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									Australian Digital Agency Launches Offshore Staffing Company In Philippines

New Australian owned IT outsourcing company starts operations in the Philippines and
shows robust performance in light of rising offshoring demand. The aim is to provide
web development, quality assurance and online marketing services to first world
countries at cost-effective rates.

Sydney, Australia, July 25, 2013 -- A group of ecommerce experts from a well known
Australian digital agency has recently launched an offshore staffing firm in the
Philippines. It is named Outsourced Quality Assured Services, Inc., and is built to
accommodate the growing need of local and foreign businesses for affordable, cost-
effective and first class quality work.

Outsourced’s range of services include web development, quality assurance, and
online marketing. These three aspects of E-commerce are vital to the success of any
business who wants to make it big in the internet scene. Other services that the company
provide are conversion rate optimisation, social management and many others. The
projects are outsourced to a talented remote staff in Manila, where there are well trained
web developers and programming specialists at competitive rates.

When asked why the Philippines is the perfect place for outsourcing web based projects,
Mike Larcher (president of Outsourced) pointed out that “besides the cost-saving, the
Philippines is now the third largest English speaking country in the world after the USA
and the UK”. This makes it possible for clients and project owners to communicate
their requirements to their offshore team with little or no language barriers.

Larcher also remarked further that “each year, there are 30,000 I.T. graduates [in the
Philippines] from internationally recognized universities”. There is practically no
shortage of talent when it comes to I.T. and web development, making the country an
ideal place to outsource web based business processes.

Outsourced has started operations in Manila in June 2012, and during the past year, have
completed several web development projects for high profile foreign businesses in
various industries (DIY, outdoor gear retail, toys, pets and many others). The official
Outsourced website was launched in the first quarter of 2013, initially making their
outsourcing services available to clients in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

The company is looking forward to steady growth ahead as the staff leasing and offshore
staffing industry continue to show an uptrend in the Philippines.

About Outsourced: Outsourced is a leading Philippines outsourcing company providing
dedicated remote staff and offshore staffing services. The company specializes in
Magento and Wordpress web development, quality assurance testing, SEO and online
marketing services. Their in-house staff in Manila are highly trained and individually
certified in their respective fields. Fore more information, visit
Press Contacts: Australia: Mike Larcher, Managing Director, 1300 784 768,

Philippines: Retchel Payot-Perez, Human Resources, +61 (2) 8484 0400,

Contact: Mike Larcher Outsourced 107 Alexander Street Crows Nest, NSW 2065 1300
784 768

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