The Three Mindsets of Marketing

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					The Three Mindsets of Marketing Your marketing mindset can help you achieve your
book-selling goals. Learn how to market more effectively with these valuable tips:
Mindset Number One: Give Authentically You must be genuine in your marketing
efforts. Non-fiction and fiction books both have purposes. What is your book's purpose?
Most importantly, how does it authentically help others? Figure this out and then offer
your book to your market authentically. Giving authentically means that when you are
marketing, you: Talk less and listen more, ask provoking questions, and you share your
own success tips in order to help them. Loyal customers are created from exchanges
where you give authentically. Mindset Number Two: Act Intuitively Marketing
intuitively means you know your ideal client so well that offering them the book they
need becomes second nature. Build your marketing intuition by: Asking them questions,
hanging out with them, having them as "real" friends. You will be "at one" with your
customers and they will appreciate your attention to their details. You will know how to
promote your product because you already know exactly what their needs are. Remember
you are making friends, not sales. Mindset Number Three: Think Slow And Steady You
know the story about the tortoise and the hare. When it comes to marketing, slow and
steady creates long-term relationships with your customers. After a few years, you will
have been through a lot together. This is why online newsletters, websites, forums, etc.
are such effective marketing tools. Slow and steady means you are available to help them
make connections so that they can understand why they need your book. Slow and steady
marketing means that you follow-up and address their concerns through e-zines, reports,
books, teleseminars, e-mails, and so on. Incorporating the Three Mindsets of Marketing
into the way you do business takes patience and practice. Your audience--your
customers--are waiting for you to build long, wonderful, reciprocal relationships with
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