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									       Cabin Avionics
  Are Pleased To Present

Flight Deck Door Monitoring System
  Flight Deck Door Monitoring is expected to soon be mandated across
  Europe and North America. Requirements are expected to be:

Applicable to all passenger carrying aircraft in excess of 45,500 kg OR seating
capacity for more than 60 passengers

“means shall be provided for monitoring from either pilot’s station the entire
door area outside the flight crew compartment to identify persons requesting
entry and to detect suspicious behavior or potential threat”

Skycam meets:
- CAA (UK), AIL/0191
- EUROCAE requirements, ED-123
- EASA requirements
- ICAO Annex 6 requirements
- Future FAA requirements (including meeting “discreet crew alert” facility)
     Skycam Installations Include

Airbus A320                   Boeing 737
                              Classic & NG

    CRJ-700                      BAe-146

                               Airbus A321
  Airbus A330    Boeing 757
      Skycam Customers Include
•   Aer Lingus – BAe-146, B737, A320, A321, A330
•   Titan Airways – BAe-146, B737, B757
•   Atlantic Airways – BAe-146
•   Oasis International – B737
•   AirClaims – B737
•   Duo Airways – CRJ-700/701
•   Buzz / RyanAir – B737
•   Air Baltic – B737-500
                        SKYCAM INSTALLATION

Skycam’s installation is easy and straight forward. Skycam only interfaces with
the aircraft to draw 0.5 Amp from a non-essential 28 V DC Bus. The Wiring loom
provides both power to the cameras and video signal back to the VDU.

Provisioning for Skycam (the installation of camera assemblies and wiring loom)
can be installed under a separate Mod. The final mod just installs the VDU into
the cockpit inter-seat console or overhead panel, using 4 Dzus ¼ turn fasteners.
This allows Skycam to be fitted in a couple of overnight stops.

Further additions to the standard installation include; up to 16 extra cameras
(including cargo hold and external cameras), recording facility (air-rage / cargo
damage disputes), extra-wide-angle cameras, zero light cameras (0.0 Lux -
including I.R. lamp)…

Cabin Avionics specialise in providing bespoke turnkey solutions to avionic and
mechanical systems integration. Skycam can be adapted to a suit a customers
particular requirements.
                        SKYCAM INSTALLATION cont…

§ A typical installation will
  position the VDU in the
  Interseat console

§ Two cameras will view
  across the aircraft main door
  area (one looking port the
  other starboard)

§ The third camera will be
  looking axially along the
  aircraft at the cockpit door

The standard Skycam installation comprises of:

          1 off     4” TFT Colour Visual Display Unit
          3 off     Colour Camera Assemblies
          1 off     Wiring loom
          1 off     1 amp circuit breaker

There are a number of accessories that may be used with the Skycam system,
including a video recorder, infra red cameras (i.e. Zero light), external faired
cameras, and black and white wide angle low profile cameras.
Information is available upon request.
                                        Video Signal
                                        Power supply


1 Amp Circuit Breaker
    28 V DC Bus
SKYCAMs Visual Display Unit
              § 4” Colour Display
              § Standard Dzus rail mounting -
                5.75” x 4.45” x 2.6” (deep)
              § Low power consumption
              § Day/Night switch
              § 4 x Video Camera Inputs
                (expandable up to 16 cameras)
              § Record output (switch optional)
              § Camera select switch
              § Facia plate colour/text options
              § NTSC/PAL auto switching
              § Discreet Crew Alert (new option)
SKYCAMs Camera Assemblies
             § Colour
             § Auto-focussing
             § Auto-contrast
             § Auto-lowlight (0.1 Lux)
             § Four styles of
             § Adjustable position on
             § High definition
             § 0.0 Lux Infra Red cameras
             § Assembly to match colour of
               interior trim
                                    SKYCAM CERTIFICATION
                                 Our company representatives sat on the
§ European Aviation Safety       EUOCAE Working Group to produce
  Agency (EASA) approved         ED-123. This document is expected to be
§ United Kingdom, Civil          the basis for European (and global)
  Aviation Authority approved.   legislation.
§ CAA AIL/0191 compliant
§ RTCA/DO-160D qualified for
  flight deck use
§ Equipment released with an
  EASA Form One.
§ Meets ED-123.
§ Meets ICAO Annex 6
§ Meets JAR-OPS 1
§ Will meet new FAA
                                A COMPLETE PACKAGE
Certification Documents Supplied
A complete EASA approved design and certification package plus associated
drawings for the Skycam system. Documents supplied include: Installation
Drawings; Electrical Load Analysis Supplement; Ground Test Schedule; Weight
and Balance Data; Maintenance Manual and IPC Supplements…

System Price (Per Aircraft): Price on application         Discount available on multiple orders

Skycam Visual Display Monitor
3 off - Camera Assembly
Installation Modification Kit (3 camera system)
All modification and certification documents

Optional Camera Kit (Camera No.4): Price available on request
1 off – Standard High Resolution Colour Camera Assembly
Installation Modification Kit

Note: Other options available – contact Cabin Avionics Ltd
                         SKYCAM REVIEW

ü Fast And Simple Installation (30-50 man hours approx.)
ü No Video Processor necessary reducing installation costs
ü Only Interfaces With The Aircraft At One Point (28 V DC Bus)
ü High Definition Colour Cameras With High Quality VDU (4” Display)
ü Standard System Is Lowlight Capable (0.1 Lux) – 0.0 Lux I.R. Available
ü In Service With Many Operators On Various Platforms With Excellent
  Reviews From Flight Crew
ü Low Cost – High Capability Solution To Today's Security Issues
ü Can Be Expanded To Include 16 Cameras!
ü Can Be Utilised With Recording Facility (extra)
ü Can Be Used To Monitor/Record Freight Hold Activity (Court Room
  Evidence) – solid-state digital video recorder available
ü EASA approved. FAA approvals can be obtained through our DER
Contact Cabin Avionics to discuss options
and to arrange a demonstration.

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