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  Secure Your Future
              Hello Everyone!!

n   I want to thank you for your time and
    consideration of our Company today.
n   This presentation will take you about 20 minutes
    to read through. By the end of this presentation
    you will definitely know whether or not our
    Company is a fit for you.
n   We are constantly looking for new sales
    professionals all across the United States.
n   All 2nd Interviews will be held on a one on one
    basis with a leader in your area.
       Our Company History &
            Who We Are
n   Founded in 2002, Pinnacle Brokerage Firm
    provides supplemental benefit plans to
    small to mid-sized businesses as well as
    individual families, insuring hundreds of
    thousands of people across the United
        Sales and Marketing Side

n   Pinnacle Brokerage Firm
    n   Founded by Larry Salerno, President
    n   Operates Offices in: Texas, Missouri, Washington,
        Arizona, Oklahoma, California, Tennessee, South
        Carolina, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, Nevada,
        Kansas, Iowa, North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin,
        Minnesota, Kentucky and Florida with new offices
        opening monthly

n   Headquartered in Houston, Texas

n   $7,500,000.00 in new sales each year with an
    additional $50,000,000.00 of prior year’s sales
    in force just since 2002
               Product and
             Development Side
n   Family Heritage (Product Side)
    n Founded by Howard Lewis and Jerry Grabowski
    n Founded in 1989

    n Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio

    n Over $100 Million in Assets

    n Over $1 Billion in Receivables
          The Products We Sell
n   Supplemental Health Benefits
    n   The key difference that sets us apart from the
        competition in the supplemental marketplace is the
        RETURN OF PREMIUM feature on our products.

    n   This means if our clients never get sick or hurt, all
        of their payments go into a savings plan. After the
        state appointed time (usually retirement age), all of
        their premiums are refunded.

    n   Here are the different types of coverage we offer.
         1.Cancer                    4.Intensive Care
         2.Heart and Stroke          5.Accident
         3.Hospital Indemnity        6.Term Life
           Who We Sell To

n Small Businesses and Individual Families are
 our target market. Our products are designed to
 help them plan and protect their futures, as well as
 the futures of their families.
     How We Sell Our Products
n   Our Prospecting Methods
    n We teach our sales force a strict referral
      based method called Pre-Approach followed
      up by a system called Hot Lists.
    n We do cold-call during the first few months.

    n After that, approximately 80% of your sales
      should come from referral appointments.
      Is This Business A
       Good Fit For Me?
nIf you are motivated, results-driven and
energetic, Pinnacle Brokerage Firm is the
               place for you.
                 We Offer :
            Great Pay Plans
              Stock Options
            Lifetime Renewals
              Cash Bonuses
        The Product Presentation
n   The product presentation that follows is set up
    as you would present it to a Business Owner or
    Family. It takes about 20 minutes.
n   As you go through it: Ask yourself these three
    n   Do I think it’s a good product?
    n   Could I learn to present it?
    n   Out of 30 presentations per week, how many would
        apply for coverage?
         Why We Do So Well
        Our average plan sells for only
       $63.00 a month or $750.00 a year

n    The key to success is consistent activity.
n    Present to Business Owners and Families
n    8 Hours per day 5 Days a week
n    6 Presentations per day
          First Year Commissions

n   The average yearly premium is $750.00 .
n   Our sales professionals will see 6 prospects per
    day or 30 per week.
n   The average first year sales professional will
    sell an average of 6 policies per week.
n   Our sales professionals earn 30% commission
    on the annual premium sold for the first 12

  1 sale a day = $60,000.00

2 sales a day = $120,000.00
          Renewal Commissions

n   Beginning with the second year, you will be paid a
    renewal commission for every active policy.

n   Full vesting after only five years locks you in a
    permanent income, regardless of your future
    affiliation with Family Heritage.
     Yr.2 =50% Yr.3 =60% Yr.4 =70% Yr.5 =100%

n   Your lifetime renewal commission is 2% for the life
    of each policy sold.
   Renewal Earnings Example

