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					Searching EMBASE

Alex Denby
Regional MI Manager
London Medicines Information Service
(Northwick Park Hospital)
              Session aims
n   To understand the concepts of a basic
    search strategy in Embase

n   To describe the EMTREE thesaurus in
    detail so that you will be able to apply
    EMTREE to use Embase efficiently

n   To carry out advanced Embase searches

n What is Embase? (precourse material)
n Medline v Embase (precourse material)
n NLH Software – searching tools
n Worked Examples
    Searching EMBASE
n Controlled vocabulary = EMTREE
n Uses natural language
n US spellings rather than British
n INNs used where possible
n Acronyms & abbreviations can be used
n Tree Structure – Hierarchy
n Indexing: Terms added/Drug names
            NLH Software
n   Open Internet and type:
n   Select ‘Specialist resources’ / ‘Search
    Specialist Databases’
n   Enter Athens password
n   Click on “Healthcare Database Advanced
    Search” and select Embase
           NLH Software

n Embase 1974 to date
n 2 options to search for terms:
    ¨ Thesaurus mapping
    ¨ Browse headings
    Explode/Major descriptor
n   Explode
    ¨ Includes  everything below in the tree
    ¨ ‘exp’ is put before keyword in results
n   Major description (Focus)
    ¨ Only   includes articles where the MeSH
      heading (descriptor) is the main focus of
      the article
    ¨ ‘*’ is put before keyword in results

n   Many more subheading options for
    drugs compared with Medline
    e.g. diclofenac

n   By choosing ‘Select’, all subheadings
    for the term will be chosen without
    either Exploding or Majoring on the
        CAS numbers

n No real need to use them in EMBASE
n Most medicines have EMTREE terms –
  even recently licensed ones
n If a drug hasn’t got an EMTREE term
  assigned – use free text
n Limit searches in similar way to Medline
n Differences compared with Medline
      Publication types

n Publication types have their own facet
  / tree top of EMTREE terms that are
n Facet J: types of article or study
n Build up your search and combine in
  the usual way (using BOOLEAN) with
  other search terms
        Worked example 1

n   Are there any papers specifically
    about the use of linezolid for the
    treatment of MRSA?

(Workshop question 1)
       Worked example 2

n   Are there any review articles about
    inhaler use in asthmatic children
    under 4?

(Workshop question 2)
      Worked example 3
n   Is there any evidence that
    minocycline is more effective than
    any of the other tetracyclines that
    are licensed for the treatment of
    acne (tetracycline, lymecycline,
    oxytetracycline, doxycycline)?

(Workshop question 5)
Any questions?

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