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					       IEEE Teacher
In-Service Training Program

       Intercon 2007

    How to Navigate IEEE
    How to Navigate TISP

       4-5 August 2007
          Piura, Peru
  How to Navigate IEEE?

A quick guide to the perplexed
                    Basic structure
                     The IEEE Membership

                                                  The IEEE
                  Assembly                        Foundation
                          Board of Directors

              Executive Committee    Major Boards

Educational Activities   Standards    Technical Activities

Publications Services    IEEE-USA     Regional Activities
and Products
The position of the Student Branch in
         the IEEE Hierarchy
                   IEEE’s 10 Regions
 IEEE Canada

               7                8
country of
               1-6                     10
                                            Our largest

        Our smallest
                             2nd largest
                             country of
The US Regions 1-6
    How can a Student Branch get help?
l   A student branch can get help…
     l   From the local Section
          l   E.g., the Peru Section, the Ecuador Section
     l   From the Region and the Region Director
          l   Including the Student Activities Chair
     l   From the Regional Activities Board
          l   Usually through the Region Director
     l   From the Technical Activities Boards
          l   Especially in matter concerning Technical Societies
     l   From the Educational Activities Board
          l   In matters such as TISP and university education
             Rules of engagement
l   Always let the Section Chair know what you are

l   If you operate above the Section level, always let
    the Section Chair, the SAC, and the Region
    Director know what you are doing

l   Don’t be shy about seeking help
    l   There are resources in many parts of the organization
    l   You may be assisted by unexpected and non-traditional
    Facts you should understand as a
            branch leader (1)
l   Who is funding your branch and who
    funds them
    l   Look at the IEEE bylaws and the Regional
        Activity manuals to understands the
        governance and funds flow into your branch

l   What activities you are engaged with that
    organizational units outside RAB can help
    you with
    l   E.g., EAB, TAB, GOLD
    Facts you should understand as a
            branch leader (2)
l   Are there special programs, incentive
    schemes, prizes and grants that your
    branch can exploit
    l   Are you doing something unusual about
    l   Are you ready to submit a New Initiative

l   Who can you collaborate with?

l   Who can give you matching funds?
          The Basic Observations
l   IEEE has always been very generous
    toward student activities and student

l   It pays to be persistent and never lose
    l   Ask again, re-write, approach another
        organizational unit, re-scale

l   Active volunteers almost always can find
    support for high-quality activities
    How to Begin a TISP activity?

Two pronged approach:

l   Build relationships with school
    l   Teachers, headmasters, principals,

l   Build interest in the membership
     The IEEE Volunteer and TISP

l   IEEE Members are very generous with
    their time

l   IEEE Members are very willing to share
    their experiences

l   Educational Outreach events get
    enthusiastic volunteer support
     Two types of TISP volunteers
l   TISP Champions - take responsibility to
    establish and maintain a TISP program in
    “their” school system

l   TISP Trainers - energetic supporters of the
    initiative, willing to interact with teachers
    and serve as “coaches” during TISP

l   You need BOTH
             TISP Champions
l   TISP Champions bear the burden of
    organization, preparation, and logistics of
    the program

l   Once energized, champions are self

l   The reward for the TISP Champion is
    immediate - they see their reward on the
    faces of the teachers (and sometimes
                    TISP Trainers

l   Relatively easy to recruit
    l   for an established TISP

l   Very effective, with minimal training

l   Genuinely enjoy the experience

l   Their only responsibility is to "show up and do
    the work”
      Growing Your TISP Champions
l   Focus on TISP Champions - the TISP lifeline

l   Invite/Recruit/Draft potential IEEE Champions to
    established events

l   Use TISP presentations to train future Champions

l   Use TISP presentations to cross-train the other
    TISP Champions
     How to Develop Champions

l   Teaching Approach: See one, Do
    one, Teach one

l   Team Approach: Co-Champions
    support a school or school
    system, but responsibilities are
    spread among them
    Student Branches must support the
             TISP Champions
l   TISP Champions are rare and precious

l   Encourage Student Branch to Champion
     l   Online forum and resources to share information

l   Encourage Champions to
     l   share ideas
     l   celebrate success
     l   lament failures

l   Communicate. Communicate. Communicate
            Recruiting Volunteers
l   Articles placed in Section and Student
    Branch newsletters
l   Announcements
    l   At Student Branch meetings
    l   At Chapter meetings
    l   At Section Executive Committee meetings

l   Informal contacts with fellow students
l   Try to adjust the role of a volunteer to his/her
    comfort level and time availability
           Choose Relevant Topics
l   Choose topics of interest to student branch
l   Adjust topics to the needs of your school
    l   Ask teachers, curriculum supervisors and
        curriculum specialists (assistant principals) what
        topics are needed

l   Emphasize “hands-on” activities
l   Be careful about costs to schools
         We have Many New Lesson Plans

Give Binary A Try            Computer arithmetic and
                             ALU design
Hand Biometrics Technology Biometrics
Sail Away                    Watercraft design
Simple Kitchen Machines      Simple Machines
Dispenser Designs            Design: user satisfaction,
                             costs, materials
Engineering Ups and Downs Elevators
Build a Big Wheel         Ferris Wheels

 If you cannot find what you want
 consider creating it!
           Plan Times and Places
l   Special Events
    l   Teacher conferences
    l   Meetings of teacher organizations

l   Places
    l   College Campuses
    l   Teacher conference venues

l   If you need funds for a special event
    you can almost always get it if you ask
    well ahead of time
         Follow-up Activities/Metrics
l   Count the number of educators who participated in
    your teacher in-service program

l   Be sure that teachers complete the 12 item
    l   EAD will tabulate the results

l   Follow-up with teachers to determine the level of
    implementation of the concepts and activities

l   Consider a sign in sheet to include an email address

l   Consider sending a follow-up postcard/e-mail to
                    Lessons Learned
l   Contact the school              l   If your presentation
    principal directly to let him       requires electric power,
    know that your branch is            bring several extension
    planning an event at his            cords and multi-outlet
    school.                             power strips.
l   Have telephone or cell          l   Exchange cellular
    phone numbers for at least          telephone or pager
    two contacts at the school.         numbers among all the
                                        branch volunteers.
l   If possible, visit the school
    several days before the         l   Provide each branch
    presentation.                       volunteer with good
                                        directions to the school.
l   Use a cart for moving
    materials from volunteers’
    cars to classrooms.
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