$500,000 Sweepstakes by monomachines


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									                                                                                     Offer Valid

                                                                                  June 1 - October 31,

     • 1,000,000 EnerGel-X products will be marked with
       “Power of Pentel” stickers with entry code inside
     • Customers enter their unique code for a chance to win $500,000
        ($250,000 for winner/ $250,000 for school of winner’s choosing)

     • 50 secondary prize winners will receive a
       Pentel backpack lled with over $200 in Pentel
       writing instruments

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     • Pentel expects massive media coverage due to
       the large dollar amount given to education
     • Outreach e orts directly to school districts and sweepstakes
       bloggers will create over 60,000,000 impressions
     • A dedicated microsite will host the contest and display entry rules
     • “Where to Buy” links will showcase retailers carrying EnerGel-X products
     • Contact jcole@pentel.com for prebuilt banners, camera-ready art, co-op
       press releases and school yers to maximize promotion visibility

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