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					Wireless Opportunities

 Newspapers 2000 CONNECTIONS Track
 Moscone Center
 Sunday, June 18, 2000
      Agenda For this Panel
• You’ll leave knowing why Newspapers
  should care about “being mobile”
• You’ll see how the platform might work,
  and how we might pay for it
• You’ll hear what users want from wireless
  info, how advts. plan to use the medium,
  and how it could change how they buy.
• You’ll have every reason to get involved in
  what the industry is doing.
          Why Should We Care
• Today, 70 million cellular subscribers, 40
  million paging subscribers
• Japan: Carrier signed up 4.2 million wireless
  data subscribers in one year (25K/day)
• By 2002, there will be more wireless users than
  wired users (IDC); and an estimated 108 million
  Web-enabled phones in U.S. (AT&T)
• By 2003, 30% of households will have at least
  two connected devices (Forrester).
"It is easy to envision a time in the
next few years when the majority of
Internet access could be through
wireless and not wired means.”
                  -- International Data Corp.
        Why Should We Care
• Beyond phones: 10 million personal digital
  devices shipped in 1999
• Palm: 7 million+ units in circulation, plans
  to incorporate wireless capabilities (*70K
  developers authoring for the Palm OS)
• On the horizon: specialized, information-
  specific wireless devices, including some
  targeted just at local city guide info
            Success Factors
• High penetration of Internet-ready phones --
  eventually they’ll all be
• Faster transmission speeds
• Lower subscription fees (choice of “free”
  Web browsing)
• Easier-to-use wireless phones
• More content that takes advantage of the
      New Media Federation
• Understand the landscape
• Meetings with wireless players
• Communicate findings to NAA membership
• Carriers are listening. You have something
  they want.
• Users want local information.
• High potential to extend the loyalty of your
  audiencre to a medium that is tactical,
  relevant, local and immediate.
      Converse With the Carriers

•   They control the phone (billing relationship)
•   The interface (convenience)
•   The localization mechanism
•   The marketing/affiliation deals
               The Threat
• Competition: Yahoo!, AOL’s Digital City,
  Ticketmaster-City Search all there.
• Forrester (June 2000) says 93% of major
  content providers will support Internet cell
  phones and 96% PDAs by 2002. Average
  spending on these platforms will quadruple
  to $1.5 million on average.
• The most cited reason given (82%) as to
  WHY content producers are doing this is
  the medium’s ability to engender
                The Threat
•   High potential for “slotting inflation”
•   Diminished habitual PC usage
•   Enablers could become the next portals
•   Yellow Pages and carriers themselves may
    siphon off directory-enabled commerce and
    extend their promotional clout locally
       Influencing Purchases

“The growth in wireless use and the
convenience and sophistication of wireless
devices means wireless call and
response will replace Yellow
Pages lookups as lead generators
for local stores.”
                         -- The Kelsey Group
Wireless Device
Selection Process
   No Consensus on Business Model
• AT&T Wireless: Standardize offerings,
  pay bounties and split revenues.
• SprintPCS: Sell “home screen” to big
  players, but not paid services to users
• Both want a piece of e-commerce
• We want it all -- subscriptions,
  advertising, bounties...
    What Can We Do That the User
           Might Want?
• Alerts -- classifieds, auctions, stocks, news
• Offers -- tickets, sales (click to buy)
• Directions -- driving or walking
• Scheduling -- own and service providers
• Organizing -- contacts (including IM), useful
• Horoscopes and Soap Opera Digest
Reasons for Using Internet
•35K sign-
ups in one
in one
                     drew 3,500
 Access Atlanta
                     subscribers to its
 JuneauAlaska        wireless editions
                     in one week.’s
PalmPilot edition
           What NAA is Doing
• Data conversion techniques
• Working with Nando Media to develop “wireless
  application server” prototype
• Offering training materials, seminar at N2K
• Building index of wireless editions (including
  audiotex systems)
• Discussing collaboration issues
• Initiating discussions /road show contacts
          What Can You Do?
• Use it
• Put useful info into a database
• “Mobilize it, personalize it, localize it”
• Make services useful/mandatory, and
• Experiment with email and “creeping
  permission” services
• Keep it simple, but targeted
• Draw from past experience, but don’t
  expect everything to convey
 What Are Our Panelists Doing?
• Ed Canale, Director of Strategic Development
  and New Media, The Sacramento Bee
• Peter Howley, Business Development Director,
  Washington Post Newsweek Interactive
• Tom Bair, Director of Convergence
  Technologies, SF Interactive Inc.
• Gary A. Lillian, Senior Vice
  President/Marketing & Communications, Jiffy
• Mike Mills, Business Development VP, Aether
  Systems Inc.
Sacbee has a
deal with
Verizon under
which it receives
an ongoing
bounty for
subscribers who
want news on
their wireless

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