IPUMS-International Instructions by yurtgc548


    Press <F5> key to start presentation

         User registration, conditions of use license

         Browse variables (integrated metadata) and
         construct an extract to download

                                   IPUMS web-sites
         Download or revise a data extract.
                                  are “event-driven”.
         View sample descriptions (integrated metadata)
                            Click a selection to explore
         Link to Official Statistical in any order. pages
                                       Agency home
         Bibliography: add yours; view others
  How to use the IPUMS-International web-site
to obtain census documentation and microdata
First, click here to explore the IPUMS-International
Then, click a highlighted word below for a tutorial on
   any of 7 topics:
Ø Register: to access microdata
Ø Explore metadata: samples, variables, and sources
Ø Get data: create custom-tailored extracts
Ø Download data and codebooks
Ø Study Indian emigrants in IPUMS-I

1. Use data responsibly:
    a. Safe-guard confidentiality.
    b. Secure data from outsiders.
    c. Share data only with registered users.
2. Analyze data carefully:
   a. Apply weights where appropriate.
   b. Use proper methods.
   c. Report results accurately
3. Support NSOs and IPUMS-International
   a. Cite NSOs and IPUMSI in publications
   b. Register citations in IPUMSI bibliography
   c. Report errors to ipums@pop.umn.edu

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