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          James M. Boles, Ed.D.
              Gretchen Cole
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      People People
      A   PUBLICATION                 OF     PEOPLE
                                                               INC.                                            WINTER          2001

                           The Many Rewards of Working with People
                               You'd probably never think that everyday activities
                           – such as cooking, cleaning or going to the
                           doctor – could be fun, rewarding or satisfying. But
                           when you're helping a consumer who is disabled
                           become more independent, that's exactly what these
                           activities become.
                               In talking to several direct care employees at
                           People Inc., there seems to be a consistent feeling
                           among them: that helping the consumers learn basic
                           living skills – and make daily progress – is a very
                           rewarding part of the job. And that's what it's
                           all about at People Inc. – helping individuals
                           with disabling conditions or other special needs so
                           they can participate – and succeed – in today's
                           society. It's a philosophy that is willingly embraced
   What’s                  by the people who choose to work in this very
                           special environment.
  INSIDE                       People Inc. employees choose this career path
                           because they are dedicated to helping others,             29-year employee Betty McClamb works at Central Park
                           and because they get so much out of it, too. Some         Day Treatment Center.

  Foundationews            work at People Inc. as a second job, others are
                           completing their education and working at the same        as hygiene, cooking, household tasks and money
                           time. Whatever the reason, they all seem to agree:        management. All in a very nurturing, comfortable
• A special thanks to
                           coming to work every day is a pleasure, because           environment that suits both consumers and staff.
  Foundation donors
  Insert                   each day is different and full of promise.                    “Every one of the staff members I work with
                               “When I see the smiles on the consumers' faces        is warm, friendly, caring and great to work with,”
                           when I walk in the door in the morning,” says             says Danielle Beyer, a day aide at a group home
                           Christine Edel, human services specialist, Sheridan       located in Clarence. “When I finish my education,
                           group home, “it just makes me feel great to know          I want to stay at People Inc. and continue my work
                           how much they care about me and look forward to           with the consumers.”
                           being with me.”                                               Jason Keem, a human services specialist at
                               Betty McClamb, a day treatment center instructor      an East Aurora group home, also agrees that
                           and People Inc. employee for nearly 29 years,             working at People Inc. has had a positive effect on
• A message from our       agrees. “I learn every day, too. The consumers            him. Jason worked at People Inc. full-time until
  new chairperson          become just like family, and it's very satisfying         recently, when he went back to school to train
  Page 2
                           finding the good in every one of them and bringing        to become a dental hygienist. Now, he works at
                           that out.”                                                People Inc. part-time, but says when he becomes
                               The employees of People Inc. work together as         a hygienist, he'd like to work with people who have
                           a team, supporting the needs of each consumer. They       disabilities. “You get to know the consumers as
                           help the consumers set and attain goals toward            friends,” says Jason. “You enjoy helping to improve
                           independence, develop treatment plans as needed,          their lives in any way you can.”
                           supervise outings and recreational activities, act as         It's easy to see why People Inc. is WNY's leading
                           a liaison between the consumer and his family and         non-profit human services agency. Because, at People
                           help the consumers with daily living skills, such         Inc., it's all about the people.
• Art therapy promotes
  social interaction and
  Page 3

                                 Dear Friends,
                                     We all have stories to share about the challenges our Western New York weather has posed recently.
                                 Our stories have one common theme: the incredible commitment of the People Inc. staff. I'm proud to
                                 be part of an organization that has such dedicated staff, who cared for individuals with specialized needs
                                 during shifts which turned into overnights and longer. Many staff members even hiked and sledded to work
                                 to help out.
                                     While the circumstances may have been unusual, our stories are not. They are a reflection of the
                                 commitment our staff brings to their work each day, every day. That's where the spirit of People Inc. can
                                 be found, year-round.
                                     We at People Inc. have been very fortunate to find so many individuals who are so willing to give
                                 of themselves to others who are not as fortunate, to find people who are dedicated to improving the quality
                                 of life for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Our staff recognizes the value in the work
                                 they do every day, and acknowledge that they get back from our consumers as much as they put
                                 in – if not more. And that's what makes coming to work each and every day so rewarding. I'm grateful
                                                     for every caring person who works at People Inc.

                                                    In appreciation,

                                                    James M. Boles, Ed.D.
                                 President & CEO

                                 Dear Friends,
                                     Just as dedicated staff members are the backbone of this organization, committed board members are
                                 critical to our successful leadership. As a board member since 1995, I have been fortunate to work with
   People Inc. exists so that    thoughtful and visionary colleagues. One of these people is Patrick F. Reilly, outgoing board chairperson.
                                     In "taking the reins" as new chairperson, I am looking forward to continuing to support our board
  individuals with disabling     in governing with the same wisdom and focus that Pat has demonstrated over the past two years. As a first
                                 step, I invite you to join our policy discussions by participating in the Community Feedback Survey on our
                                 website at
           conditions or other
                                                    In your service,
     special needs have the

         supports they need to

    participate and succeed                         Robert B. Mayer
                                                    Board Chairperson
    in an accepting society.


Creating with an Open Heart – People Inc.’s Art Therapy Program
    Do you remember making Valentine's Day
cards? Making sure that each heart was just right for
that special someone? You add personal touches
while getting tips on how to draw the best heart.
Participants at People Inc.'s Adult Day Care had the
pleasure of doing just that.
    It's part of the art therapy program offered at
People Inc. Whether it's classical or Frank Sinatra
music playing in the background, bright sunlight
shines through the windows to keep the participants
upbeat and refreshed. With plenty of laughter and
fun, they intensely watch as their mentor explains
how to cut, paste and iron and tells them what
a heart means. They show off their red hearts with
grand smiles.
    The participants at People Inc.'s Adult Day
                                                           Art therapy provides people with developmental disabilities the chance
Care are senior citizens who have developmental            to be creative and express their feelings. Betty Jean Ross, a program
disabilities. As they hear one staff member say,           participant from People Inc.'s Adult Day Care, takes advantage of all the
“Be happy, today is Friday,” they focus on the             colors of the rainbow as she smiles happily during an art therapy session.
stimulating colors in front of them. Art Specialist
Timothy Raymond helps them concentrate on
a variety of art projects. Art therapy helps build trust   Care program. Tim commented on how the energies
with each participant and staff.                           are so different at the two places. Individuals who
    One of the most important benefits of art              attend the Day Treatment Center are developmentally
therapy is the social interaction and self-expression      disabled and those who attend Seniors Unlimited
for the participants. “Nothing is set in stone;            have Alzheimer's disease or some form of dementia.
participants can do the projects that they like,”          Tim said the participants at the Day Treatment
noted Merrilee Koslowski, primary habilitative             Center ask a lot of questions about the art projects
specialist, who works at the Adult Day Care.               and want constant attention.                           
Creating something with                                        It's the opposite at Seniors Unlimited. Staff provide
their own hands also “One of the                           the questions and answers and help embrace them                  is your information
gives participants a sense                                 in the moment. Seniors at Adult Day Care like to
                             main goals of
of satisfaction and pride.                                 make something to take home with them and
“One client, Dorothy, the art therapy                      be proud of, while Seniors Unlimited participants                source for agency
does not respond to                                        want a product that comes out the same, said Tim.
social activities, but program is to offer                 “They watch their neighbors and are more                         services, programs
when Tim comes with participants a chance                  concentrated.” They even continue practicing their
art, she comes in a                                        art at home or in their own corner in the living room
heartbeat,” said Merrilee. to experience art,              setting at Seniors Unlimited.                                    and current events.
    Art therapy brings                                         Seniors Unlimited artwork has been exhibited
                             to allow their
together all types of                                      throughout Western New York, as well as
personalities and ages. creative side to                   recognized nationally, and has received numerous
Tim provides art therapy                                   awards. Staff promote the exhibits, as well as help
sessions at People Inc.'s come out on                      sell the artwork. Tim stressed the importance of
Elmwood Day Treatment the canvas.”                         including staff members in art therapy. “It's very
Center and Seniors                 -Tim Raymond
                                                           helpful that other staff can work well within the
Unlimited Adult Day                 Art Specialist         group. Staff need to be part of it at some point.”

