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					Preaching the
True Words of God
Micah 3
The Sign of a True Prophet

n   “A prophet who presumes to speak in
    my name anything I have not
    commanded him to say…must be put
    to death. …If what a prophet
    proclaims in the name of the LORD
    does not take place or come true, that
    is a message the LORD has not spoken
    (Deut 18.20, 22).
Preachers Contrasted
As for the prophets        But as for me, I am
who lead my people         filled with power, with
astray, if one feeds       the Spirit of the LORD,
them, they proclaim        and with justice and
‘peace’; if he does not,   might, to declare to
they prepare to wage       Jacob his transgression,
war against him (3.5).     to Israel his sin (3.8).
Preachers Contrasted

n   “[Judah’s] leaders judge for a bribe,
    her priests teach for a price, and her
    prophets tell fortunes for money” (3.11)
n   Micah prophesied because “[t]he word
    of the LORD…came to Micah” in “the
    vision he saw” (1.1).
The Accountability

n   “Not many of you should presume to
    be teachers my brothers, because you
    know that we who teach will be
    judged more strictly” (James 3.1).
Results for False Prophets

n   “Therefore night will come over you,
    without visions, and darkness, without
    divination. The sun will set for the
    prophets, and the day will go dark for
    them. The seers will be ashamed and
    the diviners disgraced. They will all
    cover their faces because there is no
    answer from God” (3.6-7
Results for Micah

n   Then the officials and all the people said to
    the priests and the prophets, ‘This man
    [Jeremiah] should not be sentenced to death!
    He has spoken to us in the name of the LORD
    our God.’ Some of the elders of the land
    stepped forward and said to the entire
    assembly of people, ‘Micah of Moresheth
    prophesied in the days of Hezekiah king of
    Judah. He told all the people of Judah, “This is
    what the LORD Almighty says: …
Results for Micah

n   ‘Zion will be plowed like a field, Jerusalem
    will become a heap of rubble, the temple hill
    a mound overgrown with thickets.’” Did
    Hezekiah king of Judah or anyone else in
    Judah put him to death? Did not Hezekiah
    fear the LORD and seek his favor? And did
    not the LORD relent, so that he did not bring
    the disaster he pronounced against them?
    We are about to bring a terrible disaster on
    ourselves!’ (Jer 26.16-19).
The Modern Micah

n   “Micah’s accusations [of false prophets]
    should be a warning to the church not to
    allow its prophetic office [i.e., the pastorate]
    to degenerate; instead, this office must
    remain vigilant and courageous in speaking
    out against injustice, not only in the world
    but, above all, among its own ecclesiastical
    leaders” (Wolff 1990: 109).
the New Testament
Scripture Searchers

n   “On arriving there, they went to the Jewish
    synagogue. Now the Bereans were of more
    noble character than the Thessalonians, for
    they received the message with great
    eagerness and examined the Scriptures
    every day to see if what Paul said was true.
    Many of the Jews believed, as did also a
    number of prominent Greek women and
    many Greek men” (Acts 17.10b-12).

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