Week 6 SAT Words by dffhrtcv3


									 Due to the Personal Protection Classes,
 the words this week will be provided in
handout form! (Quiz on Friday as usual!)
Washington DC is
 full of lobbyists,
 hired by special
 interest groups,
 who try to
 politicians to vote
 in ways that
 benefit their
 particular group.
A study of human
 longevity must
 surely include this
 woman, who lived
 to 128 years old.
 (She was born in
 1878, and died in
The mundane
 nature of work
 such as this is
 not to be
 desired. (No
 here, thank you   Variations: mundanity (adj)
 very much.)       The mundanity of such a
                   job renders it rather
Danny tried to seem
 nonchalant after
 his dance floor fail
 —but sadly, he
 never recovered
 from the
 embarassment, and
 his last years of
 high school were
 spent hiding in the
 boiler room.
As the newest
 employee in
 the English
 Martha was
 often chastised
 for the
 mistakes she
 made as a
 novice teacher.
                                   The Protestant
                                    Church was
                                    founded partly on
                                    the belief that
                                    the opulent
                                    displays of the
                                    Catholic Church
                                    were more about
                                    the glory of man
Variations: opulence (n) The        than the glory of
opulence of the Vatican is truly
stunning.                           God.
Cicero (106 BC-43 BC)
  was a famous Roman
  orator, philosopher
  and statesman, who
  once wrote, “Any
  man is liable to err,
  but only a fool
  persists in error.”

 Variations: oration (n) The president’s
 most well-known oration is the State of
 the Union Address.
 orate (v) The president will orate this
 Sunday is his weekly radio address.
Saturn was a
 prudent father,
 which is why he
 ate his offspring
 so that they could
 never usurp his
 position of power.
Because of her
 young son Bob’s
 perfidious habits,
 his mother was
 forced to invest
 heavily in
 “Children’s Ram-a
 -liar” Truth Syrup.
Jacob always was
 a precocious
 child, and was
 only the tender
 young age of 3 ½
 when he began
 to compose his
 first symphony.

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