Boeing
A350 XWB leaves it looking at its steepest ever      going up to 74k of thrust. It has more capabil-      have exactly the same view, but their motivation
production ramp-up for a new programme.              ity if required.”                                    is that by doing that they can offload some of the
   Rolls-Royce is simultaneously investing in           According to Boeing figures, the Package B         flight testing from the -9.”
a suite of technologies that – if all goes to plan   engine is 2.3% better on fuel-burn than Pack-            European Aviation Safety Agency approval
– will equip the next iteration of the three-        age A, although B remains 2% off the Rolls-          of the Package C powerplant is targeted for the
shaft Trent in time for future widebody devel-       Royce specification. C is projected to be “just       end of the first quarter of 2013. Entry into
opments that could go into service around the        over 1% off spec” says Carlisle, but further         service with 787-9 launch customer Air New
end of the decade.                                   technology insertion should get the engine           Zealand is scheduled for April 2014, and
   The Trent 1000 has already powered ANA’s          back to specification.                                Rolls-Royce is now focused on achieving the
initial 787s on several hundred revenue                                                                   required production-rate ramp-up after years
flights, and the first long-range variant              “We had a lot of milestones                          of delays to the airframe programme.
equipped with “Package B” engines began                                                                       “It’s early days,” says Carlisle. “We’ve been
flights to Frankfurt in January.
                                                     last year for a project that’s                       changing the product, incorporating modifica-
   “I suspect this is where you’ll start to see      been fairly long in the tooth”                       tions. They all need to get flushed through
some of the real benefits of the aeroplane, with      SIMON CARLISLE                                       and stabilised in the supply chain. We, like
the high humidity rates and the differences in       Trent 1000 programme director, Rolls-Royce           Boeing, have got improvements we need to
cabin pressure,” says Trent 1000 programme                                                                make there to get to the point where we feel
director Simon Carlisle. “It will be good to see                                                          more confident about the rate at which we
that they start to get passenger differentiation        “We are looking at putting some more tech-        produce engines and the cadence with which
at that point in time.”                              nology in. We are doing some stuff with the          we produce them on a routine basis. It’s no
   The first four ANA aircraft have Package A         LP turbine case cooling and changing some of         different from other programmes.
engines, which will be replaced with Pack-           the aerodynamics in the compressor. Not huge             “It’s quite a shallow beach for the Trent 1000
age B units. “We had a lot of milestones last        change packages, but some,” says Carlisle.           on the 787. We have only ANA until, notion-
year for a project that’s been fairly long in the       The plan calls for certain improvements de-       ally, Q3 this year... There are about 12 aircraft
tooth,” says Carlisle. “We certified two en-          veloped for the Trent XWB to be introduced           to deliver, then we start to see LAN and LOT
gines, we cleared ETOPS, we did function             on the 1000. “The thing that is very attractive to   come on line. From my perspective, having a
and reliability [testing], we delivered the first     us is the [XWB’s] high- and intermediate-pres-       single operator to focus on with high-cyclic
aeroplane and we went into service.”                 sure ‘rising line’ compressors,” says Carlisle.      usage is a great learning position to be in.”
   In terms of development, Carlisle is focused      “It’s a good technology and it’s easily transfera-       The manufacturer is building about one
on the 74,000lb-thrust (330kN) Package C             ble into the Trent 1000. Similarly, we’ve got a      Trent 1000 per week, which will increase to

  Trent XWB engines
  have accrued 1,500
  hours in ground tests

flightglobal.com                                                                                    28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 29

      1.5 at the end of 2012. The rate will fur-                                                      released into the pre-production process. First
ther rise to two per week during 2013.
                                                    “We’ll certificate [the Trent                      flight of the A350-900, powered by Trent XWBs
   The Trent 1000’s younger but larger sibling,     XWB] some time towards the                        rated at 84,0000lb thrust, is due in early-2013,
the Trent XWB, has just reached its first-flight      end of this year, most likely”                    followed by entry-into-service little more than
milestone, aboard the Airbus A380 testbed. The                                                        a year later. The A350-800 EIS is set for mid-
                                                    CHRIS YOUNG
programme’s eight test engines had accumulat-       Trent XWB programme director, Rolls-Royce         2016 and the larger -1000, powered by upgrad-
ed about 1,500 hours on the bench.                                                                    ed 97,000lb-thrust engines, in mid-2017.
   Integration tests have been completed with                                                            Altitude testing of the latest Trent has proved
engine 20002, the first to be equipped with the      fore first flight. The engine had to be removed     compressor surge margins are sufficient at high
Goodrich-supplied thrust reverser, along with       from the A380 so the seal could be replaced.      altitude, after Rolls-Royce earlier decided to
other accessories including variable-frequen-          “It was a very quick and easy change to        trade some surge margin for better efficiency.
cy generators and hydraulics.                       make,” says Young. “We had time and it gives         “This testing has demonstrated that we can
   This engine is now being reconfigured for the     us the right standard to go flying with. We’ve     actually do a little bit more than that, because
large flocking bird test, which involves ingestion   also put that new standard of part into the cy-   the surge margin has been so good on the
of a single 4lb (2kg) bird. The medium test with    clic engine. That testing demonstrated that the   compressor. Given the time we’ve now got,
four 2.5lb birds has already been completed.        part works well.”                                 we can do this prior to entry into service,”
Another of the engines will be dedicated to            The nine-month A380 testbed campaign is        says Young. This will yield about another
achieving a continuous 500h of cyclic testing.      expected to cover 175h flight hours across         0.1% specific fuel consumption improve-
   “This will give us a very robust and repre-      roughly 60 flights. “We’ve got 1,200 instrumen-    ment to add to the 0.25% already achieved
sentative service-usage type of environ-            tation parameters on this engine. It’s going to   through trading surge margin.
ment,” says Trent XWB programme director            give us great amounts of data,” says Young.
Chris Young. “We also seed out-of-balance              Although Airbus has slipped the A350-900       TESTING TIMETABLE
deliberately into all of the shaft systems on       development schedule by up to a year, Rolls-      The first of 13 flight-compliance engines for
that engine, to simulate the worst case of vi-      Royce has not felt the need to use that time to   the A350 test programme will enter the pre-
bration on to all of the units and externals to     make further design changes. “We’re not mak-      production line in April, followed by the oth-
prove the robustness of the engine. It’s a very     ing any changes in our programme as a result      ers at a rate of one per month.
good maturity test.”                                of those Airbus movements, other than it gives       The fan blade-off test is to be completed in
   The first 150h endurance test using engine        us a little bit more time before we have to de-   Derby around mid-year. “We’ll certificate
20004 has been completed. “That was com-            liver the flight-test engines,” says Young. “We    some time towards the end of this year, most
pletely successful bar one minor finding,”           may make some choices just to put some            likely,” says Young. “We don’t need to certify
says Young. “We are rebuilding that engine to       weight reduction in there and enhance the ma-     before first flight [on the A380 testbed] so we’ll
do a second endurance test where we’re going        turity of those engines. While we didn’t need     certify when the engine is ready.”
to push to even hotter temperatures and high-       the extra time, we’ll make good use of it.”          In terms of development, the focus for the
er speeds to clear the full service margins.”          For the first time on a new engine programme,   XWB is now on finalising the configuration of
   The discovery of a damaged “flying seal”          Rolls-Royce has dedicated one engine to prov-     the 97,000lb variant for the A350-1000, which
after the first endurance test led Rolls-Royce to    ing the build process, and later to repair and    will incorporate an increased-flow fan system
fix the problem on the flying testbed engine be-      overhaul procedures. This engine was recently     and bigger core. “It’s an important year for us
                                                                                                      to get the concept of the -1000 engine final-
                                                                                                      ised,” says Young. “It is increased investment
  Trent 1000s have powered
                                                                                                      and change for us, but we think it’s the right
  hundreds of revenue flights
                                                                                                      thing to do for the life of the aircraft pro-
                                                                                                      gramme. We were doing the higher capability
                                                                                                      turbines, and that’s where most of our tech-
                                                                                                      nology programmes are around, but we’ve got
                                                                                                      some more work to do in terms of putting the
                                                                                                      increased flow into the core system.
                                                                                                         “We haven’t finalised our definite list of
                                                                                                      technologies, but we don’t need to do that
                                                                                                      until around the middle of this year. My shop-
                                                                                                      ping list is more extensive than it was [before
                                                                                                      the Airbus decision to increase thrust require-
                                                                                                      ment for the -1000]. That’s what allows us to
                                                                                                      keep the SFC [specific fuel consumption] un-
                                                                                                      changed even though by making the core big-
                                                                                                      ger the cycle gets a little bit worse. It’s also
                                                                                                      given us time to drop the risk a little bit more
                                                                                                      on some of the technologies.” Production of
                                                                                                      the first of six test engines for the -1000 is due
                                                                                                      to begin in the first quarter of 2014.
                                                                                                         Beyond work on the XWB, Rolls-Royce is
                                                                                                      stepping up its “Advance 3” studies of tech-
                                                                                                      nologies that could be introduced into the
                                                                                                      next iteration of the three-shaft Trent, possibly
                                                                                                      around the end of the decade.

