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Michael Horne

● What is RSS?

● History

● RSS and Java
What is RSS?
n   A method for syndication of news
    n   News
         n Slashdot,   Wired and other news based sites
    n Changelogs
    n Recent Changes
    n Dynamic Bookmarks
         n Firefox

    n   RSS is a XML application
What is RSS?
n   RSS Aggregators
    n Bloglines
    n Planet Rhodes
        n Aggregation   of many weblogs at rhodes
History of RSS
n Unfortunately RSS has had a messy
  development history
n Lack of standards
n Implementations can expect to need support
  for 7 not so subtly different versions
n   Depending on implementation RSS could
    stand for
    n Really Simple Syndication
    n Rich Site Summary
    n RDF Site Summary
History of RSS
n   Initially produced by Netscape (ver 0.90)
    n Portals to news sites
    n Overly complicated
    n Planned to simplify

n   Netscape stopped due to lack of interest
History of RSS
n   Userland developed (0.91 through 0.9x)
    n   Overly simplified
n   Concurrently a non-commercial group
    developed 1.0 (based on RDF)
    n   Extensive use of namespaces
History of RSS
n   Userland Released 2.0
    n Modular
    n Easy Migration from the 0.9x branch
RSS 2.0
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:dc="">
    <description> features a rich mix of information and    services
     for the XML community.</description>
     <title>Normalizing XML, Part 2</title>
     <description>In this second and final look...</description>
     <dc:creator>Will Provost</dc:creator>
n Commonly done with beans
n Easily implemented as it is XML based

n   Commercial versions available although

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