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					Long Lab Coats - Better Protection Long lab coats come in a variety of styles to fit every
day needs of nurses, doctors, veterinarians, medical students, dental personnel, pharmacy
technicians and laboratory technicians. The reason many of lab coats are longer is for
better protection against spills, splashes and other messes that go along with these jobs.
Women don't have to give up their femininity to hide behind a long lab coat. Many
manufacturers have designed lab coats with women in mind. They have made pleats and
darts in the back in order to shape your figure. There are lab coats that have a jeweled
neckline and knitted cuffs on the sleeves and these other formfitting to help accentuate
your figure. There are also long lab coats with embroidery on the collars and sleeves or
eyelet lace on the collar and sleeves. Today there are more pockets in the long lab coat's
then there were several years ago. Many of these long lab coats come with a cell phone
pocket and either three to six pockets to carry all of your necessary tools of the trade.
These pockets are often roomy and stitched on the outside for more security. Several of
these long lab coats have an inside pocket to keep your wallet or other private items in
addition to the one or two chest pockets. In addition to the pockets is often one or two
slits on the side of the long lab coats so you can put your hand into your own pants or as
for pockets without having to lift up the long lab coat. Long lab coats look more
professional than the shorter lab coats for many qualified persons who use them. And
protection is one of the reasons workers such as lab technicians; pharmacy technicians
and veterinarian use the longer lab coats versus the shorter ones. Chemicals, medications
such as syrups, animals that spray and a whole host of other things that can go wrong will
go wrong if you're wearing a short lab coat, so the protection of a long lab coat is worth
the little extra you pay for it. Long lab coats also come in other colors, not just the white
lab coats. The most popular color is the dark blue, mostly for veterinarian technicians
because it hides the dirt well. There are other colors such as magenta, light colors such as
yellows and various shades of green and powder blue for dental offices or children's
hospitals or even adult wards where they want to brighten up things. Patients will be
more relaxed and more receptive to shots and IVs and other procedures when they're
looking at a person who is dressed in a light color versus a stark white long lab coat.
There are unisex long lab coats that look good on both men and women and run between
40 inches and 50 inches in length. They normally have anywhere from three to six
pockets and as of lately come with a cell phone pocket and a hidden inside pocket. The
cell phone pocket comes in very handy because it keeps it separated from the rest of the
items in your pocket. Many medical students, nurses and doctors often carry pocket-size
medical dictionaries and therefore the pockets are very roomy. Rick is working as a
business consultant for an online nursing uniforms & lab coat store Pulse Uniform if you
need to see the latest trends and colors please go to our long lab coats section.

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