30 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                  flightglobal.com
                                                                        COMMERCIAL ENGINES

                                                                                                          blade and containment system and altogether
                                                                                                          they will save us 500-1,000lb of weight. In con-
                                                                                                          text, that’s an amazing amount of weight to
                                                                                                          save. The trick is how you lay-up the blade.”

                                                                                                          VORTEX AMPLIFIER
                                                                                                          “Lean-burn” combustion, meanwhile, has
                                                                                                          been tried before but has failed to live up to
                                                                                                          expectations in airline service because of reli-
                                                                                                          ability and weight problems. “The science is
                                                                                                          relatively straightforward, but getting this to
                                                                                                          be a reliable, controllable system in a real-
                                                                                                          world operation in an airline is not straight-
                                                                                                          forward,” says Nuttall. Rolls-Royce plans to
                                                                                                          fly a demonstrator in 2014, which it believes
                                                                                                          will address these issues.
                                                                                                             The “Enables” concept, meanwhile, em-
                                                                                                          beds electrical connectors in composite mate-
                                                                                                          rial to replace external cabling that can get
                                                                                                          damaged and is hard to repair. It also promises
                                                                                                          a weight saving of 50-150lb, depending on en-
                                                                                                          gine size. “Redundancy is built in, so that if
                                                                                                          something happens to one of the connective
                                                                                                          links, another one takes over,” says Nuttall.
                                                                                                             Also in train are efforts to mature new ma-
                                                                                                          terials that increase the temperature capability
                                                                                                          of the core, enabling it to be reduced in size.
                                                                                                          “High temperature takes you to ceramics,”
                                                                                                          says Nuttall. “We’re busy working on that.”
                                                                                                             The “vortex amplifier” aims to simplify the
                                                                                                          process by which turbine blades can be cooled
                                                                                                          by extracting air from the high-pressure com-
                                                                                                          pressor (HPC). Air is bled from the HPC, routed
                                                                                                          around the combustor and put into the turbine,
                                                                                                          increasing the engine’s fuel consumption. “In
                                                                                                          an ideal world we’d like to modulate that, and
                                                                                                          turn it down when you don’t need as much,”
                                                                                                          says Nuttall, who labels the vortex amplifier
                                                                                                          an “air transistor”. He adds: “An air signal cre-
                                                                                                          ates a vortex in the flow which controls how
                                                                                                          much of the cooling air goes across the cham-
                                                                                                          ber. It’s an ‘amplifier’ so we can modulate the
                                                                                                          flow with no moving parts. We set up the vor-
                                                                                                          tex with a very small injection of air.”
                                                                                                             The overall efficiency gain is “much less
First flight of the A350-900, powered by Trent XWBs, is due in early 2013                                 than 1%, but they all add up”, says Nuttall.

   “The Trent XWB as it has been run today is      programme,” he says. By the end of the decade
the most fuel-efficient engine in the world,”       that could mean a further reduction of 3-5%.
says Robert Nuttall, Rolls-Royce vice-presi-          Composite fan blades are one example of a
dent for strategic marketing. “That gives us a     technology likely to reach maturity in the re-
tremendous datum position. When we look at         quired timeframe. “Until now we would argue
future products, we’re starting from the very      that Rolls-Royce has led the world in titanium
highest point in the industry.”                    fan blades – a blade technology that has been
   The technologies under study would be ap-       lighter than its composite competitor,” says
plicable to a 90-100,000lb-thrust engine, with a   Nuttall. “If we can get a composite system –
fan diameter of about 130in (330cm), which         the blades and the fan case – then we can save
Nuttall says is “getting towards the limits of     a lot of weight, but up until now we haven’t                 ON THE WEB
transportability for trucks”. Contemporary         been able to get a composite blade that’s as                 ROLLS-ROYCE IN SINGAPORE
Trents have a bypass ratio of about 10 but this    aerodynamically efficient as a titanium blade.           Ghim-Lay Yeo visited the engine maker’s
could be increased to 15, says Nuttall. Pressure      “It has been easier to make a thin, slim aero-       new Seletar facility to learn why it was
ratios could climb to 60:1 versus 50:1 today.      foil with metal. We now believe we have man-            chosen for Trent production. Video at
   “On the Trent we have delivered roughly         aged to get a blade that is as efficient as our tita-    flightglobal.com/singaporeiflight
1% [fuel saving] per year over the life of that    nium blade but allows us to have a composite

flightglobal.com                                                                                    28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 31

                                                       STEPHEN TRIMBLE WASHINGTON DC

                                                                  classic engine duel is beginning to
                                                                  take shape in a category often
                                                                  thought extinct at the dawn of the

                                                                  second century of commercial avia-
                                                       tion: the untapped market sector.
                                                          Not since the late 1960s – when the first gen-
                                                       eration of turbojet airliners drove the Allison
                                                       T56-powered Lockheed L-188 Electra out of

As sky-high fuel prices push them towards 90-seat
                                                       commercial service – has there been so much
                                                       serious consideration of a 90-seat regional air-
                                                       liner powered by turboprop engines.
                                                          With the price of a barrel of oil stubbornly
                                                       hovering above $100 and orders for 70-seat tur-
                                                       boprops continuing to accumulate, ATR, Bom-
                                                       bardier and perhaps other manufacturers are
turboprops, regional airframers stand to benefit from   actively considering the most logical next step.
strong competition among engine makers – with GE          Their interest has not gone unnoticed by the
                                                       world’s engine makers. Always plotting the air-
poised to join Pratt & Whitney Canada in the fray      framers’ next move two or three years in ad-
                                                       vance, the engine suppliers can be counted on
                                                       to give away the future.
                                                          It promises to be an unusually wide-open
                                                       competition. A 90-seat airliner demands a
                                                       powerplant in a size class unknown to the
                                                       commercial sector. The world’s militaries
                                                       have found rotorcraft applications for engines
                                                       generating between 5,000-7,500shp (3,730-
                                                       5.595kW), but the regional turboprop market

32 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                  flightglobal.com
                                                                             COMMERCIAL ENGINES

                                                          gramme’s potential with PW127M, which was          gramme’s acronym, but the focus on the gear

                                                          certified in 2007 to support the ATR 72-600.        has obscured the significance of an all-new
                                                             “It is nearing its maximum capacity,” says      core. In Connecticut, P&W executives have al-
                                                          Richard Dussault, P&WC’s vice-president of         ready re-assigned the core to power a next-gen-
                                                          marketing for regional markets and helicopters.    eration military engine called the PW9000. It
                                                          Along the way, it gave itself a valuable step-     will also be drafted into service for the regional
                                                          ping-stone towards an all-new engine.              turboprop market.
                                                             The PW150 that appeared in the late-1990s          The GTF’s Talon X combustor and high-
                                                          was no experiment. P&WC sold more than 900         pressure turbine will essentially be resized for
                                                          examples to Bombardier’s Q400 programme.           the turboprop application.
                                                          But it was the ideal half-step before making the
                                                          jump to an all-new engine. The PW150, an all-      NEW COMPRESSOR
                                                          new centreline in the 5,000shp class, is based     “The technology in the [GTF] turbine design
                                                          on the same “general lay-out and architecture”     can be important and adapted to the design of
                                                          as the PW100-series, Dussault says.                the turboprop,” Dussault says. However, the
                                                             There are, however, significant deviations       core of P&WC’s latest creation will not be en-
                                                          between the two types. While the PW127, for        tirely derivative.
                                                          example, features low and high-pressure com-          While Dussault does not reveal much spe-
                                                          pressors with centrifugal airflow, the PW150        cific detail, he confirms the next-generation
                              Specifications of            has three axial low-pressure compressors and       turboprop will be designed with an all-new
                              the GE38 are still          one high-pressure centrifugal compressor.          compressor section. “What is unique is the
                              a protected secret             With competition heating up, P&WC offi-          compressor. That is really the heart of the ar-
                                                          cials still decline to release specific details     chitecture we have chosen,” says Dussault,
has never required more power than the very               about the layout of the next-generation turbo-     who describes the section only as a “fairly high
low end of that range.                                    prop engine.                                       pressure ratio compressor”.
   In the absence of an established or dominant                                                                 A highlight of the PW&C strategy is the inte-
engine supplier, the airframers may enjoy a               In the absence of an                               gration of the turboshaft engine with the other
true competition when they are ready to launch                                                               major propulsion components from the begin-
their new turboprop designs.
                                                          established or dominant                            ning of the programme; these include the pro-
   One option will come from Pratt & Whitney              engine supplier, the                               peller system and the nacelle.
Canada (P&WC), which practically invented                 airframers may enjoy a true                           Again, Dussault declines to reveal the final
the modern regional turboprop 30 years ago                                                                   configuration of these systems, but in this case
and has confirmed a next-generation turboprop              competition                                        P&WC has not yet reached a decision. The
engine development programme.                                                                                manufacturer still remains “flexible” about the
   Competing to grab market share, meanwhile,               Despite the existence of the PW150 in the        propeller system supplier, but it is almost ready
will be General Electric (GE), a minor player in          same size class, P&WC emphasises that the          to decide on an eight-bladed configuration.
the regional turboprop sector to date. GE’s CT7           new engine in development for a future             “That seems to be where our trades so far have
powerplant is more widely known in the com-               90-seater is an all-new powerplant. “This is a     led us,” says Dussault.
mercial helicopter world, but the manufacturer            brand-new design,” Dussault says.                     Compared with a six-bladed system, the
believes it now has a potential market leader in            Dussault confirms the next-generation tur-        eight-bladed system requires less rotor diam-
the fixed-wing sector with a civil derivative of           boprop engine will greatly leverage the new        eter. This allows the airframer to attach the
the US military-funded GE38.                              core invented for the PW1000G Geared Turbo-        engine nacelle slightly closer to the fuselage,
   Both programmes are active. GE confirms                 fan (GTF); the engine that has recently pro-       which helps improve yaw authority in an
the second test engine was shipped to Sikorsky            pelled P&WC’s sister division in Connecticut       engine-out condition.
for the CH-53K programme on 16 February.                  back into the narrowbody market with a solely         If P&WC’s main advantage is its long-held
P&WC is in initial testing of the architecture for        developed product.                                 grip on the target market, its competitor is
an unnamed, next-generation model.                          The GTF is mostly known for the mecha-           boosted by the deep pockets and the full sup-
                                                          nism represented by its first initial in the pro-   port of the US Department of Defense.
For P&WC, a next-generation turboprop in the
5,000-7,000shp size class is a natural step in a
progression that began more than 50 years with
the venerable PT6.
   The PW100-series, originally designated the
PT7 inside the company, first appeared as a
technology demonstrator in 1977. Few engine
programmes, except perhaps the preceding
PT6, have dominated a market segment as
much as the 37 different models of the PW100
series. The only significant airframe to escape
its grasp in the last 30 years was the Saab 340,
which opted for the rival GE CT7.
   After selling more than 6,600 engines,

