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					How much salary do you ask?

When in an interview, you were asked how much salary you want, how to
properly answer that question without making it appear that you search high
salary or give any consideration given the impression you want.

In general, the company already has a standard range of salaries for the positions
offered. For applicants for the position and scarce higher usually have bargaining
power is higher. So in answer to the question you must first obtain a total reward
you will receive in a year. Total remuneration is salary and other benefits
provided, including incentives and bonuses. In addition it needs to be asked
whether the benefits offered including PPH or net.

In answering the question answer the reward you expect a year. Based on the
market price corresponding to the position as well as the added value that you
have. Please answer diplomatically: "I think this company would have to have a
standard reward for this position. Based on the experience I had and the
contribution I can give at this company, I was expecting to be given is at least
USD.... / Year plus facilities another in accordance with company regulations.

Negotiations on the payroll at this point are no longer considered taboo by most
companies, but you are expected to gather information first before you can
negotiate well.

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Description: when the interview you certainly never asked such questions. How much salary do you want? about your answer and what to do? and here is the right answer