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									 Her name is Sophie, she is blonde pretty
and popular. Until she falls for a boy name
Robin, the biggest nerd in the school.
 Robin is a nerdy boy who develop
feelings for Sophie. He’s also known as
“ Murphy”. Whenever someone acts
stupid they are called “Murphy”. That’s
how nerdy he is.
 Robin and Sophie are happy to be
together. Until something in the future will
change their relationship forever.
   Robin gets accepted into Harvard art
school. He meets Tessa and the crew.
Also he starts to feel accepted and he can
be himself.
    Sophie and Rachel become best friends
again. The reason why they stop being
friends in the beginning was because she
didn’t support Robin and Sophie’s
relationship. But they become friends again
when Sophie made a joke about being a
“stein” and she join in on the joke and they
became friends.
     Overtime Robin and Tessa became friends
with benefits. Robin wanted to call it off and as
he was on the sidewalk, Sophie saw from a
distance their good bye kiss.
   Le Bal a’ Bougival. This painting
represents the love between Sophie
and Robin.
Brought to you by:

 Heather Romenesko

 Jennifer Nabbefeld

   Denise Roberts

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