P&WC now believes it has exhausted the pro-               ATR is the most bullish of the airframers about the prospects for a 90-seater

flightglobal.com                                                                                       28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 33

                                                                                                                   tion contracts is a question. The timeline ap-
Plans to field a Q400                                                                                               pears to have slipped by two to three years.
stretch in 2014 look                                                                                                  ATR is still the most bullish of the airframers
to be on hold                                                                                                      about the prospects for a 90-seater. A clean-
                                                                                                                   sheet successor to the ATR 42/72 family is now
                                                                                                                   planned to make its debut in 2017, or two years
                                                                                                                   later than the airframer originally proposed.
                                                                                                                      Until last year, Bombardier executives dis-
                                                                                                                   cussed fielding a 90-seat stretch of the Q400 as
                                                                                                                   early as 2014. Those plans appear to have been
                                                                                                                   postponed, and company officials still seem
                                                                                                                   unsure the market is ready to reward billions in
                                                                                                                   investment dollars by the airframers in a 90-
                                                                                                                   seat airframe. Engine makers could still find
                                                                                                                   interest even if ATR or Bombardier drop out.
                                                                                                                      Embraer once dominated the small end of
                                                                                                                   the turboprop market with the EMB-120, and
                                                                                                                   expressed interest in the 90-seat market as late
                                                                                                                   as two years ago. Whether those concepts have
                                                                                                                   progressed since those early noises, Embraer
                                                                                                                   officials will not say.
                                                                                                                      “We definitely think the next logical step

                                                                                                                   for turboprops is around 90 seats,” P&WC’s
                                                                                                                   Dussault says.
                                                                                                                      GE anticipates the turboprop market is solid.
     GE’s T700 turboshaft engine powers the           At the time, Bombardier was still consider-                  Demand could increase dramatically if oil pric-
Sikorsky UH-60 and Boeing AH-64 fleets. Its         ing a 90-seat stretch of the Q400 as early as                   es continue to rise, says GE.
CT7 derivative has also achieved broad success     2014, and ATR was not far behind. Those                            US airlines still appear mostly ambivalent
in the commercial helicopter market. But the       schedules have now drifted by at least three                    about prospects for a new, larger turboprop en-
turboprop version has only a fractional market     years, and GE should be well prepared as the                    tering the market. Jerry Atkin, chief executive
share compared to the mighty PW100 series.         opportunity develops.
   Ironically, the manufacturer’s experience on       Perhaps reflecting its military origins, the                  “We definitely think the next
a failed US Navy programme 20 years ago al-        specifications of the GE38 are still a protected
lows it to take a competitive stand today. GE      secret. The CH-53K will demand three engines,
                                                                                                                   logical step for turboprops is
had developed the T407 turboshaft for the US       each producing 7,500shp. GE will likely offer a                 around 90 seats”
Navy’s Lockheed P-7 programme, but it was          derated version for the civil market. So far, GE                RICHARD DUSSAULT
cancelled in the early 1990s.                      has not committed in advance to offering an                     Vice-president of marketing regional markets and
   A commercial derivative of T407 was of-         integrated engine and propeller system, but the                 helicopters, P&WC
fered to regional turboprop makers in the 1990s    manufacturer confirms it will offer a package
as the GLC38, but never found a buyer. The         system if requested by the airframer.
core, however, became the basis for the GE/                                                                        of SkyWest and a major EMB-120 operator, ad-
Honeywell GE738 turbofan, but was selected         FATE’S INFLUENCE                                                dressed the possibility of a 90-seat turboprop
only by the Dassault Falcon 2000.                  Like its competitor, GE can tap its turbofan di-                entering US airline fleets in a fourth-quarter
   In 2007, Sikorsky selected the renamed and      vision to leverage advanced hot section com-                    earnings call with analysts on 15 February.
more powerful GE38-1B to power the CH-53K          ponents. The high-pressure spool, for example,                     Atkin is still unsure that US airlines will
heavylift helicopter, defeating a rival bid from   of the CFM Leap engine is GE’s responsibility                   continue to operate the latest 70-seat turbo-
the Rolls-Royce AE1107 engine.                     in the CFM joint venture.                                       props, such as the ATR 72-600 and the Q400,
   For GE, it was also another chance to ap-          But GE can also count on support from the                    until the end of the decade. “That is still an un-
proach the commercial market with the GE38         US military to keep the GE38 technology for                     known to me,” Atkin says. “I wouldn’t bet on
powerplant. Coincidentally, the concept of a       many years to come. In November, the army                       whether they will still be around or there will
90-seat regional airliner was just gaining mo-     selected GE for the future affordable turbine                   be none of them in 2020. It is just really a mat-
mentum at ATR and Bombardier.                      engine (FATE) programme, which is building a                    ter for the fuel efficiency as hubs get combined
   This seemingly perfect timing was almost        powerplant for the aircraft that replaces the                   [by consolidating legacy carriers].”
derailed two years later by DoD budget deci-       Boeing CH-47 Chinook. It is conceivable that                       The US market, already limited by scope
sions. Facing a spending crunch, the US Ma-        aircraft could be the CH-53K, or perhaps a                      clause restrictions, is not likely to be the target
rine Corps decided to delay the in-service date    growth version of the tandem rotor.                             market for airframers in the near term anyway.
of the CH-53K by three years to 2018.                 In any event, the army’s funding will allow                  The engine suppliers see broader opportunities
   GE, however, kept the programme moving          GE to invest in improvements to the GE38 ar-                    in Asia. There, a new wave of regional airliners
along the original schedule, supplementing the     chitecture for decades to come. Certain tech-                   and airframers, including the Xian MA-700
DoD investments with internal funds, says          nologies, such as advanced cooling systems,                     and Shaanxi Y-8, are seeking to establish the
Paul Acquaviva, GE38 programme director.           are likely to be inserted directly into the GE38                70-seat turboprop by the end of the decade.
   “We have been trying to keep the engine as      as they become available, Acquaviva said.                               Jon Ostrower tracks developments in new civil
close to the original schedule as possible,”          When engine makers must have their devel-                            aircraft programmes on his blog at
Acquaviva says.                                    opment projects ready to compete for produc-                            flightglobal.com/flightblogger

34 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                                  flightglobal.com
                                                                         COMMERCIAL ENGINES
                                                                                                         COLD-WEATHER TESTING

                                                                                                                         JON OSTROWER WINNIPEG

                                                                                                                                   n 1 February, a major relocation and
                                                                                                                                   expansion of General Electric’s en-
                                                                                                                                   gine icing infrastructure crystallised
                                                                                                                                   with the inauguration of a 11,200m2
                                                                                                                         (121,000ft2) test facility at Winnipeg in Cana-
                                                                                                                         da’s Manitoba province.
                                                                                                                            The city’s James A Armstrong Richardson
                                                                                                                         International Airport is a destination for
                                                                                                                         WestJet, Air Canada and occasional US-orig-
                                                                                                                         inating flights. Now, between its runways
                                                                                                                         13/31 and 18/25, it has a $50 million engine

                        COLD                                                                                             testing, research and development centre
                                                                                                                         (TDRC): a partnership between GE and
                                                                                                                         StandardAero to make use of a uniquely frig-
                                                                                                                         id climate to expand the engine maker’s ca-

                                                                                                                         pability for icing evaluations.
                                                                                                                            GE certainly has its hands full, with five
                                                                                                                         new centreline engine development pro-
                                                                                                                         grammes – including three variants of its
                                                                                                                         CFM International Leap-1A, -1B and -1C for
                                                                                                                         Airbus, Boeing and Comac narrowbodies –
                                                                                                                         plus the GE Passport 20 engine for the Bom-
                                                                                                                         bardier Global 7000 and 8000 and the NG34
                                                                                                                         for a potential future application in the 70- to
                                                                                                                         100-seat market.

