SIFTED LIKE WHEAT by yurtgc548


									       SIFTED LIKE WHEAT
               TEXT: Luke 22:23-34
•   1 Cor. 10:12- “let he that thinks he stands take
    heed lest he fall.”
•   Eph. 6:14- “stand having loins girt about
    with truth.”
•   Eph. 3:20,21- God is so good to us.
•   All of us must beware lest Satan hits us from
    behind like the planes that hit the twin towers
    and we like Peter, end up doing things we
    never thought was possible for us to do.
               Luke 22:23-34
• Strife among the apostles over who would be
  the greatest- Answer- The servants
• V. 31- Jesus informs Peter that Satan had desired
  to have him to sift like wheat (1 Pet. 5:8)
• Christ prayed for Peter that “his faith not fail
  and when he was converted he would strengthen
  the brethren.”
• V. 33- Peter was sure he was ready to go with
  Jesus all the way to jail or death-Sin of
               Luke 22:34
• Jesus tells Peter that the rooster would not
  crow that day before he would deny Jesus
  three times.
• Read 54-62- What Peter confidently knew
  he would never do- HE DID, then he wept
  bitterly about it. – He denied due to fear.
  See Rev. 21:8- moral coward.
• Have you ever done what you said you
  would never do?
            Peter Overcomes
• Lk.24:9-12- Mary Magdalene and Mary the
  mother of James tell the apostles “he is risen
  and Peter arises and goes to the tomb. It is a
  touching scene as he beholds the linens folded
  and wonders to himself at what was come to
  pass (He overcomes his despair).
• Acts 2 and 10 He overcomes fear and prejudice,
  in Acts 4:18-20 he cannot help but speak the
  things he has seen and heard. NO denial now!
How Did Peter End Up Doing What
He Thought Himself Incapable Of?
• Jn. 6:68- Lord, to whom shall we go?
• Matt. 16:18- You are the Christ, the Son
• Luke 8:24- He walked on water but began
  to sink when looked aside to wind and
• Mk.14:37- He slept in the garden.
• Jn. 21:15-23- Do you love me Peter?
• Jn. 21:20- What shall this man do?
         What Peter Teaches Us
• 1 Pet. 2:11,12- He was an apostle of hope and in
  1:3 he tells us we are begotten unto a lively hope
  to an incorruptible inheritance, undefiled, non-
  fading – reserved in heaven for you who are
  kept by God’s power
• Peter tells us we will face trials 1:6,7
• Prophets prophesied salvation and grace would
  come on them 1:10.
• 1:13- gird up loins, be serious and hope to end.
                 Peter’s Lessons
• As obedient children, he holy, pass time with fear 1:14-
  19- the price of our redemption – The Blood of Jesus
  planned before world began.
• 1:22- Love with pure heart, 23 begotten by word
• 1 Peter 2- put aside all malice, hypocrisy and desire milk
  of word to grow.
• 2:9- holy nation, royal priests, peculiar people called out
  of darkness into kingdom of light.
• 2:10- abstain from fleshly lusts. Submit to laws
• Jesus suffered for us. 2:25- all have gone astray!
         Closing Lessons From 1 Peter
• 4:16-19
• 5:6-9
• 2 Peter 1:5-10.
• Peter went from the depths to the heights with Christ.
• Conclusion- 2 Peter 1:5-10.
• Learn from Peter that what you think could never happen to
  you, can! Peter seemed to live the rest of his days serving the
• What event in his life would he change? He learned valuable
  lessons in the valleys of his life that made him able to be who he
  was. We need to thank God for valleys. Country song, God
  gives us mountains so we can learn to climb.
      Satan Seeks to Sift Today
•   Our children
•   Us
•   The Church
•   Society
•   There are many saints as well as our Lord who
    are wanting all of us to persevere and gain the
    victory. The Lord is ready to help you keep from
    being sifted like wheat. Once again you have a
    chance to obey Him. What will it be?

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