Facts About the Human Circulatory System - How Does Your Heart Keep Pumping

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					Facts About the Human Circulatory System - How Does Your Heart Keep Pumping?
What does the average individual know about the heart? Well we know that without one,
or one that is not working properly we would not be able to live. We know that it the
pumping system for the maze of blood vessels that run through our body that we know as
the circulatory system .Some of us know that the heart has four chambers or
compartments, that have to do with blood coming in and blood going out. We are also
aware of the signs that the heart is running into problems. In recent years we have
become more aware as to how we can take care of our hearts. So really then why do we
need to know anymore, I mean we have medical professionals for that right? Then if this
is the case what else do we need to know? Well we have some knowledge of how to keep
our heart healthy and the circulatory system working properly . It would seem to me
though, with such an important item as my heart which is my lifeline, I personally want
to know everything I can about how it works, so I can provide the best care possible. Yes,
we all read health articles and that's where most of our general knowledge comes from.
This is a wonderful source of information, but there is one problem. It is generalized. In
other words it applies to everyone, which of course makes sense, everyone has a heart.
My issue is, we're also told that every living person is unique, no two people are the
same. We all believe this, so then I want to know everything about my very own heart. Its
mine personally so it needs care that is personal. So what I have said so far makes sense.
If I am going to look after something very precious ,then I need to know all I can about
that thing in order to give it the best care I can. This not only includes my heart but the
entire circulatory system as well. Then what is there about the heart that I don't know,
that would be useful in my care of my very own heart. Lets start with what its made of ,
which is muscle tissue. Now some us knew that,while others will say who cares. If you
don't know anything about the basics of muscles, then how do you know what's good for
your heart, being as its one big muscle? That gets me to thinking. If I knew some more
about how to look after my muscle tissue then I would be serving two purposes. That
would mean every muscle in my system would benefit. So my own conclusion is, before
I go any further with figuring out just what makes my very own personal heart tick, I
need to learn more about the muscles. This is the first step, before I even look at the rest
of the circulatory system. I for one, am very much guilty for not taking responsibility for
my own heart and circulatory system health. I fear that perhaps I have fallen into the trap
of becoming "health lazy", meaning, that oh well if something's broke I'll just run to the
Doctor and he'll fix it. Not only in regards to the circulatory system ,but other areas of my
health as well. This type of attitude is partially what has lead us into the Doctor shortage
crisis some areas are facing, as well as the multitude of money that is spent on healthcare.
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