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									Newsletters For International Business Development As an international business
developer, one of your primary concerns should be to use all available tools to build trust
with your foreign prospects and clients. Most cross-cultural communication barriers are a
direct result in lack of trust. So not only do you have to actively work on building trust
building, you also need to highlight your current trust-building efforts and continually
bring them to your clients attention. Building trust can seem vague. But it becomes easy
when you learn that you build trust through clarity and consistency. This means you need
to communicate clearly and consistently. If you are building a business you also need to
be proactive in your communication. A Monthly Newsletter It is no surprise that one of
the oldest communication tools is also a good trust-building communication tool.
Newsletters have been around for a long time. Although some people may think their
market is tired of newsletters, market fatigue is usually not at fault. If you feel your
newsletter is not working for you, your newsletter is probably not addressing a key
element. Let's look at why a newsletter is a great tool for your international business
development. This list will help you understand what needs to go into a good newsletter.
Building Trust Through Consistency A newsletter gives you a tool to provide consistent
information on a regular, and again consistent, basis. The content you provide in your
newsletter should be consistent. Consistent with your topic and with your readers
expectations. Your newsletter's publication schedule should also be consistent. Your
consistency will reinforce the reasons why your readers should listen to you. Newsletters
are a great tool to build trust in your international markets. Business Clarity And
Specificity Your newsletter also gives you a tool to communicate clarity in your business

Avoid mixed signals. Create a congruent message. Provide proof to your claims. This is a
very important part of successful newsletters for either domestic or international
audiences. Many people do not make their newsletter congruent with their markets.
Successful use of congruency in your international marketing is one of the determining
factors in successful international business development. Newsletters are a great tool to
communicate with clarity about the specificity and congruency of what you do. Cultures
Where Newsletters Work Best According to the 5 different cultural behavioral scales
there are some countries where newsletters should be promoted more. I do not want to list
countries here, because the statistics that are available are old. I also feel that
generalizations in business can easily lead to big mistakes. The theory that concerns us
here is:

Some cultures have a high tendency towards individualism, the United States and Great
Britain for example. Some cultures have a high tendency towards collectivism, China,
several other far eastern countries and also several South American countries. The
important thing to remember is that high collectivism cultures are where people respond
better to a group. Newsletters bring people together, so they should give you good results
in high collectivism countries. This does not mean that newsletters do not work as well in
the other countries. This does mean that your high collectivism market should react well
to newsletters. So if you want to expand into these countries, try creating a culture
targeted newsletter for these countries. Also remember to pay attention to responses
within these markets when promoting your newsletter. Newsletters are a cultural
communication tool. Multichannel Marketing Element If you are serious about
developing your international markets, you will need to use a few different marketing
channels to communicate with your foreign markets. There are several reasons why
multichannel marketing is important:

To find the best way to communicate with foreign markets To create presence when you
are not physically there To give you good communication tools to stimulate market
feedback To continue your conversation elsewhere and stay in front of your prospects
Newsletters are an easy way to touch your markets on a large scale. You can easily use
your newsletter within an integrated marketing program or international lead generation
strategy. Newsletters are a key component in many multichannel marketing strategies.
Easy To Culture Customize One of the best reasons to create a newsletter specifically for
one target country, is that it is an easy option. In todays world, people do not want long
articles. One very cost-effective way to create a culture-customized presence in a foreign
country on a small budget, is create a monthly newsletter for each country you are
targeting. A simple, monthly, 2 page newsletter, with 4 short articles will not cost you a
fortune. The plus side, is that you will get more mileage out of your investment with
minimal planning. You can easily re-purpose the 4 articles in your monthly newsletter
and use them in different marketing channels. Each month this could give you the
following culturally customized touches in your target country:

1. 2-page newsletter 4 weekly articles on your country specific website 4 weekly blog
   posts 4 weekly emails 4 weekly audio blasts if you take the time to have someone read
   them. You can even print out your newsletter on one double sided piece of paper and
   mail it to your prospects your clients, or distribute it out at events. And, if you think
   strategically about the subjects you cover each month, a year later you could have 12
   useful evergreen product sheets, or case studies to help you develop your international
   sales. Culture customized newsletters are great value when developing your business in
   different countries. International Communication Tools If you currently do not have a
   newsletter targeted to your international audience, consider the points above and give it
   a try. Instead of thinking of newsletters as company communication, look at
   newsletters as a culture targeted communication tool. Change your perspective of
   newsletters for an even better understanding of how you can use your newsletter to
   build you business. Are you committed to speeding up your international sales cycles?
   Learn how to combine cross-cultural marketing tools and international sales strategies
   for faster sales. Join us on the International Sales Road Map. Would you like to
   develop your international business? Are you a beginner at international sales and
   marketing? Read the Beginners Guide Discover Your International Business. Cindy
   King is a Cross-Cultural eMarketer & International Sales Specialist, aligning
   businesses with different cultures. She has over 25 years field experience in
   international business development and helps mid-sized business owners create
   international business development strategies that shorten time to profitability.

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