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									  Healthcare Industry
Country Industry Forecast
     Service ( CIF )

       CIF Group
                         Consumptio                      Labor
Political    Policy                           l
                             n&                         Market
Analysi      Analysi                       Market
                         Investment                     Analysi
   s           s                           Analysi
                           Analysis                        s

                       Economic Forecast
  Frost &
  Sullivan                Healthcare                  Forecast
 Knowledge             Industry Forecast             Methodolog

                      Frost & Sullivan
                 Industry Progression Index
Segment coverage for the Healthcare
          Industry report

 4Pharmaceuticals & drugs segment
 4Medical devices & equipment segment
 4Health services segment
              Special features

4Country fact sheet
  Demography, Major Economic Indicators such as
  GDP, Inflation, Exports and Imports.Numbers and
  facts on infrastructure and resource base.

4Healthcare Industry fact sheet
  Production, exports, imports, employment and
  statistics of health service facilities.
      Special features (continued)

4Political scenario   : System, ruling party, stance, events and

4Business policy      : Trade, Fiscal and Monetary policy, trade
                        blocs, tariffs and regulations

4Economic Indicators: GDP, inflation, interest rates, consumer
                      spending, exports, imports and labor
          Special features (continued)

4Detailed analysis and implications of political, policy and
 economic scenario on the key Healthcare Industry parameters

4Statistics of key Healthcare Industry parameters for ten years
 including five year forecasts with substantiation.
               Healthcare Industry
               Progression Index
4 The Healthcare Industry Progression Index reflects the growth
  path of the industry as a whole and also the segments of the
  Healthcare Industry.

4 The progression Index states the segments which contributed to
  the growth and also present views and comments on the
  segments which is expected to drive the Healthcare Industry in
  the future
        Who requires the CIF service

4Senior level decision makers and planners who shape the strategy
 in the Healthcare industry.

4Healthcare Industry analysts and industry observers looking for
 country specific industry intelligence.

4Marketing professionals wanting to know the “Lay of Land” and
 pulse of the market.

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