                                                                                                                         TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                                                         That count may soon rise to six, with a possi-
                                                                                                                         ble 90,000-100,000lb (400-445kN) thrust
                                                                                                                         GE9X development for the conceptual next-
                                                                                                                         generation 777X family, for which GE is
                                                                                                                         spending an estimated $50 million on tech-
                                                                                                                         nology development in 2012, says GE Avia-
                                                                                                                         tion chief executive David Joyce.
                                                                                                                            “With that many programmes in mind
                                                                                                                         [and] the workload we’re going to have in
                                                                                                                         2013, 2014, 2015, we needed a facility that
                                                                                                                         not only could do icing testing, but could be
                                                                                                                         expanded with... the windtunnel to be able
                                                                                                                         to do hail [and] water ingestion,” says Kevin
                                                                                                                         Kanter, GE Aviation’s design and system in-
                                                                                                                         tegration engineering assembly, test and
                                                                                                                         overhaul manager.
                                                                                                                            “We typically we do them all at Peebles
                                                                                                                         [Ohio], which is our primary location, but
                                                                                                                         when you’re doing five new centreline en-
                                                                                                                         gines, you’re going to have overlap, and we
                                                                                                                         wanted to make sure we had the flexibility to
                                                                                                                         do it here [in Winnipeg],” he adds. “We can
                                                                                Photography: Flightbogger/Flightglobal

                                                                                                                         take engines from Peebles, bring them here,
                                                                                                                         run them. Same software programmes, same
                                                                                                                         cables, same everything.”
                                                                                                                            The expansive Winnipeg facility replaces
                                                                                                                         GE’s previous Canadian icing facility at Mi-
                                                                                                                         rabel airport near Montreal, Quebec, which
GE’s new $50 million icing test facility was inaugurated on 1 February                                                   opened in 2006. In July 2010, GE was notified
                                                                                                                         by the airport authority that runs Montreal’s
Winnipeg’s icy climate has lured General Electric to build                                                               Mirabel and Dorval airports that the expand-
                                                                                                                         ing industrial footprint at Mirabel for the 100
a cold-weather testing facility there, as the engine maker                                                               to 149-seat Bombardier CSeries and its Pratt &
strives to stick to a demanding development schedule                                                                     Whitney PW1524G engines would require re-
                                                                                                                         location of its icing facility.

flightglobal.com                                                              28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 35

  GE partnered with
  StandardAero to
  develop the facility

     The cost to locally relocate the concrete   GE, That could grow to 50 by 2017. The facil-      to 381cm (150in) and 150,000lb of thrust – a
pad to maintain the base at Mirabel was          ity came together at near-astonishing speed,       rating designed to contain the energy of a
viewed as prohibitive, and GE set about find-     says Brent Ostermann, programme director           blade-out event for an engine of that thrust.
ing an alternative. By September 2010, a part-   of test facilities at StandardAero. Construc-         GE stresses that no turbofan engine exceeds
nership with StandardAero had been forged,       tion began on 26 April 2011 and was com-           the thrust of the GE90-115BL, which powers
which will allow the aviation services pro-      pleted some seven months later. Full opera-        the 777-300ER. This reached a top thrust of
vider to run the facility until 2021.            bility is due to be attained in time for the       127,500lb in testing.
   As part of the agreement, the TDRC will be    2011-2012 icing season.                               The facility’s location in Winnipeg allows
run by test-cell operators and engineers sup-       The 6.1m (20ft) centreline single-post thrust   GE a longer period each year in which to con-
plied by StandardAero, which already oper-       stand for engine mounting becomes the fifth         duct icing tests, which require a temperature
ates a GE CF34 and CFM56-7B maintenance          in GE’s testing arsenal, adding to four at the     range between -4˚C and -20˚C.
facility in Winnipeg. The TDRC will initially    engine manufacturer’s Peebles test facility,          Compared with the Quebec facility, Winni-
employ 10 StandardAero employees, says           and allows the TDRC to accept an engine up         peg’s unique climate conditions expand the

  The site will be used                                                                             “[The Mirabel site] was not
  for GEnx-1B trials                                                                                capable of running year-
                                                                                                    round. For one, the windtunnel
                                                                                                    was fixed… we made it move
                                                                                                    axially, so we can move it out
                                                                                                    of the way”
                                                                                                    KEVIN KANTER
                                                                                                    Design and system manager, GE Aviation

                                                                                                    potential icing window by “at least a month”,
                                                                                                    widening Winnipeg’s icing calendar from Mi-
                                                                                                    rabel’s November to March each year to, po-
                                                                                                    tentially, as long as October to April, says
                                                                                                    Kanter. The Mirabel site “was not capable of
                                                                                                    running year-round. For one, the windtunnel
                                                                                                    was fixed, so now we made it move axially, so
                                                                                                    we can move it out of the way”, he adds.
                                                                                                      The axial translating “free jet” windtunnel
                                                                                                    system and its 125-nozzle icing array is
                                                                                                    mounted on 134m of rails. This enables test-

36 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                 flightglobal.com
                                                                       COMMERCIAL ENGINES
                                                                                                      COLD-WEATHER TESTING

                                                     The XWB tests
                                                     were the first at
                                                     the new facility

                                                    EVALUATION ANDREW DOYLE DERBY
ing beyond icing and cold weather evalua-           BREAKING THE SEAL ON NEW ICING TESTS
tions, providing a site for engine endurance,
hail, bird ingestion and mixed-phase testing.       TRADITIONALLY, ROLLS-ROYCE        – is to shut the engine down       um, which makes it difficult to
   GE’s free-jet system differs from Rolls-         has performed icing tests in      and get in there, get lots of      gain access to the engine be-
Royce and Pratt & Whitney “direct connect”          the limited environment of an     cameras out and see where          fore the ice melts.
icing systems that connect the windtunnel di-       altitude test facility. For the   the ice has built up,” says            For the XWB tests at the
rectly to the bellmouth of the engine.              Trent XWB, however, the com-      Trent XWB programme direc-         Glacier facility, Rolls-Royce
                                                    pany used the purpose-built       tor Chris Young.                   generated six mandated certi-
NOISE ATTENUATION                                   “Glacier” facility in Thompson,      The chamber at an altitude      fication conditions for icing,
To maintain a noise-neutral sound level at          Manitoba, built in partnership    test facility is a sealed vacu-    plus another 12 icing test
the airport, the new Winnipeg site features         with Pratt & Whitney.                                                points for its understanding
an extensive noise attenuation system, in-              The XWB tests were the                                           and maturity purposes.
cluding 15.2m-tall blast deflection walls,           first to be carried out at this                                          The tests determined a
4.9m diameter engine exhaust augmenter              facility, enabling the manufac-                                      “very minor” compressor
and a 15.5m vertical stack. The facility costs      turer to conduct more testing                                        blade redesign was required,
an estimated $1 million per month to run,           in different conditions than                                         expected to be completed in
says Kanter, with power needs estimated at          ever before.                                                         time for the start of Trent XWB
around 2MW of electricity.                              “One of the things you re-                                       flight testing. As a direct re-
   At the time of its inauguration, the first        ally want to do when you’ve                                          sult, it will be possible for the
shakedown engine – a Performance Improve-           done all of the ice build up –                                       A350 to dispatch with its en-
ment Package One (PIP1) model GEnx-1B en-           to understand how your en-                                           gine anti-icing system inoper-
gine for the Boeing 787 – was nearing its           gine operates when it’s icing     New tests were devised             able if required.
mounting on the test stand for final calibra-
tions and qualifications of the site before its
first certification icing trials on the GEnx-1B      Honda HF120, which powers the HondaJet,             [GEnx-1B] programme will carry over, but if it
PIP2 configuration.                                 later this year, and for additional engine en-      doesn’t we’re ready to bring an engine next
   The icing certification was expected to be       durance testing, says Kanter.                       year up here.”
completed within four weeks of its com-               GE is also developing a PIP for the GEnx-2B         After the conclusion of the 2012 icing sea-
mencement in mid-February or less than that        engines that power the 747-8 and -8F, pulling       son, GE will shut the facility down for testing
with the right weather conditions.                 from changes first designed for the GEnx-1B’s        for a planned construction period, in which
   Final US Federal Aviation Administration        PIP2, which modifies the engine’s high-pres-         it will build support facilities for servicing
Part 33 certification for PIP2 is expected to be    sure compressor.                                    the engines on-site, as well as establishing a
granted to GE in June, clearing the up-to-            Kanter says the certification testing being       permanent power connection in time for the
78,000lb engine for airframe certification and      run in February on the PIP2 engines may du-         2013 season.
service entry on the 787-8 in 2013.                ally apply to the GEnx-2B’s PIP: “They may                  For more information on how delayed tests put
   Following the PIP2 icing trials, the facility   not have to run icing on it; they’re hoping that            the Comac ARJ21 schedule on ice, visit
is also likely to be used for testing the GE       the certification that we get here on the PIP2               flightglobal.com/arjonice

flightglobal.com                                                                                 28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 37

