Extraordinary Value Creation
School of Martial Arts of the Philippines (SMAP) has not only
brought together these three industries, it has created a
wealth generation platform that opens the doors to an
exceptional wealth creating opportunity for Corporate and
Individuals alike.
Our prime focus is to create excellent Returns On Investment
and there by create a platform where the common investor
benefits through a regular growth in savings and financial
well being.
School of Martial Arts of the Philippines (SMAP)
offers investments in the Group through its
Preferred Stocks which are open to both
Individuals and Corporations to purchase.
The Preferred Stocks you purchase yield weekly
interests with fixed returns. The capital School
of Martial Arts of the Philippines (SMAP) raises is invested into its Martial Arts
Education worldwide which are high yielding projects with a proven track
record and a feasible and viable project plan for the next 18 years
Twin Benefits: Secure & High Yield
Investor funds are directly
deployed in the high-potential
Martial Arts Education. These
are distributed in equipment
purchase, gym renovation,
expansion, client security, event
management, demonstration,
marketing and promotion. We
also open and control new SMAP
branches in nearby cities and to
cover the whole Philippines for a
long term development and stability.
This also ensures definite returns and
delinking from the ups and downs of the
global economy resulting in high yield.
Other than that, the School of Martial
Arts of the Philippines (SMAP) already has
a long standing clientele which ensures
growth and expansions.
Deposit your investment to SMAP Bank Account Information

Western Union, LBC, SMARTMONEY,
G-CASH, M Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier

Country: Philippines
Name: Roland D. Diaz
                                         OR Liberty Reserve Account Number: U7337771
City: Silang, Cavite
Contact No.: 09274770096
Three Great Ways To Earn

School of Martial Arts of the Philippines (SMAP) has devised not one or two but three income streams
for you. Each opens the door to endless possibilities of earnings for a lifetime.
                                            1 | Invest and Grow Income

Fixed Interest Every Week. For Three Years.
Every Preferred Stock you buy earns you weekly interest
for three years. Yes, that’s right. What’s more, your interest
earning goes up with the number of Preferred Stocks you own.

                   Withdrawal Process
                   Example: You requested a payout today, it will take
                   one to
                   seven days to be approved and listed in your Liberty
                   Account or Bank Account.
There are two kinds of accounts:
Individual Account (1 to 500 Preferred Stocks)
Corporate Account (100 to 5000 Preferred Stocks)
The invested capital is kept safe and the interest paid out is separate from the
funds invested by you.
Interest Details:
Preferred Stock Owned / Interest Payable
                                                  2 | Direct Referral Income

                                                             10% Every time
    Your Direct Referral
purchase a Preferred Stock     Whenever you sponsor someone directly in
                                                  your network, you earn 10%
                                         commission of the Preferred Stocks
                                           purchased by your direct referral.
                                   Not just that, every time a Direct Referral
                                              purchases a Preferred Stock in
                                      the future you get a 10% commission.
     commission is           A lifetime income stream that keeps growing
    credited to your                                       with your network.
    account instantly
                                                         3| Binary Income

The exciting possibilities of your network multiplying
your earning potential is leveraged through our
Binary structured plan.

Qualifying Criteria: To be eligible for the Binary
system you should have 1 directly sponsored referral
at the left and 1 at the right.

Pairing Income: Each 1:1 pairing equals Php 500.00 in

The Binary Income is credited on every 1st and 16th.
Commission of Sales from 1st to 15th are Paid on

Similarly, Commissions of sales from 16th to end of
Month are Paid on every 1st.

There is no flushout and sales are always carried
forward to the next commission cycle.
“   SMAP Preferred stock (also called preferred shares, preference shares or simply
    preferreds) is an equity security with properties of both an equity and a debt
    instrument, and is generally considered a hybrid instrument. Preferreds are senior (i.e.
    higher ranking) to common stock, but subordinate to bonds in terms of claim (or
    rights to their share of the assets of the company)
    Preferred stock usually carries no voting rights, but may carry a dividend and may
    have priority over common stock in the payment of dividends and upon liquidation.

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