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Handout for “Which is the Problem – Decoding or Comprehension” by yurtgc548



Handout for “Which is the
 Problem – Decoding or

Taken from: Jack London – Call
          of the Wild
      He had never seen dogs fight as these w_ish
 cr__tures f__t, and his first ex__ ie__ce t__t him
an unf_______able l___n. It is true, it was a vi__
 ex____, else he would not have lived to pr__ by
it. Curly was the v____. They were camped near
the l_g store, where she, in her friend_ way, made
 ad__ to a husky dog the s__e of a full-___ wolf,
    th___ not half so large as _he. _ere was no
  w_ing, only a leap in like a flash, a met_ clip of
  teeth, a leap out equal_ swift, and Curly’s face
         was ri__ed open from eye to jaw.

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