                                                                                              Continued on page 7

                                Unique Program Benefits Seniors and Toddlers           People Inc. Awarded Several Grants
                                    People Inc.'s "Speak Up!" program recently         People Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been
                                received a boost in the form of a $40,450 grant from   awarded several grants:
                                the Administration on Aging's Family Friends
                                                                                       • People Inc. received a $6,000 grant from the
                                Program, a national senior citizen volunteer program
                                                                                         Fleet Boston Financial Foundation for a career
                                established by The National Council on the Aging.
                                                                                         development program for special education and
                                The Administration on Aging supports 42 such
                                                                                         minority students. People Inc. staff work with
                                programs throughout the United States; the People
                                                                                         teachers to help special education and minority
                                Inc. initiative is the third such program funded in
                                                                                         students from several City of Buffalo high schools
                                New York State.
                                                                                         plan successful post-high school transition and
                                    Through the "Speak Up!" program, senior
                                                                                         career exploration. In addition to its generous
                                volunteers receive special training from speech
                                                                                         financial investment, Fleet Bank will offer job
                                language pathologists, and then provide speech and
                                                                                         shadowing and mentoring opportunities for these
                                language development assistance to children ages
                                                                                         students at Fleet branches throughout Buffalo.
                                two to five with developmental delays and other
                                disabilities. The program, while assisting children    • People Inc. was awarded a $275,100 grant from
                                from predominantly low-income families in the            the State Office of Temporary and Disability
                                Buffalo area, also strengthens the emotional well-       Assistance (OTDA) to develop housing for
                                being of the seniors who volunteer.                      individuals with developmental disabilities at risk
                                    People Inc.'s program is unique in that it is        of becoming homeless. The funding will be used
                                the only program in the nation to have a site-based      to develop a community residence for six adults,
                                design versus the traditional home-based design          as well as to provide services for residents
                                of other programs. People Inc. partnered with            including case management, oversight of health
                                the Hellenic Orthodox Church to conduct the              care needs and linkage to day training opportunities.
                                sessions onsite at People Inc.'s 976 Delaware            The goal is long-term stability for individuals
                                Avenue location.                                         through development of independent living skills.
                                                                                       • The City of Buffalo Emergency Shelter Grant
                                                                                         Fund recently awarded People Inc. a $25,000
                                                                                         grant to improve conditions for homeless individuals
   Learn about great career                                                              with disabilities through a focus on case management
                                                                                         and outreach geared toward preventing future
opportunities at People Inc.,

  check out hot job listings

         and apply online at
                                             (                                           homelessness. Through this grant, service
                                                                                         coordination staff visit area homeless shelters and
                                                                                         soup kitchens to help identify and assess
                                                                                         individuals with developmental disabilities.
                                                                                         These individuals are then linked to needed
                                                                                         services to help improve their lives.
                                                                                       • Wilson Greatbatch Ltd. awarded People Inc. a
                                                                                         grant of $500 from its Employee Contributions               Volunteers Needed                               Committee, to be used for the "Kids On The
                                                                                         Block" program. The grant will be used to
                                    If you're a senior citizen 55 years or older         purchase an "Ellen Jane" puppet character with
                                        and would like to volunteer for the              Down syndrome. The puppet is a central
                                               “Speak Up!” program,                      character in skits used to help educate thousands
                                          please contact Beth Pantano                    of WNY children on the importance of accepting
                                       at 634-8132 for more information.                 differences.

                                     Volunteers are asked to commit one day            People Inc. is grateful to the above organizations for
                                        a week through September 2001.                 their continued support.

   Visit us at our Web site


Employee Achievements                                   People Inc. Appoints Director of
    James M. Boles, People Inc. president and chief
                                                        Human Resources
executive officer, and Susan Picerno, program                                        Nancy Palumbo-Reeve
support specialist, were appointed to the NYS                                        has been named director
CARES Director's Advisory Group. The Group                                           of Human Resources at
advises the director of the Developmental                                            People Inc., where she
Disabilities Services Office on implementation of                                    will oversee staffing,
quality assurance issues of NYS CARES,                                               benefits, training, com-
a statewide program designed to create additional                                    pensation and employee
residential opportunities. The Advisory Group is                                     relations. A member of
comprised of individuals with developmental                                          the national and local
disabilities, family members and service providers.                                  chapters of the American
    Susan Picerno is also the recipient of the New                                   Society for Training
York State Developmental Disabilities Planning                                       and Development and
Council's (DDPC) Achievement Award in the category                                   the Society for Human
of Substantial Influence on the Lives of Others.        Nancy Palumbo-Reeve           Resource Management,
    Susan Barlow, transition administrator, presented                                 Nancy earned her
a workshop entitled, "The Western New York              certification as a Professional in Human Resources
Transition Committee's Outreach Team," at the           from the Human Resource Certification Institute
NYS Association of Community and Residential            (HRCI). A resident of Colden, Nancy earned her
Agencies' (NYSARC) 51st annual convention held          Master's Degree from Canisius College. She joined
in Buffalo.                                             People Inc. in 1998 as Human Resources
    Sharon Morrissey, program manager/traumatic         Administrator.
brain injury services, was recently awarded the
prestigious Certified Brain Injury Specialist
designation by the American Academy for the
Certification of Brain Injury Specialists.
    John Bowles, program administrator, was
honored for his professional and community
accomplishments at the 28th annual "Black
Achievers in Industry" awards dinner, presented by
1490 Enterprises.
    The Erie County Council for the Prevention
of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc. presented
Sandi Gangell, program coordinator, with an
"Award for Service to the Community" at its annual
luncheon in November. Sandi was recognized for
her contribution to the health and well-being of
women in the community.
    Anne Marie Opladen, applications specialist,
has successfully completed the SCO CUSA
Examination and is a certified Unix System
                                                         From left, James M. Boles, president and CEO of People Inc.; Jocelyn Bos,
                                                         director of housing, People Inc.; Rosalinda Lamberty, director of the Buffalo

                                                         Housing and Urban Development Office; Dennis Gabryszak, supervisor of
                                                         the Town of Cheektowaga, and Sam Savarino, former president of ADF
                                                         Construction Corp., participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for Violet
                                                         Housing Corp., People Inc.'s fifth low-income senior housing complex, to be
                                                         located in Cheektowaga. The three-story building will house 49 rental
                                                         apartments, a caretaker's apartment and Community Room. Construction is
                                                         scheduled to be completed in September 2001.


