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 Intro ductio n to Islam

                                               Be lie f in t he Ange ls .                   Be lie f in Allaah .
                                               Be lie f in Divine ly-re ve ale d            Be lie f in t he Divine Will and
                                               Bo o ks .                                    De c re e .
                                               Be lie f in t he Jinn,                       Be lie f in t he Last Day and
                                               wit c hc raf t and t he e vil e ye .         t he Signs o f t he Ho ur .
                                               Be lie f in t he Me sse nge rs .

                                      1         Will right eous deeds t hat t he son did when his parent s
                                                were angry be accept ed?.
                                      2         T he wisdom behind deeds being shown t o Allah
                                                repeat edly, daily, weekly and annually.
                                      3         Is it permissible f or ordinary people t o label as a kaaf ir
                                                one who reviles Islam, wit hout ref erring t o t he scholars              178080
» He is mentally ill                            concerning t hat ?.
and does not pray
                                      4         If t he angels do not approach t he dead body of a kaaf ir,
4    If t he angels do not approach t he dead body of a kaaf ir,
     t hen how can he be quest ioned in t he grave?.
5    What should she do as she prayed against herself
     asking t hat she not be successf ul and her du‘aa’ was         171782
     accompanied by an oat h?.
6    Being reckless wit h regard t o zina on t he grounds t hat
     t he Muslim who commit s sin will never st ay in Hell f or     169677
     et ernit y.
7    She became Muslim but did not announce her Islam, and
     t hey want t o arrange her marriage t o a Christ ian.
8    Meaning of t he words of t he Prophet (blessings and
     peace of Allah be upon him) concerning t hose who will
     be brought f ort h f rom Hell, “[T hey] never did anyt hing
9    Is f ait h in t he heart suf f icient f or a person t o be a
10   T he dif f erence bet ween mu‘jizah, karaamah (t wo t ypes
     of miracles) and wit chcraf t .
11   Causes of weakness of f ait h .                                20059

12   T he soul of t he deceased does not come back t o his
     f amily or his house .
13   She swore t hat she would not eat f rom t heir wealt h
     unless t hey st opped dealing wit h bonds concerning           114459
     which t he scholars dif f ered.
14   Will Allaah punish women who make a want on display of
     t heir beaut y (t abarruj)?.
15   Do major sins cancel out good deeds?.                          107241

16   T he “miracles of nat ure” t hat are widely spoken of
17   He is not sure whet her he ut t ered t he shahaadat ayn,
     t wo years af t er he became Muslim.
18   Guidelines on t akf eer (ruling someone t o be a kaaf ir).     85102
                19         Is ut t ering t he Shahaadat ayn suf f icient t o ent er
                20         Bad deeds may erase good deeds.                                    81874

                                        12            20           quest ion/page

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