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					What Causes Wine Allergies Although not as common as food allergies, people affected
by wine allergies have as severe reactions as with any allergy. Sometimes people are
even unaware that they may have wine allergies, chalking up symptoms to "something
they ate" or even being "hung over". The symptoms can be hives, severe headaches after
just a small consumption of wine, itchy eyes, skin rashes and this can even trigger an
asthma attack. What Causes Wine Allergies Even though, the first thought when someone
has wine allergies is, could it be the alcohol? There are many more ingredients that are
the probable culprit in this type of allergic reaction. The production of wine is somewhat
complicated, using a method to produce the wine; and then, one to preserve it. In both
processes there are many additives used to complete the entire wine making process. A
common element found naturally in wine is sulphur dioxide. This compound is found on
growing plants, including grapes. It is additionally added by winemakers because it helps
to prevent organisms from growing in the wine. In addition, it keeps the wine from
turning to vinegar by slowing yeast growth. There are limits to how much sulphur
dioxide can be added to wine. For many with wine allergies, this ingredient may be the
cause of their condition. Sweeter wines contain more sulphur dioxide; these are more
likely to be white wines. Red wines contain a larger variety of ingredients, and people
with wine allergies may have more reactions when drinking red wine. Histamines can be
found in red wine, and this could be a trigger for some with wine allergies. The reaction
seen from histamines is usually like a hay fever attack, with sneezing and itchy eyes. To
discover exactly which component is causing the wine allergies, a patient can through a
skin-prick test. If there is no skin reaction to any of the ingredients, than the patient has a
wine intolerance, not wine allergies. With diagnoses of intolerance, further steps can be
taken to learn how to eliminate that ingredient from your diet. Organic wines are
becoming more popular, enabling people with wine allergies to still enjoy a favorite
beverage. There are several organic vineyards that can be located through internet
searches. These vineyards are kept to strict standards to maintain the integrity of the
organic label. Learning what ingredients cause wine allergies and possible ways to avoid
the ingredients can enable people to enjoy a glass of wine. This website also has other
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