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									Inside Out
Francisco Jimenez
Team Cooperation Goal
   Practice Active Listening
   Title: Inside Out
Reading Goal: Compare and Contrast
Team Cooperation Goal:
    Practice Active Listening
Genre: Realistic - fiction
Author: Francisco Jimenez
Review Vocabulary with Partner

 üCan you say it?
 üCan you define it?
 üCan you say it in a sentence?
     preferred: like better
I preferred the Blue Pitbull, I like it better.
       blended: mixed
My mom blended some mangos, she
 mixed them to make a smoothie.
            sketched: drew
We sketched the Halloween pumpkin, we drew
          what it would look like.
        gestured: signaled
The crossing guard put up a red octagon
to gesture the cars to stop, she signaled
             them to a stop.
      Embarrassed : ashamed
 The monkey was embarrassed when she
picked her nose in front of her amigos, she
              was ashamed.
     Respond : answered
My dad responded to my question, he
    answered the silly question.
    Compare and Contrast

Compare- same
p. 111-112
 What examples of compare and contrast do we
   see in The Cow-Tail Switch and Other West
                African Stories?
       Team Talk
Let’s preview the questions.
 Use the table of contents to
 help you find the page.
Day 1 P. 149-150
Day 2 P. 151-153
Day 3 P. 154
                 Test Day
üPut 2 sticky notes on words that are new or
 unfamiliar to you
üRead Silently: Page 156-157
üFinish filling out your Idea Tree
üAnswer questions 1,3,4
üVocabulary 1-6
üChallenge 7-10
üFind vocabulary words
üRead a book Quietly
                       Team Talk
• Compare and Contrast Francisco and Curtis. (write) {CC}
• Why did Francisco befriend Arthur? (write) {CE}
• The author writes that the teacher moved her finger “as fast
  as a windshield wiper on a rainy day.” This is an example of –
   – A alliteration.
   – B a metaphor.
   – C exaggeration.
   – D a simile.
• Why do you think Francisco was interested in the caterpillar?
            Class Discussion
• What words did your group clarify?
    Writing Adventures- 15 min
Imagine you are Francisco. How do you feel on
            the first day of school?
      Give two details in your response.
               Scoring Guide
You answer the question                   25 points
Your answer explains or describes
with at least two details                 25 points
Your answer makes sense and has
Part of the question in it                20 points
Your answer is written in complete,
correct sentences                         20 points
Your writing has correct capitalization
and punctuation                           10 points
     Vocabulary Practice-10 min
• Divide your words with partner. Choose a
  word from your list to use in a meaningful
             Fluency – 5 min
• Page 149
             Fluency Rubric
100 points    Expressiveness
              Rate and correctness
90 points     Smoothness
              Rate and correctness
80 points     Rate and correctness
70 points     Correctness

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