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Things I missed by yurtgc548


									Things I missed

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Manifest Destiny

Native Americans

l   Treaty of Greenville 1796
     –   Tribes lost 2/3 of Ohio with Ohio River being permanent boundary
l   Tecumseh
     –   He realized whites would not honor treaty of Greenville
     –   Attempted to unite a number of tribes to stop white settlement
     –   Lost at the battle of Tippecanoe
l   The Indian Removal Act 1830
          l   Forced all tribes east of Mississippi to move west
     –   Worchester v. Georgia 1832
          l   Ruled that the Cherokee had a right to remain on their land. President
              Andrew Jackson ignored the ruling.
     –   Trail of Tears
          l   Andrew Jackson forced the Cherokee to move and ¼ of them died on
              the march.
l   Eli Whitney
     –   Invented the Cotton Gin and Interchangeable parts
     –   The Cotton Gin increased the need for more slaves to produce more cotton
     –   Thus the idea of a “Necessary Evil” came about. People didn’t like slavery
         but they thought it was important to the economy of the south.
     –   KING COTTON
l   Emancipation
     –   The idea of freeing slaves came about with the need for more slaves
     –   Abolitionist movement began
l   Nat Turner’s Rebellion
     –   Was a preacher who thought god had sent him to free his people
     –   Organized a revolt where 160 people, black and white, were killed
     –   Turner was caught and killed
     –   Slave codes were put into affect because of the revolt
American Culture

l   Neoclassical Architecture
    –   Showed the confidence citizens had in their young country.
        This style imitated the architectural styles of ancient Greece
        and rome, and suggested that the US was destined for
        similar greatness.
l   Hudson River School of Artists
    –   Was the first group of U.S. artists to develop a uniquely U.S.
        style of landscape painting. It was art that reflected the wild
        and pioneering spirit of the United States itself.
l   New Nationalists
    –   Kinckerbocker School
Early Industrial Revolution

l   Internal Improvements
    –   Erie Canal
l   Know-Nothings
    –   Nativism- wanted to stop immigrants from coming
        to America
l   Factory System vs Plantation System
    –   Cotton Kingdom
    –   Interchangeable Parts
Utopian Communities

l   Brook Farm
     –   Was a transcendentalist community that practice socialism.
         Everyone shared everything.
l   Oneida
     –   Founder taught that every man in the community was “married” to
         every woman. This belief was known as “complex marriage” or
         “free love,” and basically meant that any male member of the
         community could have sexual relations with any female member.
l   New Harmony
     –   A place where people would share everything and live “in
l   Utopian Communities failed because they didn’t take into
    account human nature. Humans were prone to laziness,
    selfishness and quarreling. They were not pratical.

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