                                                                                                 Unique Home Care Program
                                                                                                 Makes Great Strides
                                                                                                     In 1997, People Home Health Care and the Erie
                                                                                                 County Department of Social Services developed
                                                                                                 a unique program to provide an alternative for
                                                                                                 home care in Western New York. The program,
                                                                                                 called the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance
                                                                                                 Program (CDPAP), is designed to address the
                                                                                                 growing concerns of a shortage of qualified home
                                                                                                 care workers and to give consumers more
                                                                                                 involvement in coordinating and managing
                                                                                                 their own care.
                                                                                                     The only program of its kind in Erie County,
                                                                                                 this New York State-mandated program allows
                                                                                                 participants to recruit friends and neighbors from
                                                                                                 their own community as workers in this program.
         People Inc. representatives and community officials celebrate the grand                 Attendants do not have to be certified as Personal
         reopening of the agency's senior facility at 310 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo.
         From left, Senator George D. Maziarz; Ron Cordova, program participant;                 Care Aides but are
         Georgiana Jungels, People Inc. board member; and People Inc. President                  trained to meet the "The thought of having
         and CEO, James M. Boles. This location offers programs for seniors with                 needs of the individual. a personal involvement
         Alzheimer's disease and developmental disabilities.                                         The CDPAP has
                                                                                                 been quite successful; with the selection of
                                                                                                 in fact, participation in
                                                                                                                             who would be in my
                             Special Programs Geared Toward Children                             the     program       has
                                 People Inc. has always offered specialized                      increased 200% in the home and be responsible
                             children's services for children who may or may not                 past year. People Inc.
                             have a developmental disability. From birth to age                  believes this is because for the care of my child
                             21, children can take part in programs that offer                   the CDPAP offers more gave me hope that I
                             disability awareness, prevention education and                      flexibility in the selec-
                             much more. Over the past decade, People Inc. has                    tion and scheduling could find a good
                             expanded its children's services to include:                        of personal attendants match."
                                                                                                 than the traditional
                             • Service coordination                                              home care structure.
                                                                                                                                     -Theresa L. Drum
                                                                                                                                     Amherst resident
                             • Intensive behavioral training and counseling                          "This model provides
                               (hands-on approach for families of children with special needs)
                                                                                                 individuals with quality, cost-effective services
                             • Traumatic brain injury services                                   while enhancing their independence and improving
                             • Health care services                                              their quality of life," says Susan Bayerl, director of
                                                                                                 Home Care Services for People Inc.
                             • Early intervention programs
                               (for children with developmental delays)                              For more information on the CDPAP program,
                             • Transition services                                               call 874-5600.
                             • Respite
                             • Home health care services                                         A Gift to the Friends and Family
                             • Residential programs                                              of People Inc.
                             • Family solutions and support programs                                 Free children's activity books are available
                               (for families of children with Disruptive Behavior Disorder       through the People Inc. Foundation. The books
                               and Attention Deficit Disorder)                                   were written by Anne Rogovin, a well-known local
                             In addition, People Inc. offers outreach programs,                  author and educator with an interest in children
                             including:                                                          with special needs. Available books include, "Turn
                                                                                                 Off the TV and ...," "Learning by Doing – Home
                             • Developmental Disabilities Prevention Program
                                                                                                 and School Activities for All Children,"
                             • Kids On The Block (puppet troupe)                                 "1001 Wonderful Wonders – Activities for all Children"
                             • Beats Me (a drum ensemble that demonstrates to kids               and "Dear Parents – Letters to Parents of Young
                               the talents and capabilities of people with developmental         Children."
                               disabilities)                                                         Contact the People Inc. Foundation or the
                             If you would like to learn more about People Inc.'s                 Marketing and Communications Department at
                             diverse children's services and programs, call                      634-8132. The free books are available while
                             632-4843.                                                           supplies last.

People Inc.’s Art Therapy Program                                    Change Lives, Starting With Your Own
continued from page 3
                                                                          In addition to rewarding work, competitive
    One of the main goals of the art therapy program                  wages and paid training, there are other great
is to offer participants a chance to experience art,                  reasons to consider a position with People Inc.:
to allow their creative side to come out on the                       • Health and safety benefits
canvas and to recreate their fondest memories with                        (including medical, dental and life insurance)
vivid colors and imagination. If you would like to                    • Financial/payroll services
learn more about art therapy, call Timothy Raymond                        (including pension/profit sharing, direct deposit
at 853-4500.                                                              and credit union privileges)
    This article was written by Nicole Passantino,                    •   Tuition Assistance Program
communication specialist, in memory of Brian                          •   Referral bonuses
Troy, Esq., who was a participant of Seniors
                                                                      •   Flexible hours
Unlimited Adult Day Care. He benefited greatly
from the Art Therapy Program.                                         •   Opportunities for advancement
                                                                      •   $250 sign-on bonus
                                                                      •   Multi-cultural environment
                                                                      •   Paid time off
                                                                          And more...
                                                                      Visit our website at for
                                                                      a full list of benefits and current job openings.
                                                                      People Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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                                                                                                                              support People Inc.

                                                                                                                              You can even make

                                                                                                                              online contributions...

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People Inc.'s Museum of disABILITY History's Traveling Exhibit was on display at the J.C. Mazur Gallery at the
Polish Community Center of Buffalo, Inc. through the month of January. The exhibit, "Moving Forward, Looking
Back," is a brief pictorial history of life in institutions from 1910 to the 1970s for individuals with developmental
disabilities. The Museum consists of a collection of artifacts, the traveling exhibit and a website
( Items in the collection include historic postcards from asylums and state schools,
crutches, leg braces, photos, a wheelchair with a wicker seat, sign language and wheelchair Barbie dolls and
more than a dozen books. If you know of a community venue that would be willing to display the Museum,
call Douglas A. Platt, project coordinator, at 634-8132, ext. 238.

KeyBank Gift Appeal is a Match                                               Employee Appeal Supports Foundation
                             We are pleased to report that the                  Throughout 2000, we can proudly boast that our employees
                             KeyBank matching gift appeal,                   gave over $37,000 back to the agency. One of the ways they
                             whereby all individual gifts were               give back is through the Employee Appeal. This annual appeal
                       TM ®  doubled by KeyBank, raised total                is a pre-tax payroll deduction that allows individuals to
                             cash gifts of over $20,000. Not only            designate their bi-weekly contribution. People Inc. staff have
                             was the financial goal met, the                 contributed toward recreational and sensory equipment, tickets
                             mailing also was successful at                  and admissions for trips and shows, funding for an adaptive
attracting new donors to People Inc. and reintroducing some                  recreational program, and the funds for the first scholarship
donors to the agency who had lost contact over the years.                    program to further the education of People Inc. employees and
Nearly half of all gifts received were from new donors, and we               volunteers currently studying disability related fields. These
gladly welcome them to the extensive support network of the                  dedicated employees are rewarded with such gifts as tickets for
People Inc. Foundation. Many thanks again for the generosity                 movies, sporting events and concerts, as well as a happy hour.
of KeyBank through this appeal as well as in all of the
Foundation's endeavors.
                                                                             Log On to Donate
Mark Your Calendars!                                                             The People Inc. Foundation
                                                                             now has the capacity to accept
   Yes, it's fast approaching! The tentative date for the 10th
                                                                             gifts online. By logging on to the
Annual People Inc. 5K Rat Race and 1 Mile Fun Walk is
                                                                    website, donors can
Thursday, June 28 in downtown Buffalo. To celebrate its tenth
                                                                             simply follow the self-explanatory
anniversary, we're bringing back the theme of participants
                                                                             instructions enabling them to
dressing in "corporate" attire. When the Rat Race began in
                                                                             make a donation with their credit
1991, runners and walkers were encouraged to dress in
                                                                             card. These gifts are processed efficiently and securely,
business attire or costumes, so dig out those old ties and
                                                                             providing the most cost-effective means of donating possible.
dresses and start running! Prizes will be awarded in several
                                                                             All gifts are acknowledged along with the appropriate and
categories. Last year the event raised over $20,000 for the
                                                                             relevant tax documentation.
People Inc. Foundation, with participants from as far away as
Japan! For more information, contact the Foundation at
634-8132 or at
                                                                             Foundation Highlights
                                                                             • The holiday cards of 2000 were very well received, and
                                                                               through their sale enabled the Foundation to raise $600. The
                                                                               cards, showcasing the artwork of six different consumers
                                                                               from various agency programs, were sold in either individual
                                                                               or assorted packs with messages wishing a Merry Christmas,
                                                                               Happy Chanukah or Season's Greetings. Special thanks
                                                                               to the following individuals who showcased their artistic
                                                                               talent: Antoinette Bittel, Tim Earsing, Ann Gilbert, Janet
                                                                               Harrison, Sylvia Santo and Emily Urbanczyk. Start planning
                                                                               ahead and mark your calendars to purchase your People Inc.
                                                                               holiday cards early this year!
                                                                             • Entertainment 2001 and Anderson's coupon books were also
                                                                               sold over the course of the year. The Entertainment 2001 sale
                                                                               was hugely successful, actually selling out of books before
                                                                               the end of the year. Originally slated to sell 180 books, 220
                                                                               books were sold, raising $1,200. Thank you to those who
From left: Chris Foley, physical therapist; Tom Penksa, program                purchased the books, and prepare to order your 2002 edition
participant at People Inc.’s Brighton Park Day Treatment Center;               early so you don't miss out! 2000 was also the year for a
and Jeffery Gantz, certified occupational therapy assistant; show off the      new endeavor with the sale of Anderson's restaurant coupon
Easy Stander that Tom uses on a regular basis. It was purchased
with People Inc. Foundation funds so program participants may benefit          books. The sale of the books, including coupons for
from better mobility and improved circulation. Tom especially enjoys using     sandwiches, drinks and desserts, was very popular, raising
it during ceramics class.                                                      over $400 for the agency. It is being continued in 2001.
Corporate Campaign Surpasses Goal
                                       Issue       Three       -   Winter        2001

