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					Exploring the Wild Kingdom

• This exploratory will engage learners of all
• The exploratory unit on wildlife is designed to
  expound on the interests in the fields of
  nature, animal biology, conservation and
• The students will be introduced to the
  diversity of the different disciplines of life
• Many activities, to provide the students with
  exposure to the different types of animals, are
  included in this unit.
• The cumulative activity at the end of this
  unit will require the students to draw on
  their knowledge from previous activities to
  complete a scavenger hunt at the local zoo.
• Students will experience a new knowledge
  base on the diversity of animals and also
  opportunities for careers in these fields.
      Day 1- Spineless Wonders
• Goals:
   – Discuss the diversity of invertebrates
   – Introduce the 6 different groups
   – The students will observe the kinds of invertebrates that
     live in the local environments with an activity.
                Day 2- Fish food
• Goals:
   – Students will look at the body systems of cnidarians (flatworms).
   – Look at the different types of body symmetry.
   – Complete an investigation on worm behavior.
       Day 3 - Shells and Spines
• Goals:
   – Describe different types of mollusks and their features.
   – Describe different types of echinoderms and their features.
   – Observe details of mollusks and echinoderm shells in an
  Day 4- Exoskeletons and Joints
• Goals:
   – Explore arthropods, the largest group of invertebrates.
   – Recognize that all arthropods have exoskeletons.
   – Describe the process of metamorphosis that insects
   – Observe the development process of meal worms,
     including molting.
         Day 5 - Finding Nemo
• Goals:
  – Explain vertebrates have internal skeletons with
  – Discuss how fish are adapted for water.
  – Characterize the 3 main groups of fish.
  – Explore how the shape of a fish helps it move.
       Day 6 - Exploring Kermit
• Goals
   – Discuss the characteristics of amphibians, vertebrates
     that can live on land for part of their lives.
   – Explain that amphibians are ectotherms
   – Explore how the ability to jump helps a frog survive on
    Day 7 - Still finding Kermit
• Goals:
  – Explore the differences between adult frogs and
  – Observe the lifecycle of the frog.
        Day 8 - Scales and claws
• Goals:
   – Recognize the characteristics of reptiles, vertebrates
     that can live on land for their entire lives.
   – Explain why reptiles are ectotherms.
   – Observe and describe the characteristics of eggs
     through a hands on activity.
      Day 9 - Scales and Claws
• Goals
  – Explore the connection between animals that
    can walk up walls or across ceilings.
  – Explore the challenge of geckos being able to
    walk up wet surfaces versus dry ones.
     Day 10 - Birds of a feather
• Goals:
  – Recognize that birds are endotherms.
  – Describe how birds adaptations allow them to
    live in many environments.
  – Explain the adaptations that enable birds to fly.
     Day 11- Birds of a feather
• Goals:
  – Explore different types of beaks.
  – Explore how feathers differ.
  – Look at different types of birds.
             Day 12 -Mammals
• Goals:
   – Recognize that mammals are endotherms.
   – Describe the diversity of adaptations that are found in
   – Explain that mammals produce milk, which is food for
     their young.
   – Make models to show how fat keeps a mammal warm.
           Day 13 -Mammals
• Goals:
  – Explore different mammalian diets.
  – Explore different types of mammalian skulls.
  – Explore the different mammalian habitats.
  Day 14 - Careers with animals
• Goals:
• Explore the different professions that are
  available in the different areas of life
• Guest Speaker: Zoologist from the local
  Day 15 - Field Trip to the Zoo
• Goals:
• Observe the different type of animals
  discussed over the unit.
• Observe their environments.
• Complete a zoo scavenger hunt obtained
  from the local zoo.
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