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									              Mid Luxury New residential flats in Gurgaon – new craze of the town

Gurgaon is one of the world class locations of NCR where realty demand is always high despite of
inflation and recession.

Gurgaon has always been a dream of luxury home buyers where large scale builders and developers are
playing good and earning great on these units. But due to economic slowdown, small scale niche buyers
are now drifting towards mid luxury segment where the housing starts at Rs. 80 lacs for a 2 bhk flat.

This makes the investors available with two options – Either invest in pre launch projects and wait for its
possession date to earn 100% profit or to invest in these middle luxury segments of housings which are
available at very cheap prices. This would also fetch you high profits but only when you have the best
opportunities and chances to play on.

The number of new deliverables in the Gurgaon market was higher than any other location which shows
that buyers are still very well receiving the new belongs here. New residential projects in Gurgaon have
almost 70% occupancy which is proving the fact that more and more investment is attracted towards
luxury dream homes than to go with the affordable ones in Noida. Although Noida is also no more
affordable, Noida too had been made the luxury area for providing realty. In short Gurgaon and Noida are
in tough competition because of the new fashion in the market. The rise of circle rates is bringing property
rates of Noida next to Gurgaon, which will make it tough for buyers to decide and make the purchasing

Although Gurgaon is very well connected to the national capital via metro and other public conveyances,
some of the areas are still waiting for their chance to get enclosed into Metro Net. These areas offering
new residential flats in Gurgaon are evidently cheap but have all the world class amenities and facilities
to explore.
For those who are looking for ready to move in properties, furnished resale flats in Gurgaon can be a
good option for them. Or even in new projects, they are ideal. This is because they are next to fresh units
which are not lived once and are available at cheaper prices than what is offered by the builders.
Gurgaon is the 21 century location where every buyer dreams to own his home, where he can live in
usher luxury and provide ample serenity amidst the nature and technology. Choose the best property
options at Propertymanthan.com or visit now 2bhkgurgaon.com for more information and details about
projects available for sale in the area.

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