                                                                   Continued Support from South Shore Rotary Club
   Last year's Corporate Campaign, running from September
5 to November 3, topped its $30,000 goal by raising nearly
$40,000 in cash and pledges. The funds raised will be used
to enhance services for people with special needs, seniors
and their families throughout Western New York. Special
thanks to Robert J. O'Leary, treasurer, Parkview Health
Services, chairman of this year's campaign committee. Other
committee members include: John Clouden, financial planner,
H. Joseph Sgroi & Associates; Nancy R. Dobson, executive
vice president, Uniland Development Co.; Richard Haick, vice
president, corporate banking, KeyBank; David Hall, Esq.,
general partner, Hodgson, Russ, Andrews, Woods & Goodyear,
LLP; Katherine Johnson-Hoffman, chief executive officer,
Computers for Children, Inc.; and Ralph J. Vanner, Jr., vice
president, Ralph J. Vanner & Associates. The Corporate
                                                                    Check presentation from the South Shore Rotary Club of Blasdell-
Campaign enabled the Foundation to top its overall $180,000         Lackawanna. From left: Dennis DiPaolo, Ilio DiPaolo's Restaurant;
corporate goal for 2000 by raising $185,000 in cash                 Bud Carpenter, Buffalo Bills; Joseph Giansante, administrative director;
and pledges. Congratulations and thank you to the entire            Lynn Kelly, Foundation director; Rhonda Frederick, director of program
                                                                    development; and Florence Olzowy, president, South Shore Rotary.
committee as well as to the corporations and businesses who         Thanks to the South Shore Rotarians for their continued support!
are committed to supporting the mission of People Inc.