From yuckspeak to tales of yore, send your offcuts to straight&level@flightglobal.com
Brassed-off by

                                                                                                                       Singapore Airlines
                                                                                                                                            Swivelling wheels
Voyager bar                                                                                                                                 Whether swivelling wheels as
The RAF’s Airbus A330 Voyager                                                                                                               adopted by Bleriot are
tanker made an auspicious                                                                                                                                 desirable is
debut at the Singapore Airshow,                                                                                                                           debatable.When
but one distinguished visitor fell                                                                                                                        flying in a side
victim to the strict your-name’s-                                                                                                                         wind, the machine
not-down-you’re-not-coming-in                                                                                                               naturally has a lateral motion
policy.                                                                                                                                     relative to the ground. Unless it
   After being refused on board                                                                                                             can be brought head to the
by an over-zealous security                                                                                                                 wind when landing, the
guard, despite being in uniform,                                                                                                            undercarriage and wheels are
a rather deflated Chief of the Air                                                                                                           subjected to severe side strain.
Staff – ACM Sir Stephen Dalton
– was heard to mutter: “But it’s            Our colleague Max Kingsley-Jones bids farewell to Singapore                                     Check your brakes
my aircraft.”                               Airlines’ last passenger Boeing 747 – which appeared at the                                     Modern machines usually
                                            Singapore Airshow – on the Airline Business blog. The jumbo                                     have brakes and the business
                                             has been the flagship of SIA’s long-haul fleet since the mid-                                                   of running-up
No ideas needed                             1970s, and helped transform it from a rather obscure airline                                                   does not take
We wouldn’t wish to knock the               in an outpost of Asia to one of the world’s blue-chip carriers.                                                more than half a
BAe 146, which in its day was               In fact, as Max points out, many at the time wondered why a                                                    minute. Even if
considered a bit of a                        tiny island state was buying large airliners in such numbers                                   the brakes will not quite hold
technological game-changer.                   – draw any parallels with today? There’s even a link to our                                   the machine, it is possible to
However, the Whitehall desk-                  original story from 1972 detailing the newly-created SIA’s                                    look at all the dials while
jockeys might have been more                         original 747 order at flightglobal.com/abblog                                           moving slowly forward before
diplomatic in their tender                                                                                                                  take-off. It is so silly to die for
document for two of the regional                                                                                                            the sake of the odd minute.
jets, which they needed to be            question to defence secretary              Airwolf timepiece to benefit the
converted swiftly to plug an             Philip Hammond. Why, he                    National Flight Academy.                                Nike-Ajax contract
airlift shortfall in Afghanistan.        asked, did Scots taxpayers                    The auction for the watch,                           A two-year contract to
   According to their request:           contribute £3 billion to the               created to commemorate the                              refurbish Nike-Ajax ground-to-
“Due to the urgent nature of this        Ministry of Defence in taxes,              100th anniversary of naval                                          air missiles in
requirement, no innovative               when a third of that was not               aviation, ends at 17:00 on 29                                       NATO service in
solutions will be considered.”           spent north of the border.                 February – so you may just have                                     Europe has been
                                            Hammond’s answer: “The last             time to make a final bid.                                            placed with
                                         time I checked, most of the                   The timepiece is one of 500                          Whitworth Gloster Aircraft Ltd.
Defending a tax                          people we were needing to                  worn by aviators including                              The work will be carried out
Scotland’s muscular                      defend the UK against were not             Mark Kelly, commander of the                            both by Whitworth Gloster and
independence movement may                in Scotland.”                              Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final                          under subcontract by Bristol
only be waging a war of words                                                       flight in May, and comes as part                         Siddeley Engines Ltd.
ahead of the promised                                                               of an auction package that
referendum, but is the Scottish          A piece of time                            includes the log book that                              Aircraft order woes
Nationalist Party aware of more          After spending 2011 travelling             accompanied each of the pilots.                         Hard though it may have been
volatile Tartan-iban elements            the globe – and beyond – with                 You can access the auction at                        to conceive only a few years
stalking the glens?                      renowned aviators, Breitling is            http://auctions.readysetauction.                                     ago, there are no
   It might explain SNP MP               auctioning its #1 Naval                    com/breitling. A warning                                             Cessna piston
Angus Robertson’s Commons                Centennial limited edition                 though – bids start at $15,000.                                      aircraft available
                                                                                                                                                         to buy and “none
                                                                                                                                            will be manufactured in
                                                                                    Singapoor                                               1987”. Meanwhile, Piper says
                                                                                    As an endpiece to the SIA 747                           unless sufficient orders are
                                                                                    retirement story we were                                placed for its smaller aircraft,
                                                                                    encouraged to learn that                                production set to stop this
                                                                                    specially invited passengers on                         year will never be restarted.
                                                                                    the jumbo’s final flights will
                                                                                    include “underprivileged                                     100 YEAR ARCHIVE
                                                                                    children and media”. With                                    Every issue of Flight from
                                                                                    budgets being a bit tight at                                 1909 can be viewed
                                                                                    Budgie Towers these days, we                            online at flightglobal.com/

                                                                                    wondered if we would be                                 archive
“I don’t care if you are the Chief of the Air Staff, Sir...”                        included in the latter category.

38 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                                         flightglobal.com
flight.international@flightglobal.com                                                                                                                                       LETTERS

                                                                                                                                                          A right mix-up

                                                                A missed opportunity?                                                                     on the deck
We welcome your letters on                                      The reporting of Airblue’s                                                                The originator of the letter want-
any aspect of the aerospace                                     crash near Islamabad during                                                               ing port and starboard to be re-
industry.                                                       an attempted approach to                                                                  placed by left and right is miss-
Please write to: The Editor,                                    Runway 12 (Flight                                                                         ing the point (Flight
Flight International, Quadrant
House, The Quadrant, Sutton,
                                                                International, 10-16 January)                                                             International, 21-27 February).
Surrey SM2 5AS, UK.                                             portrays a captain with poor                                                                 Port and left and starboard and
Or email flight.international@                                   people skills teamed with a                                                               right are not interchangeable. In
flightglobal.com                                                 first officer who was afraid to                                                           port and starboard, the direction

