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					                          OFFICE OF THE LEGISLATIVE AUDITOR
OL A                       STATE OF MINNESOTA • James Nobles, Legislative Auditor

                                      Report Summary
                            Department of Management and Budget
                                  Federal Compliance Audit

Financial Audit Division Report 13-18                                                          Released July 25, 2013

The Department of Management and Budget did not comply with federal reporting requirements
related to the preparation and submission of the Financial and Compliance Report on Federally
Assisted Programs for fiscal year 2012, as noted in the following Finding and Recommendation
section. The department complied with and had internal controls to ensure compliance with other
legal requirements applicable to the state’s administration of federal programs.


        The Department of Management and Budget did not finalize the Schedule of
         Expenditures of Federal Awards in order to submit its single audit report to the federal
         government in a timely manner.

Audit Objective and Scope
The objective of our audit was to determine whether the Department of Management and Budget
complied with federal program requirements in its oversight and administration of the state’s
federal programs. These requirements included general compliance requirements related to
federal assistance and the preparation of the state’s Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards
for fiscal year 2012. This audit is part of our broader federal single audit objective to obtain
reasonable assurance about whether the State of Minnesota complied with the types of
compliance requirements that are applicable to each of its federal programs.

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