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					                                                         Parent Program Training

         We Can! Energize Our Families: Parent Program

We Can! Energize Our
Families: Parent Program
                     Parent Program Training

     U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES | National Institutes of Health
     National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute | National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive
     and Kidney Diseases | Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human
     Development | National Cancer Institute
                                                  Training Training
                                           Parent Program Program

Parent Programs Are Widespread

                                                            We Can! Training, Fairfax, VA

                                       This could be your

 We Can! Head Start, Carson City, NV
                                      Parent Program Training

Preventing Overweight in Children

§ You are taking the next step in dealing with the problem
  of overweight in children
§ You may share this training with others
                              Parent Program Training



Chapter 1 | Parent Program Training
                                         Chapter 1 || Introduction
                                         Chapter 1 Introduction

Purpose of Online Training
§ Online training is an introduction to
  We Can! Energize Our Families: Parent Program

§ Full instructions for the Parent Program are in the
  Leader’s Guide
                             Chapter 1 | Introduction

Parent Program: A Leader’s Guide

                   § 4 Parent Program sessions
                   § Full instructions to lead
                   § Discussion points for
                   § Activities and handouts for
                   § Pre- & post-evaluation tools
                            Chapter 1 | Introduction

Accessing the Leader’s Guide

                  § Download a PDF version
                    of the Leader’s Guide

                  § Order a copy of the Leader's
                    Guide from the NHLBI
                    Information Center
                                                     Chapter 1 || Introduction
                                                     Chapter 1 Introduction

Tips for Viewing this Training

                                                                        View and
                                                                        PowerPoint Slides


                Welcome to this online training on
                the We Can!™ Energize Our
                                       Chapter 1 | Introduction

    We Can! Parent Program

•    Introduction
•    What Is We Can!?
•    Parent Program Overview
•    Session 1 – We Can! Energize Our Families
•    Session 2 – Maintain a Healthy Weight
•    Session 3 – What to Feed My Family: ENERGY IN
•    Session 4 – Less Sit, More Fit: ENERGY OUT
•    Implementing the Parent Program
•    Summary and Resources
                                     Chapter 1 || Introduction
                                     Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 — What Is We Can!?

§ Introduction to We Can!

§ Key program objectives

§ Program elements

§ Parent Program is a key component of We Can!
                                       Chapter 1 | Introduction

Chapter 3 — Parent Program Overview

§ Development of the Parent Program

§ Parents and caregivers are the target audience

§ Session content

§ Working with the Leader’s Guide

§ Evaluation tools
                                       Chapter 1 || Introduction
                                       Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapters 4–7
Parent Program Sessions

Each chapter includes the following:
§ Session overview
§ Key content and activities
§ Tips from the field
                         Chapter 1 | Introduction

Chapter 8
Implementing the Parent Program

Tips on:
§ Facilitation
§ Scheduling
§ Recruitment
§ Partnerships
                                    Chapter 1 || Introduction
                                    Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 9 — Summary & Resources

§ Review of major concepts
§ Sharing your feedback
§ Navigating the We Can! Web site
§ Accessing We Can! resources
§ How to get involved in We Can!
§ Requesting CEUs
                                          Chapter 1 | Introduction

Learning Objectives

After completing this training, you should be able to:

•    Explain the importance of engaging parents as part
     of your We Can! efforts

•    Navigate the Parent Program Leader’s Guide

•    Identify key content areas of the Parent Program

•    Describe key strategies to successfully implement
     the Parent Program

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