                                                                                                                                           Rex Features
                                                                take control, even when it was                                                            of travel is important. It is not for
The opinions on this page do not
necessarily represent those of the editor.                      obvious he was otherwise go-                                                              left and right. Thus the change, if
Letters without a full postal address sup-
Flight International cannot publish letters                     ing to die.                        Avoidable tragedy                                      introduced, would bring ambigu-
without name be published. Letters must
plied may not and address.            may                           Weather conditions were                                                               ity rather than the clarity the
be no more than 250flightglobal.com and
also be published on words in length.                           marginal for a circling approach, as the captain identified. But nothing                  originator wants. I suggest read-
must be no longer than 250 words.
                                                                in your magazine and nothing in the report by Pakistan’s civil aviation                   ers unfamiliar with the term do
                                                                authority mentions an option to complete an automatic landing in                          what I do on encountering a for-
                                                                Category I conditions or a normal manual landing on the ILS Runway                        eign language word I do not un-
Twisted                                                         30. The wind had been steady at 050/16 knots for several hours,
                                                                and remained that way during the attempted landing. Even at maxi-
                                                                                                                                                          derstand – use a dictionary.
                                                                                                                                                          Max Phillipson
terminology                                                     mum all-up weight and 10kt tailwind the aircraft could have been                          Plymouth, UK
Regarding the Straight & Level                                  landed in the normal way on a wet runway using medium autobrake
story in your 24-30 January issue:                              and only 80% of the landing distance available. Maximum-effort land-                      Comparing
it seems that Flight International                              ing was also an option, and the tailwind was only 6kt.
is trying to outdo Airbus, which                                    The actual weight at landing seemingly was not reported, and we                       like with like
calls those twisted-up wing-tip                                 do not know whether local orders restricted air traffic control. But un-                  Regarding “Enduring lesson”
things “sharklets” when we had                                  less there are other factors here, surely this should also be the tale                    (Flight International, 14-20 Febru-
a perfectly good name for win-                                  of the crew that refused, or were refused, a safer landing option. I                      ary): as father of the Fokker Mari-
glets all along. Now we learn that                              hope GPS approaches make a landing on Runway 12 safer soon.                               time Enforcer Mk 2S, operated by
the Lancaster had “wing-end tail                                T Brown                                                                                   the Republic of Singapore Air
fins”. Next it will be a Constella-                              Banbury, UK                                                                               Force (RSAF), I smiled while
tion with “triplets”.                                                                                                                                     reading about Singapore’s “need
Jack Feir                                                                                                                                                 to replace its Fokker 50s” with
Doylestown, Philadelphia, USA                                with its two propellers and short        leagues agree with me. CRM                          “an aircraft of similar capability,
                                                             wings, reminds me of the 1950s           wastes money as well as the time                    such as the Ruag Do228NG”.
Rotodyne                                                     Fairey Rotodyne!                         of crews who should be flying in-                       Some research about this will
                                                             R G Knight                               stead of listening to some guy                      suit you well. It’s like replacing
revivalism                                                   Billingshurst, UK                        saying nothing of interest.                         an F-15 with a T-6B. By the way,
With reference to “X-ploring the                                                                         Does anyone really believe                       the airframe and aircraft systems
future” (Flight International,                               Why CRM                                  that a pilot who is rude, stubborn                  will still be around in the next
7-13 February): Eurocopter’s X3,                                                                      or prone to cause conflicts in a                     decade. Its mission systems will
                                                             changes nothing                          cockpit is going to modify his at-                  have to be updated and/or re-
                                                             I am probably going to get mur-          titude because of CRM? And, if                      placed, but knowing the RSAF,
                                                             dered for writing this – but I           he is a captain, is he going to lis-                that has already been done.
                                                             must do it. Crew resource man-           ten more to his first officer – and                      The RSAF also operates a cou-
                                                             agement (CRM) is a fraud.                vice versa? Is the pilot who tends                  ple of Fokker 50U utility aircraft
                                                                I was an airline captain for 28       to cower going to become more                       in a special-mission configura-
                                                             years, and only during the last          assertive? No way.                                  tion, but also as transports.
                                                             five was I forced to spend – once            Perhaps CRM will have some                       Robert PA van Dijk
                                                             a year – the most useless eight          effect on five-year-olds – but not                   The Netherlands
                                              Rex Features

                                                             hours of my life. Did CRM                on normal adults.                                          Contribute to the debate at
                                                             change me? No. Did I learn any-          Ronald Neves                                               Flightglobal’s AirSpace forum:
Inspirational                                                thing? No. And all of my col-            Cascais, Portugal                                          flightglobal.com/airspace

                                                                                                                            Access the free Interactive Business Aircraft Guide

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40 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                                                               flightglobal.com

  TEL +44 (0) 20 8652 4897 FAX +44 (0) 20 8652 3779 EMAIL classified.services@rbi.co.uk
  Calls may be monitored for training purposes

New and used aircraft

                   Cessna Citation
                   Authorised Sales
                                                                                                                  TEL +44 (0) 20 8652 4897 FAX +44 (0) 20 8652 3779 EMAIL classified.services@rbi.co.uk
                                                                                                                  TEL +44 (0) 20 8652 4897 FAX +44 (0) 20 8652 3779 EMAIL classified.services@rbi.co.uk

    www.timleacockaircraft.com +44 (0)1258 818181

flightglobal.com                                            28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 41
                                                                                                                                                             Aircraft spares

                                                                                        New and used aircraft                                                                                   Courses and tuition

                                                                                                                                                                                                 EASA ATPL (A) Theory
                                                                                                                                                              Dauphin AS.365                     Aviation Management
                                                                                                                                                                                                 & Operations Degrees
                                                                                                                                                              Parts Specialists                  Fixed Base Operators/
                                                                                                                                                              w w w. a l p i n e . a e r o       Dispatchers course
                                                                                                                                                              Tel: +41 52 345 3605
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Perf A Course
                                                                                                                                                                                                 30 Apr - 3 May
TEL +44 (0) 20 8652 4897 FAX +44 (0) 20 8652 3779 EMAIL classified.services@rbi.co.uk

                                                                                                                                                                                                  +44 (0) 20 7320 1757

                                                                                         Equipment, maintenance and service                                  Courses and tuition

                                                                                                                                                                            GET THE BOEING 737 / AIRBUS 320 EXPERIENCE
                                                                                                                                                                               AND HOURS ON TYPE THE AIRLINES ARE
                                                                                                                                                                            LOOKING FOR WITH THE WORLD LINE TRAINING
                                                                                                                                                                                      SPECIALIST SINCE 1996!
                                                                                                                                                             ˙   B737/A320 FIRST OFFICER LINE TRAINING
                                                                                                                                                                 EUROPEAN & ASIAN bases. JAA & other ICAO type ratings are
                                                                                                                                                                 accepted. 300 & 500 hour options.
                                                                                                                                                             NEW: 500 HOUR ASIAN BASED B737 NG PROGRAM
                                                                                                                                                             + GUARANTEED EMPLOYMENT
                                                                                                                                                             ˙ JAA B737/A320 TYPE RATING + LINE TRAINING ˙ CADET PROGRAM

                                                                                                                                                             EAGLE JET INTERNATIONAL                                 Miami, USA
                                                                                                                                                             Tel: 001 305 278 0012     WWW.EAGLEJET.NET         info@eaglejet.net


                                                                                                                                                                                     The Air Traffic & Navigation Services
                                                                                                                                                                                     Company Limited of South Africa
                                                                                                                                                                                     (ATNS) provides air traffic services
                                                                                                                                                                                     throughout the country and is
                                                                                                                                                                                     responsible for the provision of the
                                                                                                                                                                                     system infrastructure necessary to
                                                                                                                                                                                     ensure a safe and effective service.
                                                                                                                                                              Duly completed and signed bid document enclosed
                                                                                                                                                              in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the relevant
                                                                                                                                                              bid number and description must be deposited in the
                                                                                                                                                              tender box placed at the Receptionist, Ground Floor,
                                                                                                                                                              ATNS, Eastgate Office Park, Block C, South Boulevard
                                                                                                                                                              Road, Bruma.
                                                                                                                                               80 YEARS
                                                                                                                                                              General enquiries contact: Molatela Moloto.
                                                                                                                                                              Enquiries: +27 11 607 1187 Molatelam@atns.co.za
                                                                                                                                               in aviation

                                                                                        Simulator training

                                                                                        42 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                       flightglobal.com
Simulator Sales.
Invest in quality and reliability. These two CAE FFS operated by Lufthansa
Flight Training are in impeccable condition thanks to our careful maintenance
and regular upgrades (IBM host computer, state-of-the-art Rockwell Collins
visual systems and touch-screen IOS). The simulators have passed the periodic
audit by the German LBA authorities without any problems.

                                                                         Simulator Boeing 737-300

                         Full Flight Simulator Boeing 737-300
                         Q   JAR FSTDA, Level DG
                         Q   Manufacturer: CAE, Canada
                         Q   Engine: CFM56-3B1, -3B2
                         Q   Visual System: Rockwell Collins EP-1000CT
                         Q   Airports: more than 100
                         Q   Malfunctions options: 350

                         Full Flight Simulator Airbus A310-300
                         Q   JAR-STD, Level CG
                         Q   Manufacturer: CAE, Canada
                         Q   Engine: GE CF6-80C2A2/3/5
                         Q   Visual System: Rockwell Collins EP-1000CT
                         Q   Airports: more than 100
                         Q   Malfunctions options: 380
Alexander Schaefer
Director Asset Management & Purchasing
Tel.: +49-151-58947168
Email: alexander.schaefer@lft.dlh.de
                                            Getting careers off the ground

                                            EMAIL recruitment.services@rbi.co.uk CALL +44 (20) 8652 4900 FAX +44 (20) 8652 4877


                                                 7R DSSO\ YLVLWRXUZHEVLWHFWFDYLDWLRQFRPFDUHHUV
HUNDREDS OF JOBS @ flightglobal.com/jobs


                                            Cyrrus, Britain’s fastest-growing aviation
                                            consultancy, focuses on bringing creative,
                                            contemporary solutions to the challenges
                                                                                                                       Captain Vacancies
                                                                                                                   A330, B737NG, B777 & B744
                                            facing the airport and air traffic industries.                        Current PIC Rating on type, max joining age 57
                                            Cyrrus specialises in Communications, Navigation and Surveillance        First Officer Vacancies
                                            (CNS) and Air Traffic Management (ATM) programmes. This highly         A330, B737NG, B777 & B744
                                            demanding and competitive market demands engineering and project           300 hrs F/O on type, 1000 Airline Hrs
                                            management excellence, an environment within which Cyrrus has          Non Type Rated Interviews, PIC & F/O
                                                                                                                   A320/A340 to A330 or B757/B767/B744 to B777
                                            established a respected and recognised capability. To service our          PIC: 1000+ PIC hours on qualifying type
                                            expanding customer base, we are seeking to fill the following posts       F/O: 1000+ F/O hours on qualifying type      www.flightglobal.com/jobs
                                            which will be based at our offices in North Yorkshire:                  Operated on qualifying type within 3 months
                                                                                                                         All Commuting 5 year contracts
                                                     • Junior Project Engineer          Ref JPE0212                     UK and worldwide bases available
                                                     • Junior Safety Engineer           Ref JSE0212                      Excellent terms and conditions
                                                     • ATC Systems Engineer             Ref SSE0212
                                                                                                                  Email: apply@cclaviation.com
                                               Job specifications and application forms can be downloaded from:
                                                                                                                   Web: www.kal-ccl.com
                                                                                                                  Cambridge Communications Limited
                                                         Closing Date for applications 9th March 2012                    Isle of Man, British Isles

                                           44 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012                                                                                  flightglobal.com
               A private VVIP Airline is looking for qualified and dynamic individuals to be part of the team.
               We operate a modern fleet of VVIP aircraft including Airbus A340/RR553, A340/CFM56,
               A330/CF6, A310/CF6, A320/V2500, A319/V2500 and CFM56, BD700/BR710 and B747 complying
               with the highest operational standards.