Foundation Volunteer Honored by AFP                                 Target Donations Brighten the Holidays
                            Recently, the Association of                For the past three years, the Target store at 1575 Niagara
                            Fundraising Executives (AFP)            Falls Boulevard in Amherst has donated beautifully-decorated
                            celebrated National Philanthropy        artificial Christmas trees to People Inc. Each year, a team of
                            Day, recognizing special individuals    volunteers decorates the trees at Target, where they are left for
                            and organizations who have              display until the end of the season. A raffle is then held
                            consistently made a difference in       throughout the entire agency, with the two trees as the grand
            WNY Chapter
                            the community. At the awards            prizes. This year, over $300 was raised from the raffle and the
lucheon, these "Distinguished Honorees" were publicly               trees were won by Petey Roberts (administrative assistant) and
acknowledged for all of their contributions through the spirit      Donna Fogarty (volunteer). Also donated by Target this year
of philanthropy. This year, the People Inc. Foundation was          were seven mechanical ornamental displays, which were also
proud to nominate Robert J. O'Leary, treasurer, Parkview            prizes for the raffle. The winners of the ornaments were:
Health Services, for the honor. Bob has committed a great deal      Wende Burgio, Shirley Dixon, Tracie Howard, Rita Marsillo,
of time and financial support to the agency through his             Lorraine Martinez, Rachel Rodriguez and Maryann Stry. The
participation in the annual South Shore Rotary Memorial Golf        combined value of the decorated trees and the mechanical
Classic, sponsoring the annual 5K Rat Race, chairing the 2000       ornaments was $2,400, and many thanks are sent out to Target
Corporate Campaign and sponsoring the first Distinguished           for its continued generosity.
Supporter Award event. We are pleased to have Bob as a
member of the People Inc. Foundation family and were thrilled
to be able to bestow him with this honor.
Donor Recognition January 2000 - June 2000                                      Dr. Joan S. Baizer
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bak
                                                                                                                       Dr. Marion Z. Goldstein
                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gonshor
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. James P. Balcerzak        Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Gordon
CORPORATE DONORS                        Greater Buffalo Savings Bank
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Edward Balkin             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gordon
Foundation Society                      Harris Hill Auto Service
                                                                                Mr. Michael Ball                       Mrs. Eugenia Green
ADF Construction Corp.                  Hartmarx Charitable Foundation
                                                                                Mrs. Katherine J. Balsdon              Mr. and Mrs. John F. Haag
Albert and Cleovia Starling             Hogan & Willig, PLLC
                                                                                Mr. Michael Baranyi                    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hackford
    Foundation, Inc.                    Kaleidoscope Events Inc.
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Barry           Mr. and Mrs. James L. Haines
Allan G & M Gohr McTaggart              Liberty Mutual
                                                                                Ms. Mary Ann Battel                    Ms. Ellen Hamm
    Foundation                          Lyon's Club
                                                                                Ms. Olive E. Bellamy                   Ms. Elaine Harms
Chase Manhattan Foundation              Massage Therapy & Spa Associates
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Benz            Mr. and Mrs. William Harms
H. Joseph Sgroi & Associates            Media Play
                                                                                Mr. Louis Berger, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Harnick, Jr.
Hodgson, Russ, Andrews,                 Niacet Corporation
                                                                                Ms. Ann B. Bermingham, Esq.            Mr. and Mrs. William J. Harrison
    Woods & Goodyear, LLP               Nussbaumer & Clarke
                                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Ernst H. Beutner          Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Hart
Ilio DiPaolo Inc.                       Paul Batt Buick, Inc.
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Blumberg       Mrs. Betty Heimiller
Marvin & Company                        Philip D. Smith Associates
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bonitatibus       Ms. Mary Hess
Parkview Health Services                Pilgrim St. Luke's UCC BSA
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Borchert           Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hirsch
Ralph J. Vanner & Associates               Cub Pack 102
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Brennan         Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Hoch
Target                                  Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. David Brock               Mrs. Ghislaine D. Holler
Towne Automotive Group                  R.G. Graphics, Inc.
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Brock           Mr. Frank J. Honer
United Way                              Security Communications Systems
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Brooks            Ms. Kathleen J. Hoy
University at Buffalo                   Sharp General Contracting Inc.
                                                                                Ms. Bonnie S. Bruning                  Mr. and Mrs. Larry Itzkowitz
    Division of Athletics               Southgate Plaza, Inc.
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. William E. Burandt        Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Jacobs
William L. Long Associates              Telco Construction Inc.
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Burkard         Dr. and Mrs. William Jacobs
Windhorse Foundation                    Tops Friendly Markets
                                                                                Mr. Anthony J. Busalachi               Ms. Amy C. Johnson
                                        Tredo Engineers
Friends of People Inc.                                                          Mr. Joseph E. Butka III                Mr. and Mrs. George F. Johnson
                                        Twin City Women's Bowling Association
Blue Cross & Blue Shield                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Caffiero           Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Jones
                                        Upstate Pharmacy LTD
   of W.N.Y., Inc.                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cal             Professor Georgiana Jungels
Buffalo Convention & Visitors Bureau                                            Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Carr           Mr. and Mrs. John Kadziolka
                                        Wendt's Dairy
Don Powers, Inc.                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Carrel            Honorable and Mrs. James Kane
                                        Will Poultry Company
Human-I-Tees, Inc.                                                              Mr. and Mrs. George F. Chadwick        Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Kasbohm
                                        WKBW-TV Channel 7
Joe Cecconi's Chrysler Complex                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Cherico II     Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kasprzak
                                        Zebb's Deluxe Bar & Grill
Montague Family Charitable Foundation                                           Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cipolla          Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Kasprzyk
Niagara Frontier Builders Association                                           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cohen              Mr. and Mrs. Donald Katz
                                        INDIVIDUAL DONORS                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Collins         Mr. and Mrs. William Katz
United Business Systems
Wilson Greatbatch Ltd.
                                        Foundation Society                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Conley            Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Keenan
                                        Dr. and Mrs. Errol Daniels              Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Connors        Mr. James R. Kelley
Neighbor's Circle                       Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Downing, Sr.      Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Corah           Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kemp
Buffalo Bison Baseball, Inc.            Dr. Thomas F. Riley, M.D.               Mr. and Mrs. John M. Corrao            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Kempner
Calamar Construction Mgmt. Inc.         Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Smith           Mr. Joseph M. Coughlin                 Mrs. Frances Kempner
Cellular One-Buffalo Telephone Co.      Mrs. Geraldine S. Werner                Mr. and Mrs. David C. Craig            Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kennedy
