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									Stephen Gillett was Appointed as Chief Information Officer at Starbucks

Stephen Gillett was named Symantec’s chief operating officer in December 2012. In this role, he is responsible for
the corporate strategy, as well as business segment management, including consumer, enterprise, commercial,
public sector and government. He also oversees IT, sales and marketing operations including the strategic direction
for sales and marketing. In addition, his responsibilities include customer care, product renewals and cloud platform

Prior to joining Symantec, Gillett was Best Buy’s executive vice president and president, Best Buy Digital, Global
Marketing and Strategy. He was tasked with accelerating the transformation and growth agenda of Best Buy
through the advancement of key global business units and core business capabilities.

Prior to joining Best Buy, Gillett was executive vice president, Digital Ventures, and chief information officer at
Starbucks. A key member of Starbucks’ transformation team, Gillett designed and led the company’s efforts to
enhance the overall global business operations and improve the customer experience through the use of innovative
technology and digital experiences worldwide.

Gillett is highly regarded for his creativity, innovation and commitment to developing unparallel customer
experiences. In 2011, while at Starbucks, Gillett was named to Fortune’s ―Executive Dream Team.‖ That same
year, he was named Information Week’s ―Chief of the Year‖ and to Fortune’s ―40 Under 40‖ list. In 2012, Gillett
was the recipient of the 2012 Aspen Institute Henry Crown Fellowship. After joining Best Buy in 2012, in a study
commissioned by Forbes, Gillett was ranked one of the top five most influential Chief Marketing Officers.
Earlier in his career, Gillett was chief information officer for Corbis, a digital media company owned by Microsoft
founder Bill Gates. In that role, Gillett was responsible for global technology, engineering and leading platform
efforts for Corbis’ e-commerce and multimedia licensing business. Prior to Corbis, Gillett spent nearly a decade in
Silicon Valley, holding senior technology positions with Yahoo! and CNET Networks.

Gillett holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and an MBA from San Francisco State

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Other appointments, promotions and lateral moves of CIOs, CTOs and other senior IT executives that we picked up
this week include:

1. David Chandler was Appointed as Chief Information Officer at Produce Marketing Association
2. Cheryl Farrar was Appointed as Chief Information Officer at National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
3. Pamela O’Leary was Appointed as Chief Information Officer at South Shore Bank
4. Peter Tiedemann was Appointed as Chief Information Officer at Besra Gold

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                                      AARP is looking for a Chief Technology Officer, based in Washington, D.C.

                                      A Fortune 50 Company is looking for Chief Information Officer in San
                                      Francisco, CA.

                                      3. A leading digital tech company is looking for a Chief Technology Officer
                                      in San Francisco, CA.
                                                                              This event is for and about state and
                                                                              local government. The purpose of the
                                                                              event is to foster discussion and
                                                                              dialogue on the use of information
                                                      GovTech –               technology as a strategic tool for
                                                      Austin, TX –            managers, executives and policy
                                                      June 3-4, 2013          makers.
                                                                              Dell Enterprise Forum is the premier
                                                                              technical learning event for Dell
                                                                              enterprise customers and channel
                                                                              partners. The conference, held
                                                                              annually in the US and Europe, offers
                                                      Dell Enterprise         an intensive, interactive learning
                                                      Forum –                 experience across the data center—
                                                      San Jose, CA –          from storage and servers to
                                                      June 4-6, 2013          networking, converged and the cloud.
                 Innovate 2013: The IBM Technical
                 Summit is IBM’s premier networking
                 and educational conference for IT and
Innovate2013 –   engineering professionals engaged in
Orlando, FL –    all aspects of product development
June 2-6, 2013   and software delivery.

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