  SUPERVISOR MAINTENANCE                                    SYSTEMS ENGINEER
  Responsible for the control and allocation of all         Systems engineers are part of the Part M and Part
  scheduled and non scheduled maintenance tasks             145 Organisation responsible for engineering
  across the VVIP fleet and ensuring adequate               development across the fleet within the
  manpower and resources are available for its              respective areas of airframe systems, avionics or
  timely completion to the highest possible                 engines. Additionally they will propose technical
  standards. In addition to this, the Supervisor            solutions to ensure optimum availability and
  Maintenance will also be required, on a rotating          reliability of Amiri Flight Aircraft supporting the
  basis, to perform the duties of the “Duty                 continued airworthiness of Amiri fleet by
  Engineer” working closely with Flight Operations          recommending implementation of Service
  and the Engineers operating with the aircraft             Bulletins and improvements in all technical areas.
  away from main base, to ensure the continued              Applicants should hold a degree in Aeronautical
  technical serviceability of the aircraft at all times.    engineering or equivalent with a minimum of
  Applicants must hold Full EASA 66 licenses in             5 years experience in a similar role with
  category B1 or B2, and have a minimum of 5 years          detailed knowledge on at least 2 of the above
  previous supervisory experience. They must also be        mentioned fleet.
  current on at least 2 of the above mentioned fleet.
                                                            SENIOR MANAGER AIRCRAFT SPECIFICATION
  LICENSED AIRCRAFT ENGINEER                                AND PROJECTS
  As a Licensed Aircraft Engineer allocated to one of       Responsible for the management and control of
  the above VVIP configured aircraft, you will be           complex high value projects within the Technical
  expected to perform the duties of an “Operating           Department and for the complete oversight of VIP
  Engineer” on a rotating basis. This will involve          aircraft completion programmes and for the

                                                                                                                                          HUNDREDS OF JOBS @ flightglobal.com/jobs
  extensive travel and time away from base. In              management of the project team.
  addition to this, you will also be responsible for the    Applicants should hold a degree in Aeronautical
  routine and nonroutine maintenance performed at           engineering or equivalent and have extensive
  home base. Your responsibilities will include the         experience in VIP interior project completion.
  completion and certification of all maintenance
  activities on the assigned aircraft to ensure that it
  is serviceable and available at all times.
  Applicants must hold Full EASA 66 licenses in
  category B1 or B2, and have a minimum of 5 years
  previous commercial airline experience They must
  also be current on at least 2 of the above
  mentioned fleet.

         Your tax free salary includes privileges like furnished accommodation or housing allowance,
                                 medical insurance and other excellent benefits.
                           Please submit your CV to: recruitments@amiriflight.gov.qa

flightglobal.com                                                                   28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 45
      London 2012

    WORK          To be the best
              you have to work at it.

                                      Security Staff
                                      2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
                                      Take your place in history securing
                                      London 2012 with Team G4S.
                                      This opportunity is open to anyone, as we
                                      provide all the training you’ll need to succeed.
                                      Experience is beneficial, but as long as you
                                      can remain calm under pressure, think quickly
                                      on your feet, and are good with people,
                                      we’d like to hear from you.
                                      To secure your place, visit:

Official Security Services Provider to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
                   SALES PROFESSIONAL
              Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Services
     Part of BBA Aviation plc, a UK based multinational with substantial
     aviation interests, Dallas Airmotive and H+S Aviation Limited are         JOB VACANCIES
     specialist aircraft gas turbine engine repair and overhaul                Stans, Switzerland
     companies serving the commercial, corporate, helicopter and
                                                                               Due to our continued success and market growth, we have several key
     military aviation markets.
                                                                               engineering positions available. If taking on responsibility, being an integral
     We have a vacancy for a Sales Professional to be based in                 part of an enthusiastic and successful team and dedication to excellence
     Portsmouth. As a member of the team, you will be responsible for          are key elements of your personality, then you fit into the Pilatus team. You
     selling the portfolio of engine related services to customers.            will be surrounded by people who feel passionate about their work.
     Good knowledge of the aviation industry, as well as an excellent          Vacancies currently available are:
     track record in a sales role will be essential. Language skills
                                                                               – Electrical Avionics Engineer as Rig Specialist
     would be an advantage.                                                    – Senior Aerospace Structural Engineer
     This position, which will require extensive travel, offers an             – Human Factors Specialist
     attractive compensation package.                                          – Mechanical System Engineer
                                                                               – Stress Engieer
     If you wish to be considered for this interesting and challenging         – Technical Representative PC-9M
     role, please forward your CV, together with a covering letter,            – Mission Debriefing Product Manager
     to HR Department, H+S Aviation Limited, Airport Service Road,             For further information please visit our website or contact:
     Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5PJ, United Kingdom or e-mail                   Ursula Zimmermann, Human Resources Manager
     recruitment@hsaviation.co.uk                                              Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., P.O. Box 992, 6371 Stans, Switzerland
     Closing date: 12th March 2012.                                            uzimmermann@pilatus-aircraft.com, phone +41 41 619 33 27

     Visit our web sites at www.hsaviation.co.uk or                            www.pilatus-aircraft.com

             Challenger 601 Pilots
                 - Long Term                                                         Product Manager, Battery Sales & Solutions
 Due to expansion, Direct Aviation are pleased to                          Satair’s UK office based in Heston near Heathrow are seeking a Product Manager with
 offer an ongoing opportunity for Challenger                               responsibility for the Battery Sales & Solutions product portfolio.
                                                                           Main duties to include
 pilots. We invite you to apply for a long term

                                                                                                                                                                                HUNDREDS OF JOBS @ flightglobal.com/jobs
                                                                              • Develop and market the product line in Europe, Middle East, Africa, China and Asia Pacific
 position with this well established company                                  • Prepare business & marketing plans
                                                                              • Participate in the sales cycle in close cooperation with the sales team
 operating Internationally.                                                   • Maintain a sales budget for the product portfolio
                                                                              • Maintain product and customer databases
 Minimum 2000 hours - TT with 500 hours jet.                                  • Implementation of new products into the market
 Type rating preferred.                                                    Desirable experience and qualifications
                                                                              • Commercial background
                             Please send CV and                               • Sales skills and technical understanding
                                                                              • Knowledge of the aviation industry
                             introduction to
                                                                              • Excellent communication skills
                             stevenm@direct-aviation.com                      • Experience of conceptual solution selling
                                                                              • Resourceful and able to see alternative solutions to complex problems
                                                                           The right candidate is innovative, result-orientated, pro-active, takes responsibility and able to
                                                                           work on their own initiative. A master of the English language with the ability to speak one or
                                                                           two additional languages being advantageous but not essential. Must be willing to travel
                                                                           approximately 60-80 days per year visiting Satair sites, customers and suppliers worldwide.
                                                                           In return you will be given the chance to work in a non bureaucratic friendly global company
                                                                           with back up support, along with an attractive salary and benefits being offered to the
                                                                           right candidate.
                                                                           Please email applications to: jaja@satair.com (closing date 29th February 2012)
                                                                           About Satair
                                                                           Satair is among the world leaders in sales and distribution of spares for aircraft maintenance
                                                                           and provides a range of services that reduce costs in the supply chain.
                                                                           Headquartered in Denmark, Satair provides services to customers and suppliers all over the
  www.flightglobal.com/jobs                                                 globe through its sales and warehousing locations in Europe, North America, the Middle East,
                                                                           Asia Pacific and China.
                                                                           Satair is a wholly-owned subsididary of Airbus SA and has around 360 employees worldwide
                                                                           and annual revenues in excess of USD 400 million.

flightglobal.com                                                                                          28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 47
HUNDREDS OF JOBS @ flightglobal.com/jobs

                                           48 | Flight International | 28 February-5 March 2012   flightglobal.com
                                                         The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) seeks for the Agency in Brussels
                                                         (Belgium) for a determined period a (m/f)

