“The Student Experience” Staff Consultative Council 10 December by dffhrtcv3


									“The Student Experience”

    Staff Consultative Council
       10 December 2009
  Simeon Underwood, Academic
The academic and teaching
• The Teaching Task Force
• LSE 100
• APD year-long study skills programme
• Development of Moodle; and other
  information skills training
• Focus on feedback from formative and
  summative assessment
• Future focus on research-led teaching
Academic support
• Continuing improvements to Library estate
• Extended library opening hours
• Improvements to classroom environment,
  including IT and AV equipment
• Continuing developments in LSE4U
• Developments in remote and mobile access to
  information and services, including personal
• ‘The LSE Award’
• Increased foreign languages provision
Administrative services
• Redevelopment of Fourth Floor restaurant,
  and increased opening hours
• Immigration advice unit in ARD
• Major changes to financial support
• New approach to orientation; increase in
  provision of mentoring for new students
• Moves towards a cashless payments
Social experience
• Pro-Director’s Group on campus relations
• APD guidance on working with students who
  give ‘cause for concern’
• Review of pastoral support arrangements in
  Halls of Residence
• Single student handbook across Halls of
• Continued expansion of public events
• Additional support for the Careers Service
Also …
• Work on new Student Building
Monitoring and evaluation
• National Student Survey – improving the
  response rate
• International Student Barometer
• Postgraduate Research Experience
• School Teaching survey – radical overhaul
• On-line survey of student experience in
  Halls recently introduced
Communicating with students
•   New electronic newsletter
•   New ‘Meet the Managers’ meetings
•   Review of effectiveness of SSLCs
•   Feedback from student Fora
•   ‘Services Fair’ in Lent Term

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