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					 The Crucible
   by Arthur Miller

Quotation Log
Act I
 Parris questions Abigail,
“Your name in the town—it
is entirely white, is it not?”
LD: White- symbolic of
 innocence; Characterization of

CM: Parris is more concerned
 with family’s reputation than
 actual family
Mrs. Putnam believes
witchcraft is affecting Salem,
“I’d not call it sick; the
Devil’s touch is heavier than
sick. It’s death, y’know, it’s
death driving into them,
forked and hoofed” (172).
LD: Personification of death

CM: Mrs. Putnam immediately
 cries witchcraft
Parris pleads to Putnam, “We
cannot leap to witchcraft.
They will howl me out of
Salem for such corruption in
my house” (172).
LD: Metaphor- the people of
 Salem are wolves; Char. of Parris

CM: Parris’ fear of his reputation
 over his concern of family
Abigail threatens the girls, “Let
either of you breathe a word, or
the edge of a word…I will come to
you in the black of some terrible
night and I will bring a pointy
reckoning that will shudder you”
LD: Characterization of Abigail
CM: The girls already fear her; the
 threat helps
Proctor pleads with Abigail to
forget their past, “Abby, I may
think of you softly from time to
time. But I will cut off my hand
before I’ll ever reach for you
again. Wipe it out of mind. We
never touched” (177).
LD: Biblical allusion (cut off hand);
 Char. of Proctor

CM: Proctor feels guilt for his
 infidelity, knows right from wrong
The narrator points out a
political grudge, “The Nurse
clan had been in the faction
that prevented Bayley’s [the
Putnam’s candidate for the
ministry] taking office” (178).
LD: Plot

CM: The Putnams hold a political
 grudge against the Nurses.
Rebecca Nurse believes that the
children are just children, “I have
seen [many children] through their
silly seasons…they will run the
Devil bowlegged keeping up with
their mischief” (179).
LD: Characterization of Rebecca

CM: Rebecca is a voice of reason
Mrs. Putnam exclaims, “There are
wheels within wheels in this
village, and fires within fires!”
LD: Leading to hysteria theme

CM: Shows that Salem has issues deeper
 than what appears
Hale affirms his duty, “[The
books] must be [heavy];
they are weighted with
authority” (184).
LD: Personification; Char. of Hale
 in beginning
CM: Hale claims the books hold
 authority, yet they do not- they
 deal with the “invisible”; according
 to HIM, they are important
  & Hale demonstrates pride
Giles actually considers the
fear of witchcraft, “Last
night…I tried and tried and
could not say my prayers. And
then [Martha] close her
book…and suddenly…I could
pray again!” (186).
LD: Hysteria theme

CM: Giles suspicious of own wife;
 shows his ignorance; shows
 people believe
End of Act I

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