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Where to Find the Best Pictures of Tattoos


									Where to Find the Best Pictures of Tattoos Okay, so you've finally decided to get a tattoo.
If you thought that the hardest part is over, think again. Anyone who has already gotten a
tattoo would tell you that choosing the right tattoo design for you is as difficult and as
time-consuming as picking a new house or even your future bride or groom. Tattoos
remain on your body for life, after all. And because of that very permanence, you would
naturally want it to mean something to you and be an understandable message for the
viewers of your body art. Pictures of tattoos would definitely help you to get to the
bottom of what visually appeals to you for your tattoo design. They help your research on
what styles you generally prefer. Pictures of tattoos have become as varied as the
aficionados who wear them. So instead of marching toward the nearest tattoo shop and
browse your way through their thick portfolios of flash tattoo designs, you might want to
look at different pictures of tattoo from more than one resource. Even if you eventually
get your own tattoo design customized, inspiration comes best from looking at pictures of
tattoos and other design ideas. Here are some of the richest sources of pictures of tattoos:
1. Magazines Tattoo magazines will always feature fabulous pictures of tattoos and great
    designs in every issue. Chances are you will get inspired by the multifarious pictures
    of tattoos - whether as designs or as actual tattoos sported by different individuals.
    You can also get a clear depiction of what a certain tattoo design will look like when
    inked on. Some magazines will even offer designs you can use as well. Great
    examples of American tattoo magazines are "Skin and Ink," "Prick," and "Tattoo
    Flash." On the other hand, "Total Tattoo" is the biggest magazine in the United
    Kingdom. For tattoo magazines of an international scope, you might want to check out
    "Tattoo Savage," "International Tattoo Art," and "Skin Deep."
2. Books There are a few decent books that not only include pictures of tattoos but also
    important information about tattooing both as a science and an art form. You might
    want to see Terisa Green and Greg James' book titled "The Tattoo Encyclopedia" and
    "Tattoo" by Dale Durfee.
3. Internet There are literally hundreds of websites on the internet that feature pictures of
    tattoos. The best places to start searching are tattoo galleries. You can tell a tattoo
    gallery website is a good one if it's owned by tattoo artists or hardcore enthusiasts. Its
    popularity also speaks a thousand words about it, as reputation really is everything in
    the tattooing industry. Another sign of a good gallery is the volume of their designs
    and pictures of tattoos. The greater the volume is, the greater the range for flexibility.
    Lastly, a good tattoo gallery website would be informative; it won't just be about
    designs. Good tattoo gallery website usually required membership and payment of an
    annual fee, but once inside you get access to hundreds of the best tattoo pictures and
    designs, which you can print out for free and use as a tattoo. Romeo Rodriguez is a
    tattoo enthusiast and blogger. His website, Tattoo Lettering can be found at

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