                                                         Director General
                                                         (ref.: HQ-2012-AD/006 - Grade: AD16 - Closing date: 29.02.2012)
                                                         The current Director General of EUROCONTROL, David McMillan, is leaving at the end of a successful mandate
                                                         at the end of the year. EUROCONTROL is therefore looking for a replacement of the same calibre to continue
                                                         the work of modernising the Agency.
        EUROCONTROL is the European                      The Director General manages the Agency and enjoys wide management independence with regard to the
                                                         implementation, utilisation and efficient operation of the technical, financial and personnel resources placed
        Organisation for the Safety of Air               at his/her disposal. He/she is assisted by a team of Directors. The main task is to ensure the achievement of the
        Navigation and has 39 Member States.             Organisations tasks and objectives.
        It helps its Member States achieve               They include, inter alia: • carry out the EUROCONTROL mission, i.e. to harmonise and integrate air navigation services
        safe, efficient and environmentally               in Europe, with the aim of creating a uniform air traffic management system for civil and military users to achieve
                                                         the safe, orderly, expeditious and economic flow of traffic throughout Europe while minimising adverse environmental
        friendly air traffic operations across            impact • collaborate closely with the Member States, the European Union, the Air Navigation Service Providers
        the whole of the European region.                and all other Agency Stakeholders, and other international organisations, the Airspace Users, Airports, the Military
                                                         and other customers using the Agency as a platform for full stakeholder involvement • ensure that Provisional
                                                         Council goals and objectives are delivered efficiently and with respect of the rule of law • contribute to the
        The EUROCONTROL Agency is the                    formalisation of the improved working relationship between the EU and EUROCONTROL • ensure and safeguard
        executive arm of the Organisation,               the position of the Agency as impartial pan-European and technical/operational entity • drive the Single European
        with its headquarters located in                 Sky ATM Research (SESAR) together with the European Commission and other Stakeholders in the SESAR Joint
                                                         Undertaking • establish and implement the Agency Business Plan • manage efficiently the core processes of
        Brussels, and has services located               Cooperative R&D, pan-European functions, regional services and support to regulation • represent EUROCONTROL
        in Brétigny (Paris), Maastricht and              within the global aviation community • manage efficiently the Agency and its staff • represent the Organisation in
        Luxembourg.                                      legal proceedings and for civil purposes.
                                                         For further details on the position, the profile and the application, please consult EUROCONTROL’s website:
     T h e E u ro
                  pean   O rg a n i s at i o n                                                                                             www.eurocontrol.int
                                                 f o r t h e S a f e t y o f A i r N av i g a t i o n .

                                                                                                                     NOW RECRUITING

                                                                                                                                                                                  HUNDREDS OF JOBS @ flightglobal.com/jobs
                                                                                                            Airlines continue to choose FTE Jerez for high quality pilot
                                                                                                             training and customer service; therefore we are rapidly
                                                                                                          expanding our team of professionals. This is your opportunity
                                                                                                                to join Europe’s finest FTO, living and working in an
                                                                                                                    unbeatable location in Jerez, Southern Spain.
                                                                                                                          We are currently looking for:
                                                                                                                          Ground Instructors
                                                                                                               Flight Instructors (JAA/EASA qualified)
                                                                                                                  Simulator Instructors (MCCI/MPL)
                                                                                                                    For details and applications please visit
                                                                                                             We offer an attractive remuneration package, including
                                                                                                             a pension scheme, as well as relocation assistance to
                                                                                                                              successful candidates.
                                                                                                                 Choose training excellence; choose FTE Jerez.

flightglobal.com                                                                                                           28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 49
                                                                                                                            +353 1 816 1774

           Currently Seeking                                                                                           www.parcaviation.aero
  A320 and B737NG Type Rated Pilots
Various Locations including UK and Europe                                                   Ǧ 	‘ŽŒ™—Šœ
     Permanent Contracts Available                                                          Ǧ Šˆ“Žˆ†‘
                                                                                            Ǧ 	Š——ž	‘ŽŒ™˜
                                                                                            Ǧ Šˆš™Ž›ŠŠ†—ˆ

                                                                                            Contract and Permanent recruitment
                                                                                                  for the Aviation industry
                                                                                                    David Rowe, Alastair Millar,
                                                                                                    Jodie Green, Ian Chapman                    The preferred company for Stress (Fatigue & DT), GFEM,
                                                                                                                                                 Composites), Aeronautical Research. Business units:
                                                                                                  Tel: +44 (0)1737 821011                          Contract staff, Workpackages, Innovation and New
                                                                                                                                               Concepts, Aeronautical Research. www.bishop-gmbh.com
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                                                                                                                                WORKING WEEK


Flying football teams to food aid
Ted van Zundert is sales and marketing director for Denim Air in the Netherlands, which provides capacity to
regional airlines as well as charter work. A former intern, he returned to become a director before he reached 30

What does Denim Air do and                                                                                                    can airlines and oil and gas com-
what fleet does it operate?                                                                                                    panies. Also operations for the UN
Denim Air provides capacity to                                                                                                in central Africa and the World
regional airlines, oil and gas                                                                                                Food Programme impressed me
companies, governments and                                                                                                    and changed me as a person. They
NGOs such as the United Na-                                                                                                   are eye-openers and make you
tions World Food Programme.                                                                                                   value the life you have even more.
Denim Air provides these clients                                                                                              If you look at “Bush flying with a
with aircraft crew maintenance                                                                                                Fokker 50” on YouTube, that is so
and insurance (ACMI) and wet                                                                                                  nice to be a part of.
lease contracts.                                                                                                              What kind of staff does Denim
   Next to these, we also operate                                                                                             look for?
on the ad hoc charter market                                                                                                  We look for dedicated people
transporting all kinds of groups,                                                                                             who are team players with a get-
including football teams and or-                                                                                              things-done mentality. We oper-
chestras. Our fleet consists of                                                                                                ate in so many different environ-
Fokker 50s and 100s. We are also                                                                                              ments. A typical month for a
a type rating training organisation                                                                                           pilot could involve a week of ad

                                                                                                                  Denim Air
for both types of Fokker and we                                                                                               hoc charters in Europe for politi-
also provide cabin crew courses.      Van Zundert rejoined his “first love in aviation” six months ago                         cians, football clubs and busi-
What is your role?                                                                                                            ness people attending congress-
I am director sales and market-       tember 2009 for an adventure set-     “Operations for the                               es. The rest of the month they
ing, responsible for all commer-      ting up an AOC for a flight acad-                                                        could be in Afghanistan or at a
cial activities at Denim Air. This    emy in the Netherlands.
                                                                            UN in central Africa                              European regional airline.
involves overseeing and arrang-       However, I always kept in con-        and the World Food                                Describe your typical week
ing single charter flights includ-     tact and about six months ago I       Programme impressed                               If you ask me where my next trip
ing long-term, multimillion-euro      returned to my first love in avia-                                                       will take me, I don’t know, it is
contracts. The diversity in           tion – Denim Air.                     me and changed                                    really diverse. These trips take
clientele is attractive; working      How does marketing an airline         me as a person”                                   me all over the globe, often to
with different companies, peo-        that flies on behalf of other                                                            destinations you won’t find via a
ple and cultures enriches my job.     carriers differ from a more                                                             travel agent. ■
The tender processes are some-        consumer-facing role?                 porting passengers who have                              For more employee work experi-
times long, but are very reward-      As we don’t operate our own           been marketed by the contract-                           ences visit flightglobal.com/
ing if successful.                    scheduled routes, our marketing       ing airline. So we can provide                           workingweek
How did your relationship with        is not aimed at the consumers         the airline with valuable feed-
Denim begin?                          who buy tickets at an airline.        back from her customers.                           If you want to feature in Working
I did my internship at Denim Air      Our focus is aimed at regional        How many ACMI/wet-lease                            Week, or know someone who
in 2006, researching emerging         airlines in Europe and Africa as      operations has Denim Air                           does, email murdo.morrison
markets in Africa. After this, I      well as the oil and gas industry.     undertaken?                                        @flightglobal.com a brief de-
started as a sales account            The funny part is that during an      Many, but for me the nicest opera-                 scription of yourself and your job.
manager. I left Denim Air in Sep-     ACMI/wet-lease we are trans-          tions are the remote ones for Afri-

                                               Opportunities for Structure Engineers and Technicians
                                                                 (Stress, Design, Architecture, Electrical installation…)

flightglobal.com                                                                               28 February-5 March 2012 | Flight International | 51
                    There are lots of
                    risky options in life.
                    Choosing the
                    LEAP engine isn’t
                    one of them.
Choosing CFM* to power the A320neo isn’t just playing safe, it’s playing smart. The CFM history of record-breaking
       reliability is legendary. Now, the LEAP engine with its proven architecture and ground-breaking technology,
                 delivers 15% lower fuel consumption and 15% lower CO2 emissions than the engines it will replace.
                                        Don’t jump into the unknown. Leap into the future.Visit www.cfm56.com/leap
                           *CFM, LEAP and the CFM logo are all trademarks of CFM International, a 50/50 joint company of Snecma (Safran Group) and GE.

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