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					        Realizing the Vision
              of ERP
                  Front-ends for the
                    real end user

May 2000 CUMREC                    1
   Jennifer Foutty, Director
University Information Systems

           May 2000 CUMREC       2

w Indiana University
w The “problem”
w IU’s solution
w Architecture
w Strategy
w Real Life Examples

            May 2000 CUMREC   3
 IU Background
w 8 Campuses
w Over 92,000 students enrolled state wide
w 14,500 full-time faculty and staff
w Bloomington – traditional flagship campus
w Indianapolis – urban campus with professional
schools; includes Purdue students

                     May 2000 CUMREC              4
                The “problem”

w Most ERP systems are focused on “back office”
w Most ERP systems don’t address integration at the
  transaction/activity level
w Most ERP systems don’t manage decision support
  (reporting/analysis) well
w Most Universities have other systems that need to
  be integrated with their ERP systems
w Most ERP vendors don’t address well a REAL web
                    May 2000 CUMREC                   5
           User Perspective
 Services for Students                Services for Faculty
 and Parents                          and Researchers

               Information Environment

                                        Services for
Services for Employees

                    May 2000 CUMREC                      J   6
          What does the user want?

w   Single sign-on
w   Common look-and-feel
w   Web access
w   Show them only what they need to do their business
w   Guide them through the process
w   Route information electronically when needed
w   One place to do all their business
w   Look up information when they need it
w   Run a report or download data when they need it
                      May 2000 CUMREC                7
                           End User Perspective

w Full Piece of Business
      n   Hire someone and Fund their pay
      n   Register, Bill, and Pay
                                                           Register, Bill and Pay
          Hire & Fund                                      Functionality
                                                                                        Bill       Pay
                                 Medicine       Register     “ACE”        Apply FA
     Hire                                                                             Process     Process
                       Fund      Eligibility    Process      Process       Process
    Process           Process
                                 SoM           Registration Legacy       PS FA       PS Bursar   Financial
 Human Res.          Financial   System        PS Module System          Module      Module      System
 System              System

n   Component architecture
n   Small Systems integration
                                 May 2000 CUMREC                                           B           8
                 IU’s solution

w Use ERP for back-office processing
w Use other vended and home grown systems
  that are in place or planned
w Build a web front-end for all real end users
w Use a portal type of environment
w Put all activities in the portal, not “systems”
w Be able to “swap out” systems as needed

                   May 2000 CUMREC                  9
May 2000 CUMREC   10
                    “Portal Strategy”

w One-stop for all activities
w Single sign-on
w Web front-end, with activities available based upon
  who I am
w Customizable
w Includes all activities
   n   “personal” for students, parents, employees
   n   “administrative” for IU business
   n   “analytical” for IU decision-making

                           May 2000 CUMREC              11
  My IU
   Welcome! John Smith
In-Box                       Enroll in Classes
Customize My IU              See my Financial Aid
                             Perform degree audit
    Customize My IU
                             Edit Monthly Payroll Voucher
                             Run Payroll report
                             Extract list of full-time faculty by dep

                  May 2000 CUMREC     at my Accumulated Benefits
               IU’s Architecture

w Development environment required for
  building front-end
  n   Compuware’s Uniface with web deployment
w Middleware to link front-end to back-end
  n   Com+ spec, plus URBA
w PeopleSoft back-end
  n   Message agent, then “business components”?

                    May 2000 CUMREC                13
May 2000 CUMREC   14

w Phase in over time
w Convert legacy systems
   n   Use metaframe for client/server on web
w Begin portal with hyperlinks to other systems, then
  convert to activities
w Design the front-end for the end user
   n   so the back-end can evolve over time with minimal
w Leverage developer productivity by reusing
  components across systems
                        May 2000 CUMREC                    15
            Real Life Examples

w IU is using PeopleSoft for HRMS and SA
w Human Resources Management System –
  payroll, benefits admin, applicant tracking,
  tenure tracking, etc.
w Student Information System – admissions,
  records, student financials, financial aid,

                  May 2000 CUMREC                16
             Examples from HRMS

w Administrative
  n   Hire somebody
  n   Put a faculty member on leave
  n   Process timekeeping
  n   Do the payroll
w Personal
  n   Change my benefits enrollment
  n   Record my time off
  n   Look at my payroll stub

                       May 2000 CUMREC   17
                Examples from SIS

w Personal
  n   Register, pay my bill
  n   Look up financial aid
  n   Drop a course, with routing to advisor and financial aid
      office before approval
w Administrative
  n   Route admissions applications for evaluation
  n   Load gradebook from local file, with routing to Dean’s
      office and Registrar before approval

                        May 2000 CUMREC                          18

       May 2000 CUMREC   19

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