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									Youth for Seva
        Plans for 2008

Experience the joy of giving
        First 9 months of YFS
           (Mar-Dec 2007)
• Over 380 registered volunteers. Over 125
  engaged in projects.
• 2 Full time staff (Soumya and Lava).
• Successful Tuitions, cultural activities at
  Nele centers, Samarthanam.
• Experiments in slums to assist in tuitions.
• Spoken English classes at three places.
• YFS interview on radio (FM 107.3)
    First 9 months (Contd…)
• Corporate engagement – charity candle
  sale, Mphasis sponsored picnic.
• Monthly E-Newsletter run by volunteers.
• E-Services: Website for Arunachetana
• Experiment at MLA college to engage
  over 70 volunteers.
• Workshop on spoken English for
      2007 in Retrospection
• Need more short term projects.
• Need projects where language is not
  a barrier.
• Plans to engage students during
• Plans for volunteers capacity building
  – Guest lectures, workshops, etc.
 2007 in Retrospection(Contd.)
• Need organizational structure for
• Fundraising activities.
• More team-building activities for
• Special projects for housewives.
               Plans for 2008
• Volunteer meetings: Central
  – Once in 2 months – Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov.
    (First Sunday 4-6:30pm)
  – 1 hour: Capacity building program
  – 1 hour: Planning.
• Volunteer meetings: Project wise(area wise)
  – Once in two months – Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct,
  – Time and place to be decided by local volunteers.
               Plans for 2008
• Ongoing activities:
  – Spoken English classes, tuitions at Nele, slums,

• School kit sponsorship drive (April-
  – Jan-Feb: Preparatory work.
  – March-April: Campaign
  – May-June: Distribution, documenting & reporting.
              Plans for 2008
• Clothes Collection and Distribution Drive
  – January: Experiment in 2 apartments/companies;
    Find out distribution mechanism.
  – January: Prepare project plan and budget.
  – February: Experiment in 2-4 companies.
  – February: Get corporate sponsorship.
  – March – December: Ongoing activity.
                   Plans for 2008
• Seva Vacations:
   –   Students Volunteering during their vacation.
   –   January: Launch with Engineering students.
   –   February: Prepare a calendar of vacations for all courses.
   –   June: Engage other degree students.
• Volunteer Outing (Educational, team building)
   – March: One day trip (morning till night).
   – Place: To be decided.
   – We discussed about the option of weekend trip, but it was
     decided to do 1 day this time.
                    Plans for 2008
• Seva Walkathon: September
  –   Umbrella model.
  –   Platform for networking with NGOs.
  –   Fundraiser for partner NGOs and also YFS.
  –   Donors designate the recipient NGO.

• Medical (Ongoing):
  – Medical camps in slums.
  – Volunteering in hospitals.

• Government/corporation schools
  – Art & Culture program: ongoing.
  – Specially engage housewives and college students.
                 Plans for 2008
• Charity Sale during Diwali : October
  – Last year, we did it for candles from Aruna Chetana.
  – Expand items and also NGOs.

• Seva Nidhi in November.
  – Individual Social Responsibility (ISR).
  – In the spirit of ‘Yajna’.
  – All volunteers contribute funds to YFS. Completely
  – Suggestion came about giving a YFS box to every one to
    keep it at home so that family can contribute regularly.
                                 YFS - 2008
                          Spoken English Classes, Tuitions
                      Government School Project, Medical Project
                                  Newsletter, PR

 YFS                         YFS                  YFS             YFS                 YFS
Meeting                     Meeting              Meeting         Meeting             Meeting

 Jan   Feb    Mar     Apr     May       Jun       Jul      Aug     Sep       Oct      Nov      Dec

 Seva        YFS                       Seva                  Seva          Charity    Seva
Vacation     Outing                   Vacation              Walkathon       Sale      Nidhi

                        School Kit Drive

                                              Clothes Drive
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