Health Care Package by MarijanStefanovic


									Health Care Package Healthcare package tourism covers broad spectrum of medical
services and has also become a common form of vacationing. The purpose of medical
tour package is to provide best of medical treatment at cost effective price and to club it
with good tour package. India with advanced medical and biotechnological progress is
one of the leaders in selling medical tourism package the world over and is one of the
favorite gateways as a health and tourism destination. McKinsey and the confederation of
Indian Industry made a study and stated that medical tourism in India could become a $ 1
billion business by 2012 and titled ‘Healthcare in India: The Road Ahead’ to
emphasize the opportunities being thrown up by this sector. India is one of the attractive
medical tourist destination so specialized international and domestic healthcare planners-
cum-tour operators are cropping up to prepare itineraries in lieu with private hospitals in
India. Many foreign patients prefer to combine their medical health package with visit to
exotic places of India. India is capitalizing its medical health package tourism on its low
cost medical treatment and expertise of its highly skilled doctors. With outburst of the
private sector comprising of hospitals and clinics with the latest technology and best
practitioners the waiting period in India is almost nil. Apollo is also moving into medical
outsourcing where sub contractors provide services to the overburdened medical care
systems in western countries. Western patients at Apollo usually get medical tour
package that includes flights, transfers, hotels, treatment and post-operative vacation. The
purpose of healthcare package tourism is to provide the best of medical treatment at cost
effective price and to club it with a good tour package. Now you can get best treatment
any where in India with Apollo Group.

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