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					 Case Study                                                                                              A Division of

 Royalton Condominium
  Solar Pre-Heating Domestic Hot Water                                         
                                                                                           In 2009, the team at Doctor Solar, a division of
                                                                                           Scotian Windfields Inc., installed a solar
                                                                                           domestic water heating system for “The
                                                                                           Royalton” in Bedford, NS. The Royalton is an
                                                                                           existing 60 unit condominium. The solar
                                                                                           equipment was supplied and manufactured by
                                                                                           Thermo Dynamics Ltd. in Dartmouth, NS. A
                                                                                           summary of the technical information can be
                                                                                           found in Table 1.

                                                                                           Prior to installation, cold supply water was
                                                                                           heated entirely by their existing oil fired boiler,
                                                                                           costing over $15,000 per year.

                                                                                           GOING SOLAR THERMAL:

                                                                                           With the support of the Condominium
                                                                                           board and condo owners, the decision was
                                                                                           made to install a solar hot water heating
Forty ground-mounted solar collectors designed and supplied by Thermo Dynamics Ltd.
                                                                                           system at The Royalton condominium for
                                                                                           three main reasons.
   Table 1: Project Summary

       TECHNICAL INFORMATION, SOLAR HOT WATER HEATING SYSTEM                                           To demonstrate their interest in
                      THE ROYALTON, BEDFORD, NOVA SCOTIA                                               becoming more environmentally
                                                                                                       sustainable as a condominium
                                               STORAGE INFORMATION                                     corporation,      increasing      their
                                                Type                                  Water            attraction to future tenants.
   Location                    Bedford, NS
                                                Volume                               3780 L            To reduce the daily costs of heating
   Size                           60 Units
                                                Tank Size                          200 USG             large quantities of domestic hot
   Type                   Condominium
   Application                Preheat DHW       Number of Tanks                            5           water in the face of rising oil prices.
   Av Daily Use                   6,000 L       Location                     Furnace Room              To take advantage of the financial
   Set Point Temp                    60°C                                                              incentives available from the
   Annual Load                     495 GJ      SOLAR CONTRIBUTION                                      provincial and federal government.
   Fuel Type(s)                          Oil    Annual Energy                        187 GJ
                                                                                                   The average hot-water consumption
   Fuel Consumption       17,204 L/year         Solar Fraction                          38%
                                                                                                   for the condominium was measured to
                                                Fuel Displaced                7,739 L/year         be six thousand Liters per day. The
 COLLECTOR INFORMATION                                                                             existing hot-water boiler is set to
   Type                 Glazed Flat Plate      FINANCIAL INFORMATION                               maintain a temperature of 60°C. The
   Model                              G32       TOTAL INCENTIVES                      37.6%        solar water heating system was
   Quantity                              40     EQUITY PAYBACK                     8.1 years       designed       to    pre-heat         the
                                                (WITH INCENTIVES)                                  condominium’s cold supply water prior
   Size                            119   m2
                                                CO2 REDUCTION                                      to passing through the existing oil-fired
   Mounting            Ground Mounted                                        17.4 tCO2/year
   Slope                                 30°   * Based on the price of fuel at $0.90/L and a
                                               5% annual energy inflation.
   Azimuth             35° East of South

                                         108f Trider Cres., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada B3B 1R6
                      Toll Free: 1.877.798.5085 | Tel: 902.468.3132 | |
                                                           CASE STUDY

                                                                                                SYSTEM OVERVIEW:

                                                                                                 Diagram 1, illustrates the solar
                                                                                                water heating system installed at
                                                                                                The Royalton. The system was
                                                                                                sized to meet the needs of the
                                                                                                condominium. The solar-preheated
                                                                                                water is stored in five 200-USG
                                                                                                tanks and is circulated through the
                                                                                                heat exchangers as long as there is
                                                                                                heat to be obtained.

                                                                                                 The 40 solar collectors are
                                                                                                ground mounted on a concrete
                                                                                                slab, secured together onto a load-
                                                                                                bearing rack made from galvanized
                                                                                                steel channels. They are located on
                                                                                                the South-East side of the building,
 Diagram 1: System schematic of The Royalton’s solar domestic hot water system
                                                                                                mounted at a 30° slope with an
                                                                                                azimuth of 35° east if south. The
                                                                                                collectors are arranged in 2 arrays
                                   Total Savings to Date: 2948 L                                of 20 collectors each. The arrays
                                                                                                are plumbed in parallel with
                                                                                                independent circulation, granting
                                                                                                the condominium the ability to
                                                                                                operate the system at half or full

                                                                                                 The heating fluid - diluted
                                                                                                propylene-glycol (green) - returns
                                                                                                from both arrays and mixes
                                                                                                together before flowing through
                                                                                                two      Thermo-Dynamics        heat
                                                                                                exchangers located in the furnace-
                                                                                                room. Once the collected heat is
                                                                                                transferred into the water, the
                                                                                                glycol is then split and circulated
                                                                                                back out to the solar collectors.

  Graph 1: Monthly Oil Savings from September 2009 to March 2010. Total: 2948 L


 Live-to-Web monitoring of the solar heating system began in September 2009. The monitor is used to track system performance,
detect irregularities, aid in making system improvements, and retain a record of accumulated savings. The performance results are
precise and informative; the first seven months are displayed in Graph 1.

 The monitoring system consists of temperature sensors, flow sensors, and current switches to detect electrical devices such as
circulating pumps and furnaces. Sensor data is logged every minute, and has made it possible to compute the daily and monthly
usage of domestic hot water, total energy produced, heating oil saved, and the CO2 offset. The most useful information is posted live
to the following web address where it is available for public observation.
                                      108f Trider Cres., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada B3B 1R6
                   Toll Free: 1.877.798.5085 | Tel: 902.468.3132 | |

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