        1 sale a day = $40,000.00

     2 sales a day = $80,000.00

Your renewals are paid out over the life of the
                policies sold.
           Company Incentives
n   Quarterly Cash Bonuses
n   Monthly Cash Bonuses
n   2 Company Meetings A Year At Vacation Type
n   2 Incentive Trips A Year To Amazing And Fun
n    Company Stock
n   Stock Dividends
         Company Stock Options

n   Every time a Sales Professional sells one application
    they earn one:
             Pre-IPO Stock Offering Option
n   FHL Stock has grown at a rate of approximately
          25% a year for the past 20 years
n   All Option Holders also receive a
                Cash Bonus (Dividend)
n   FHL Equity Bonuses have grown over:
          20% a year for the past 16 years
Leadership & Management Income

n   Our Leaders earn a 5% first year commission on the
    total first year annual premium produced by their team.

n   Our Leaders also earn a 1% lifetime renewal
    commission on those premiums from month 13

n   A 5 person team that sells one app a day each will bring
    in a Leader an additional $50,000.00 a year in first year
    earnings as well as an additional $88,000.00 a year in
    lifetime renewal earnings.
Retirement Programs Review

n   If all you ever do is sell 6 Applications per
    week, over the course of 10 years, this is
    what you will have built.

n   After 10 Years the wealth you will have built
    will be:
    n Over $400,000 in Renewal Income – Vested
       for Life
    n Over $250,000 in Stock Appreciation

    n This is a Total of $650,000 in Net Worth
                 What It Takes
                 To Get Started
n    1st You must obtain a Life, Accident and Health
    Insurance License in your home state. Depending on the
    state you live in, the cost for the training class and the
    test will range from $250 to $350.

    We will also reimburse your license fees after you write
    your first 50 policies!

n   2nd You must attend our Corporate “Sales School”
    training program. It lasts 1 week. We pay your airfare
    and hotel expenses while you are there.
    This is where we will teach you everything you need to
    know in order to do well in our business.
                What It Takes
                To Get Started
n   3rd Once out of training class, you will then be in
    a 2 week detailed “Field Training” program. This
    is where you will be accompanied in the field, by
    an experienced sales trainer to help you get up
    and going.

n   4th The turn around time for your first paycheck
    is about 3 weeks from the time you start your pre
    -license training class.
3 Questions And Answers To Ask
 In Order To Work With Pinnacle
         Brokerage Firm
n   1. Have you ever been charged with,
    convicted of or plead no contest to a
             Answer must be NO
n   2. Is travel a possibility for you?
             Answer must be YES
n   3. What is the time frame for you in
    starting a new career?
             Must be less than 1 month
       Where Do You Stand?

n   #1 What appeals to you the most about
    our Opportunity?

n   #2 On a Scale of 1 to 10 : How interested
    are you in being considered for a position
    with Pinnacle Brokerage Firm?

        If you are at a 7 or higher you are
      definitely a candidate for us to talk to.
                 Next Steps For A
                 Second Interview
n        If your answer on the previous slide to question #2
         was a 7 or higher, we want to talk with you. So here
         are the steps you MUST follow in order to be called
         back for a 2nd Interview.

#1       Email your resume with a cover letter to the
         following address: and
         include your city & state of residence in the subject line.

          In you cover letter be sure to include the answer to the
     following question: What appeals to you most about our
     opportunity? Also, include the best time to contact you over
     the phone for your “Personal Interview”
           Next Steps For A
           Second Interview
#2   Go to our website, and
     review each page in order to fully
     understand our business and what we do.

#3   Come up with a list of any questions you
     may have about our Company or our

#4   Be available to receive you 2nd Interview
     call within the next 24 hours.
                     It’s That Simple
n   That’s the job in a Nutshell.

n   If you are definitely interested in pursuing a career with
    Pinnacle Brokerage Firm , please make sure you get us your
    cover letter and resume today! We answer them in the order
    that they are received.

n   I really appreciate everyone’s time today and I look forward to
    speaking with a number of you soon!

n   After you log out of the Interview session, be sure to wait a few
    seconds and you will be directly sent to our website.

n   So, Goodbye for now! Have a Fantastic Day!

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