Conesus Fest for Charity                Ms. Frieda Whitney                      Ms. Dixie Cryan                        Mr. and Mrs. Terry Kessler
Dental Pay Plus                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Zigmunt Czechowski        Mr. George M. Kingsley, Jr.
Grover Cleveland Press, Inc.
                                        Friends of People Inc.
                                        Mrs. Lillian Gerstman                   Mrs. Lois B. Dabney                    Ms. Elenor M. Kirkendall
Hurwitz & Fine, P.C.                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Dahl, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Konstanty, Jr.
Lancaster Presbyterian Church           Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hall
                                        Dr. Henry Kaminer                       Mrs. Mary A. Daley                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward Koszela
Mid-City Office Equipment, Inc.                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Danaher           Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Krawczyk
Radisson Hotel & Suites                 Mrs. Barbara Kish
                                        Mr. Morton Meyers, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. John P. Dee               Ms. Karen Krawczyk
Remax All Star Real Estate                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Ralph V. Degenhart        Ms. Betty L. LaCopa
Rich Products Corp.                     Mr. and Mrs. William A. Prudden
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. William J. Degennero      Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lane
Winfield Industries                     Neighbor's Circle                       Ms. Shirley J. DeGraff                 Ms. Kathleen Lane
The Zenger Group                        Mr. Charles M. Abbott, Sr.              Mr. and Mrs. Richard DiCarlo           Mrs. Martha Lane
Community Supporters                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Abbott           Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dixon                Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Langer
Aldrich & Cox, Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Cornelius        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Dobson          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. LaPenna
All American Security Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. David           Ms. Dorothea K. Downey                 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Lattuca
Allasen Carpet Co., Inc.                Mr. Edward J. Desmarest                 Mr. Emil Dubrawsky                     Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Leary
Allentown Industries Northtown          Mrs. Maureen Diggins                    Mr. and Mrs. Duane V. Durphy           Mr. and Mrs. William Lee
   Parent Organization                  Mr. and Mrs. W. Charles Gordon          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Dy              Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lenihan
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Graziano           Dr. Florian J. Dzimian                 Mrs. Babbette Lewin
ASAP Delivery Service, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Horrigan         Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Dzimian        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lipsitz
Avery Dennison Information Systems      Mr. Donald V. Kelly                     Mr. and Mrs. Don Eckber                Mr. and Mrs. William D. LoPatriello
Bob & John's La Hacienda                Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Kriegbaum          Dr. Charles Ewing and                  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maciejewski
Bob & John's Suburban                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mayer               Dr. Sharon Harris-Ewing             Mr. and Mrs. David J. Mahoney
Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corp.      Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Millerschoen       Ms. Dolores A. Fiegl                   Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Manganello
Buffalo Sabres                          Dr. John S. O'Mahony                    Mrs. Barbara Finn                      Dr. Horace Mann
Buffalo Telecom, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Peters          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fleming            Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Martin
Cellino & Barnes PC                     Ms. Stephanie Polanowski                Dr. and Mrs. William A. Fleming, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Marzucco
Charity Fundings                        Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Reilly          Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Flynn           Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Matteson
City Fence Inc.                         Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schapiro, Esq.      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fogel              Ms. Corri Matusek
CME Associates, Inc.                    Mrs. Jane Schoellkopf                   Mr. Joseph Forti and Ms. Susan Dowd    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McAndrew
CONAX Buffalo Corporation               Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stasinski         Mr. and Mrs. Neal M. Friedman          Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. McCash
Cordova Caravan Corporation             Community Supporters                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Frieh           Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCleary
Creative Storage Systems                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Altman              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fries             Mr. and Mrs. Roger McEldowney
CVM Electric, Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Archambault        Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Funigiello     Mr. William E. McGee, Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Armenia          Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Fuoto          Ms. Helen D. McGreevy
Edward J. Ryan Associates               Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Artuso           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Ginsberg        Mrs. Dorothy B. McIlreath
Goodwin Electric Corp.                  Mr. Richard Bailey                      Mrs. Florence Gittins                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. McKenzie
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Howard Goldman            Mr. and Mrs. James J. McLoughlin
Ms. Mary Lou A. Flaminio      Ms. Michelle E. Harvey             Ms. Kathleen M. King            Ms. Willamae O. Mane
Ms. Rebecca E. Fleming        Ms. Tameka Harvey                  Ms. Linda M. King               Mr. Ken Manista
Ms. Donna Fogarty             Ms. Dianne Haskins                 Ms. Pamela A. King              Ms. Louise Manista
Mr. Christopher G. Foley      Ms. Melanie Hassan                 Ms. Rovina D. Kirkland          Mr. James A. Manka
Ms. Patricia M. Foote         Ms. Margaret Haynes                Ms. Denise M. Kleinsmith        Ms. Elizabeth Manley
Ms. Lorraine K. Forney        Ms. Alexis S. Hazard               Ms. Lisa Klep                   Ms. Maria Marchinda
Mrs. Genel Fraizer            Ms. Cari A. Heath                  Mr. Jeffrey Klepp               Mr. Eric Marlinski
Mr. Anthony Franciosa         Ms. Mary C. Heath                  Ms. Loretta Kling               Ms. Carol A. Marsch
Ms. Audrey A. Frank           Ms. Judith J. Heintz               Ms. Kimberly A. Kobes           Mr. Kathy L. Marsh
Ms. Regina M. Frank           Ms. Sandra Heintz                  Ms. Alicia S. Koerber-Schwock   Ms. Maria Marti
Ms. Dezi A. Franklin          Mr. Frederick J. Henn, III         Ms. Kathleen A. Kopczynski      Mr. Christopher Martin
Ms. Lytonya Franklin          Ms. Teri L. Herberger              Ms. Lori Korn                   Mr. David R. Martin
Ms. Rhonda I. Frederick       Mr. Jeffrey S. Herniman            Mrs. Anna N. Korus              Mr. Jason Martinez
Ms. Candice M. Freeland       Ms. Cheryl Herrmann                Ms. Kathryn M. Kosiak           Ms. Lorraine D. Martinez
Ms. Andrea French             Mr. Mark Herrmann                  Ms. Pamela R. Kosiak            Ms. Michelle Martino
Mrs. Susan Friedline          Mr. Michael G. Herrmann            Ms. Vanessa Kosis               Ms. Donna Martiny
Mrs. Cynthia A. Fuller        Ms. Lea C. Higgins                 Ms. Merrilee Koslowski          Ms. Amy Masocco
Mr. Myron Fuller              Ms. Kim T. Hilburger               Mr. Kenneth E. Koteras          Ms. Suzanne M. Massara
Mr. Brian Fullone             Ms. Andrea M. Hill                 Ms. Irene R. Kougher            Ms. Corri Matusek
Ms. Tammy L. Furman-Schwab    Mr. Lamaan K. Hill                 Mr. Frederick Kowalski          Ms. Lisa R. Mayer
Mr. Thomas P. Gabbey          Ms. Danyelle Hillman               Ms. Jill Krakowski              Ms. Lily T. Mayweather
Ms. Nicole Gabriel            Mr. Benjamin Hines                 Ms. Mary B. Krampen             Mrs. Ann McCarthy
Ms. Carol A. Gallo            Ms. Jennifer Hite                  Ms. Hillary Kremblas            Mrs. Betty McClamb
Ms. Tara L. Ganni             Ms. Jennifer L. Hockenberger       Mr. Kevin Krencik               Mrs. Amy E. McDermott
Mrs. Barbara A. Gannon        Ms. Fawn Hoelcle                   Ms. Linda Krencik               Mr. John McDonald
Mrs. Mary Gannon              Ms. Brie E. Hofschneider           Mr. Martin Krencik, Jr.         Mr. Dennis M. McDonell
Mr. Jeffrey F. Gantz          Ms. Kristy Holland                 Ms. Amy Kron                    Mr. Terrance McDuffie
Ms. Lisa R. Garrett           Ms. Susan Holler                   Ms. Susan M. Kuhl               Ms. Karen McFadden
Mr. Shawn Gaske               Ms. Annette Holmes                 Ms. Amy Kuss                    Ms. Heather McKinstry
