Slide 1 - Teach ICT by yurtgc548


§ In a moment there will be a series of
  statements on screen.
§ You have to decide whether you think the
  statements are true or false.
§ If you think they are true you should run to
  the left-hand side of the room
§ If you think they are false you should run
  to the right-hand side of the room
§ Anyone on the wrong side of the room will
  be out.
All logos have writing in
 some form or another
Logos should be instantly
Most companies and pop
   bands have a logo
Logos are always small,
  usually the size of a
    postage stamp
Logos must use no more
    than two colours
You must be able to
 photocopy a logo
Complicated logos look
     much better
Logos should be included
    on all the band’s
 paperwork and products
Our school has a logo
You need a professional
 artist to design a logo

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