Mrs. Joy Gaskin               Ms. Mary Honcher                   Ms. Catherine A. LaBarbera      Ms. Carrie McPhail
Ms. Janaine A. Gates          Sister Barbara A. Horan, SSJ       Ms. Tina LaBarbera              Ms. Jeannine Meinzer
Ms. Jeanne Gates              Ms. Catherine Horucy               Ms. Jacqueline Laboy            Ms. Theresa M. Mellott
Ms. Cathy Gawoski             Ms. Tracie L. Howard               Ms. Angel L. Laforme            Ms. Christi C. Mendolera
Ms. Jodie Genovese            Ms. Donna Huddleston               Ms. Karen Lagrange              Mrs. Patricia Merritt
Mr. Chris P. George           Ms. Joyce J. Hunger                Ms. Nicole Larusch              Mr. Mark Mesi
Ms. Dawn Marie Gerardi        Mrs. Heidi Insinna                 Mrs. Linda A. Lavelle           Ms. Jaime Miano
Mr. Michael J. Gettings       Ms. Deborah E. Ireland             Ms. Rebecca L. Lawless          Ms. Tara Michalovic
Mr. Joseph A. Giansante       Ms. Sarah R. Irvine                Ms. Bonnie M. Lazik             Mr. Brian B. Miles
Ms. Cynthia Gibbs             Mrs. Mary Beth Iwanski             Mrs. Karen L. Lazik             Ms. Sionette Miles
Ms. Soyenia Gibson            Mr. Dwayne Jackson                 Ms. Patsy Leach                 Ms. Rashida A. Milhouse
Ms. Marilyn Gill              Ms. Jill Jackson                   Ms. Kelly Leader                Mrs. Kristi L. Millar
Ms. Karen E. Gilliland        Ms. Seolar Jackson                 Ms. Colleen M. Leary            Ms. Amy M. Miller
Ms. Elizabeth Gleason         Ms. Rosanne T. Janese              Ms. Gliset Lebron               Ms. Ann M. Miller
Ms. Rosemary Glover-Henry     Ms. Melissa A. Jankowski           Ms. Rebecca Legresley           Ms. Sandra L. Miller
Ms. Constance E. Goetz        Ms. Elladene Jarvis                Ms. Lynda A. Leman              Ms. Karen Misner
Mr. Joseph E. Gonsiorek       Ms. Denise Jasek                   Mr. James Lembeck               Mr. Michael P. Mitri
Ms. Nancy Gould               Ms. Joan Jenkins                   Ms. Ann Leverentz               Ms. Jill Mittlestaedt
Ms. Janet Graetz              Ms. Sharon L. Jimerson             Mrs. Nadine Lewandowski         Ms. Lynn E. Moerman
Mr. Edward Gramse             Mr. Daryl Johnson                  Ms. Mary Beth Licata            Mrs. Victoria M. Moesch
Ms. Margaret M. Grauerholz    Ms. Dionne L. Johnson              Ms. Dana Lillis                 Ms. MargaretMary Moffat
Ms. Jennifer Greco            Ms. Judy Johnson                   Ms. Denise M. Litz              Ms. Rose Mole
Mr. Robert J. Greenauer       Mrs. Tanya L. Johnson              Mrs. Susan M. Loftus            Mr. Samuel Mole
Ms. Daynna A. Gregory         Mrs. Charlene Johnson-Zaccagnini   Ms. Sandra Lombardo             Ms. Deborah A. Moline
Mr. Daniel J. Gribbin         Ms. Kelley Jones                   Ms. Jackie Long                 Mr. Joseph J. Monaco
Ms. Lisa A. Griewisch         Ms. Jacqueline Jordan              Mrs. Gwendolyn I. Loomis        Ms. Katherine M. Montondo
Ms. Madonna Groom             Ms. Marjorie Jusko                 Mr. David J. LoTempio           Mrs. Jean M. Morano
Mr. Dean M. Gross             Ms. Kimberly Kadziolka             Ms. Patricia Louis              Ms. Brenda K. Morgan
Ms. Sue Guarino               Mr. Eugene Kalinowski              Mr. F. Paul Lounsbury           Ms. Sharon M. Morrissey
Ms. Alison Guerin             Ms. Danielle Kalinski              Ms. Deborah M. LoVallo          Ms. Traci Morrow
Ms. Constance Gulino-Graham   Ms. Kristie L. Kaminski            Ms. Julie S. LoVullo            Mr. James W. Mrozek
Ms. Joanne F. Haberer         Ms. Leah H. Kandefer               Ms. Barbara D. Lowry            Ms. Maryanne Mulawka
Ms. Amy Hackett               Mr. Michael Kanick                 Mr. Michael B. Luce             Mr. Philip H. Munger
Ms. Bernice Hague             Mrs. Karen L. Karaszewski          Ms. Linda Lucernoni             Ms. Alecia M. Murawski
Ms. Mary F. Hall              Ms. Laura J. Kasmer                Ms. Sheri A. Lumberg            Ms. Mary Ann Murphy
Ms. Catherine Halsen          Ms. Mervat Kassis                  Ms. Joanne M. Lundberg          Mr. William F. Murphy, Jr.
Ms. Katherine M. Halstead     Ms. Stephanie Kaufmann             Ms. Pamela R. Luther            Ms. Alicia Murray
Mr. Jonathan Hamilton         Ms. Dawn Keating                   Ms. Candice P. Lyke             Ms. Susan M. Muscarella
Ms. Ellen Hamm                Mr. William F. Keefe               Ms. Melinda J. Lyon             Ms. Jubal L. Myer
Mr. John Hamm                 Ms. Susan Keller                   Ms. Sherri MacEwan              Ms. Eileen M. Neisen
Ms. Karen M. Hanlon           Ms. Jill A. Kelly                  Mr. David S. Mack-Hardiman      Mr. Mark Nellis
Ms. Gail S. Hansen            Mr. Lester G. Kelly                Ms. Cynthia M. Maclin           Mrs. Erica A. Newsom
Mr. Daniel D. Harding         Mrs. Lynn A. Kelly                 Mr. Joseph A. Mahaney           Ms. Melissa Nicolas
Ms. Joanna Harding            Ms. Andrea Keogh                   Ms. Mary A. Maher               Ms. Amy Norman
Ms. Christina Hargrave        Ms. Heather Kerr                   Mr. David L. Mahoney            Mrs. Lorraine M. Norman
Ms. Stella L. Harmon          Ms. Kristina M. Kesick             Mrs. Donna M. Mahoney           Ms. Jeaveen Nowak
Mr. Jason Harrington          Ms. Amy E. King                    Ms. Diane Mancuso               Ms. Karyn A. Nugent
Mrs. Pamela S. Harrington     Ms. Anne King                      Mrs. Susan M. Mancuso           Mrs. Karen Nusinov
Mr. Scott Hartman             Mr. Joseph King                    Ms. Ismaila Mane                Mrs. Theresa V. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Meade, Sr.      Ms. Katherine J. Walczak            Ms. Helen A. Biskey           Ms. Gretchen Costantino
Ms. Jacqueline M. Melton              Mr. and Mrs. James Walsh            Ms. Nikkia Blackburn          Ms. Quintella E. Cottrell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meyer               Mr. Edward Warner                   Ms. Katy A. Blake             Ms. Eileen Coughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meyers            Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Warner          Mr. Robert K. Blake           Ms. Deborah Courneen
Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery          Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Warren         Ms. Sheila Bland              Mrs. Linda Cox-Robinson
Mrs. Leona Mordino                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Waters       Ms. Debra J. Blendowski       Ms. Janie A. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore A. Morreale    Ms. Dorothy Wein                    Ms. Haronda Y. Blyden         Ms. Susan M. Crocker
Mr. and Mrs. John Mosser              Mr. and Mrs. Irv Weinstein          Mr. Dennis J. Blynt           Mr. Kevin C. Cronyn
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Murrett III     Dr. and Mrs. Philip B. Wels         Mrs. Kimberly I. Bohne        Ms. Latonya P. Crumpler
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Nevins III      Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. White        Ms. Rachel A. Boismenu        Ms. Gloria B. Crusan
Ms. Arlene O'Brien                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Wilkes      Ms. Rene Boismenu             Ms. Alice E. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. James P. O'Brien         Ms. Marion A. Winkler               Dr. James M. Boles            Mr. Robert M. Cunningham
Ms. Jeanne B. O'Neill                 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wolfe          Ms. Jennifer Bolt             Ms. Gina M. Curcie
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Obletz           Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wolfsohn        Ms. Roseanne M. Bonafede      Ms. Shelley Curl
Mrs. Louise L. Obletz                 Mr. and Mrs. David H. Wrotniak      Ms. Mary Pat Bonnes           Ms. Colleen Cuthbert
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Obletz           Mrs. Mary Ann Zawier                Mrs. Lizbeth J. Booth         Ms. Sandra Czajka
Mr. Steven Opladen                    Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Zimmer, Sr.   Ms. Michelle L. Booth         Ms. Kimberly A. Czajkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Paianini           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zoeller         Ms. Jocelyn S. Bos            Mrs. Nancy S. Czechowski
Mr. David M. Parisi                   Ms. Pamela L. Zolczer               Mr. Chevil Bouldin            Ms. Mary E. D'Arcy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parnell                                              Ms. Dora L. Bowen             Mr. Omar Dames
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Pascoe           Employee Donors                     Mr. John C. Bowles            Ms. Charlene Darling
Mr. Ronald J. Pavone                  Mr. Elias Abou-Said                 Ms. Janet Braciak             Ms. Juana Davila
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Penta             Mrs. Carol Adamo                    Ms. Janet Brady               Ms. Jessica J. Davis
Mr. Alan Perlstein                    Ms. Lena M. Adamo                   Ms. Jeanna M. Brant           Ms. Deborah L. Debski
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton G. Peter         Mr. Philip Aguilar                  Ms. Kristin M. Brayley        Ms. Nikole Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peterson         Mr. Daniel Ahrens                   Ms. Jenny Brent               Ms. Jeanne Decock
Ms. Sophia L. Petri                   Ms. Denise Akin                     Ms. Nicole R. Briggs          Ms. Marian C. DeGolier
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Philippone       Mr. Gregory Alaimo                  Ms. Kim M. Brockhaus          Mrs. Kim DeLisle
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pieczynski         Ms. Diane A. Albert                 Ms. Linda M. Brophy           Ms. Lorri Delzer
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Poummit           Ms. Tasheka Aldridge                Ms. Amy Brown                 Ms. Heather Denk
Ms. Virginia C. Purcell               Ms. Jennifer D. Allan               Ms. Nancy L. Brown            Ms. Kimberly Deppeler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Quattrini, Jr.   Ms. Amy L. Allen                    Mr. Silton Brown              Ms. Kimberly A. Derion
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Radtke         Ms. Janet Allen                     Ms. Sondra Brown              Mr. Jeffrey N. Dietrich
Mr. and Mrs. Chester L. Rasmus        Ms. Kathleen D. Allen               Ms. Deborah Browning          Ms. Deborah Dimmig
Mrs. Lois V. Ray                      Mr. Raymond A. Alvarado             Ms. Patricia D. Brundage      Mrs. Shirley Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Recktenwald   Ms. Nancy Anna                      Mr. Coma Bryant               Mrs. Linda Dlugosz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reigelman        Ms. Ellen Anstett                   Ms. Debra Bunnell             Ms. Dianne L. Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Robinson       Ms. Kelly Antczak                   Mr. David Burghardt           Mr. Michael E. Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Rogers        Ms. Susan M. Antos                  Mrs. Wende S. Burgio          Ms. Stacie Dopko
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ronaghan       Ms. Sarah R. Applegate              Ms. Pamela Burlar             Ms. Deborah J. Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Roth            Mrs. Theresa M. Arcara              Ms. Shannon Burns             Ms. Jennifer M. Doxbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Rozanski        Mr. Jason J. Arlington              Ms. Kelly A. Bushen           Mr. Shaun T. Doyle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ruhlman        Mr. Randy Atlas                     Mr. Joseph E. Butka, III      Ms. Sandra L. Drescher
Mr. Joseph J. Runfola                 Mr. Daniel Augustyniak              Ms. Phyllis L. Byrns          Ms. Tracie Drewniak
Dr. Thomas A. Ryan, Ph.D.             Ms. Michelle Augustyniak            Ms. Doreen Caleb              Ms. Mary M. Drilling
Ms. Gloria J. Santo                   Ms. Michele J. Austin               Ms. Barbara J. Callen         Ms. Sara Drilling
Mr. Dominic M. Schiavone              Ms. Leslie Avendano                 Mr. Frank A. Cammarata, III   Ms. Nancy J. Drzymala
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Schiesel      Ms. Karen L. Ball                   Ms. Lois V. Cammarata         Mr. Jeff Dulinawka
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Schmoyer       Ms. Mary E. Ball                    Ms. Jennaya M. Cannata        Ms. Elizabeth Duncan
Mr. Thomas E. Schoenwetter            Ms. Lynn Banas                      Ms. Jamie M. Carlisle         Mr. Patrick Dunford
Mrs. Ruth Schuyler                    Ms. Lavernal J. Barbee              Ms. Susan M. Carlisle         Ms. Denise Duson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Schwartz       Mr. Robert Barlow                   Ms. Delight E. Carlson        Ms. Lillie Dykes
Mr. and Mrs. Saunders M. Sennett      Mrs. Susan R. Barlow                Mr. Jeremy S. Carlson         Ms. Ann M. Dyll
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Shikes         Mr. Sanford Barnes                  Ms. Melina L. Carpenter       Ms. Jamie A. Eadie
Mrs. Betty H. Smith                   Ms. Denise L. Barone                Mr. James L. Casucci          Ms. Catherine L. Eagan
Ms. Marie Smith                       Ms. Marjorie H. Barone              Ms. Bonnie Cave               Ms. Carrie Eberly
Ms. Jacquelyn M. Smith-Tepas          Ms. Rebecca Barry                   Ms. Julie Celano              Ms. Jill A. Echtenkamp
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Snyder          Ms. Rachel Barter                   Ms. Theresa Cichon            Ms. Christine M. Edel
Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Southwell           Ms. Nicole M. Barton                Mr. Daniel J. Cimato          Ms. Beth Eglof
Mr. Donald Spencer                    Ms. Karen Bartoszek                 Ms. Cheryl C. Clark           Mr. Michael D. Egloff
Ms. Mary Stallone                     Ms. Maria Bartoszek                 Ms. Cindy E. Clark            Ms. Andrea Ehinger
Ms. Helene Steinhart                  Mr. Leroy Baughman                  Mr. George Clark              Ms. Lisa Emerling
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Sternin          Ms. Susan B. Bayerl                 Ms. Tracy Clark               Ms. Susan Erck
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stetter          Ms. Tammy Beakman                   Mr. David Clouden             Mrs. Marcia R. Ergort
Mrs. Eleanor Stiller                  Ms. Barbara S. Beall                Ms. Amy L. Clutter            Ms. Stacy L. Erwin-White
Mr. James I. Stovroff                 Ms. Linda Beam                      Ms. Jennifer Cochran          Ms. Deborah Euscher
Mr. Benjamin J. Strumski and          Ms. Katherine A. Bechtel            Mrs. Janet Cody               Ms. Mary M. Evanco-Caryk
   Ms. Jean M. Boyd                   Ms. Darci R. Beck                   Ms. Betsy Cohen               Ms. Mary Fahey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Stuart, Jr.    Ms. Sarah Becker                    Mrs. Gretchen B. Cole         Ms. Tashawn Faison
Mr. Robert O. Swados                  Ms. Cynthia Benkleman               Ms. Karen Coleman             Ms. Lisa M. Faltisco
Mrs. Julia B. Szajta                  Mrs. Jane M. Bergmann               Mr. Jason B. Conover          Mr. Carl F. Fanti
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic J. Tornabene     Mr. William D. Bergmann             Mrs. Christina M. Coons       Ms. Debra Fanton
Dr. and Mrs. W. William Tornow        Ms. Siobhan R. Betterson            Ms. Deborah Cooper            Ms. Elizabeth Farewell-Prisaznuk
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Trigilio         Ms. Danielle Beyer                  Ms. Leonora A. Corbetta       Ms. Suzanne Farrell
Mrs. Frances M. Trusso                Ms. Lynette Biber                   Ms. Gloria M. Cordaro         Ms. Katherine A. Fetzer
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vanderwark        Ms. Amy J. Bieger                   Mr. Jerry L. Corp             Ms. Kim L. Fischer
Ms. Amy J. Vigneron                   Ms. Debra G. Bigham                 Ms. Tammy Costa               Mr. Michael F. Fischer
Ms. Tanja M. O'Brocta         Mr. Robert J. Rein, III        Ms. Dana Sosinski          Ms. Angela Werelus
Mr. Robert J. O'Connor        Mr. Jeffrey T. Rice            Ms. Suzanalynn Sova        Ms. Anne E. Wetzen
Ms. Mary Ann O'Dea            Ms. Gina M. Rich               Ms. Linda G. Spears        Ms. Joann M. Whalen
Ms. Kelly O'Grady             Ms. Debra Richardson           Mr. Michael A. Spiess      Ms. Mary B. White
Ms. Jennifer A. O'Shei        Mr. John A. Richardson         Ms. Diane Sprague          Ms. Michelle S. White
Ms. Patricia A. Obstarczyk    Ms. Ramona Richardson          Ms. Bonnie Sprenger        Ms. Bryanna Williams
Ms. Lauren A. Ogle            Mr. Andre G. Riley             Mr. Dale A. Stampfer       Ms. Joyce D. Williams
Ms. Colleen M. Olear          Ms. Linda Rinaldo              Ms. Tamara N. Staples      Ms. Michele D. Williams
Mrs. June Oleszkowski         Ms. Diana M. Rivera            Ms. Carol Starr            Ms. Shannyn L. Williamson
Ms. Susan A. Olinger          Ms. Maria E. Roach             Ms. Karen A. Stearns       Ms. Katie Willis
Ms. Laura J. Olson            Mr. Paul Robel                 Ms. Katherine Steffen      Ms. Cynthia Willoughby
Mr. Larry Opalka              Mrs. Petrina Z. Roberts        Mr. Scott D. Steger        Ms. Kathleen Wilson
Mrs. Anne Opladen             Ms. Carol E. Robertson         Ms. Jennifer L. Steimer    Ms. Zelinda Wolcott
Ms. Rebecca Orton             Ms. Cecelia Robinson           Ms. Letitia Y. Stewart     Ms. Claire L. Wolfram
Ms. Debra J. Osborne          Ms. Pamela Robinson            Ms. Michelle Stoll         Ms. Sheryl Wolins
Ms. Patricia A. Osborne       Ms. Catherine Rodgers          Ms. Anne M. Stone          Ms. Adrienne Wong
Ms. Karen Ott                 Ms. Jackie Rogge               Ms. Michelle Stranges      Ms. Elaine M. Woodell
Mr. Jerome Owens, Jr.         Ms. Annie M. Rorrison          Ms. Trisha Strasser        Ms. Corrine Yates
Ms. Selina J. Page            Mr. Dennis J. Rose             Ms. Ruth A. Stringer       Ms. Denise M. Yerkovich
Mrs. Nancy A. Palumbo-Reeve   Ms. Georganne L. Rosenberg     Ms. Sandra Stroud          Ms. Linda S. Yohn
Ms. Heather J. Pankow         Ms. Andreenetter Rowe          Ms. Maryann Stry           Ms. Michaelyn Zaccarine
Mr. Joseph Pannullo           Mr. Eugene Rush                Ms. Eileen M. Stutz        Ms. Robin Zak
Ms. Elizabeth J. Pantano      Ms. Marjorie L. Rusnell        Ms. Jill Sugg              Ms. Lisa Zambito
Mr. Mike Panzarella           Ms. Deborah L. Russell         Ms. Danielle R. Sutton     Mrs. Sara V. Zappi
Ms. Melissa Parke             Ms. Rosemary Russo             Ms. Ann Swan               Mrs. Beth Ann Zaprowski
Mr. Stephen A. Parker         Mrs. Laurene Ruszala           Ms. Joyce Swartz           Mrs. Theresa Z. Zayatz
Ms. Valita Y. Parks           Dr. Thomas Ryan                Ms. Andrea L. Szkotnicki   Mr. Traver A. Zayatz
Ms. Almenya R. Parrett        Mr. Paul Rzepkowski            Ms. Lisa R. Tabone         Mr. John Paul Zeis
Ms. Mary Pasternack           Ms. Barbara Salter             Ms. Bonnie F. Tait         Ms. Karen Zierk
Mrs. Denise Paszkiewicz       Mrs. Michele A. SanGeorge      Ms. Susan A. Tait          Mrs. Catherine M. Zimmerman
Mr. Derek C. Paternostro      Mr. John J. Santonocito        Mr. Marvin L. Taliaferro   Ms. Danette L. Zimmerman
Ms. Angela Patricelli         Mr. Harpreet K. Saran          Ms. Tina M. Tampio         Ms. Pat Zimmerman
Ms. Nancy J. Pauzar           Ms. Irene Sauberan             Ms. Madeleine M. Tardif    Mr. David Zoller
Ms. Deborah Pawlak            Ms. Linda Saulters             Ms. Jody A. Tassone        Ms. Karen Zuefle
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