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									 TGF TB Projects
National TB Control Program Pakistan
 The Principal Recipient for Round-6;
         Round-8 & Round-9
             Presentation by:
        Dr. Noor Ahmad Baloch
         National Program Manager
Progress Update

                                                           Targets Results
 Objective                    Indicators                    up to   up to              %
                                                             P-8     P-8
              No. of new smear positive cases detected.
                                                           103653                      %
              (National Number)
 All SDAs
              No. of new smear positive pulmonary TB
                                                            87706                      %
              cases successfully treated. (National No.)
              Number of peripheral Labs supported for
                                                             712         663          93%
              QA diagnosis
             Percentage / Number of intermediate labs
 1. Quality                                                  112          99          88%
             (ILL) under EQA
Bacteriology Number of Lab staff trained.                   1186         992          84%

              %age & No. of National/Provincial labs
                                                           38%(5)       7.7%(1)       20%
              performing quality assured culture & DST
              Number of Tertiary Care Hospitals
                                                             27           27          100%
  2.Engage implementing DOTS
Tertiary Care No. and % of new TB cases (all forms) that
                                                            1875         4437     237%
Hospitals in are difficult-to-diagnose detected at TCHs
   DOTS       Number of Child hood TB cases managed
                                                             417         729          175%
              according to national guidelines

                                                                Targets Results up
   Objective                     Indicators                    up to P-8  to P-8          %

              Number of Sentinel Sites established          16              16           100%
              No. of registered TB Patients receiving
              testing and counseling for HIV after giving 15552            15359         99%
  4. TB-HIV &
              No. of PLWHA receiving testing,
              counseling and treatment for HIV are         183              264          144%
              screened for TB symptoms
              Number of Health facilities strengthened
                                                            3                0           0%
              for integrating MDR TB
                 No of NTP Project Staff Hired                   18         18           100%
                 Number of NTP/Health Managers trained
                                                                 419        335          80%
5. To Strengthen in Program Management
    NTP for      No. of Doctors trained from diagnostic and
                                                                5195       4107          79%
    effective    treatment centers
    Program      No. of Paramedics trained from diagnostic
                                                                7625       5400          71%
Implementation & treatment centers
                 No. of Diagnostic Centers submitting
                 timely reports on quarterly basis according    1150       1164          101%
                 to national guidelines.
Financial Summary GF R-6

 Budget     Utilization Cumulative Cumulative
  P-8           P-8      Budget       Exp
 (US $)       (US $)      (US $)     (US $)

1.8 million 0.7 million   10 million   7 million
Time-bound Actions
Issue:                  Action:

o By no later than      o Draft of employee
  March 31, 2010,         retention policy has
  the PR shall put in     been prepared. It
  place a                 will be finalized by
  comprehensive           the timeline given
  retention policy
 Issue:                        Action:

o By no later than May 31,     o   NTP does not have
  2010, the PR shall have          any parallel units.
  strengthened its management      All the staff
  structure including the
                                   recruited from
  integration of any donor
                                   PSDP, WHO and
  funded Project Management
  Units (PMUs) into clear          GF funds is
  functional areas such as         integrated into one
  M&E, PSM and Finance             organogram which
  based on a prior independent     is based upon
  survey to be conducted by        functional units
  the PR
 Issue:                     Action:

o By no later than March o NTP is requesting
  31, 2010, the PR shall   GMS for
  have hired an            international TB
  international TB expert  consultant services.
  with special focus on    If required then
  M&E and drug             WHO will be
                           requested for
  management. The PR
                           provision of M&E
  shall also provide a
  detailed capacity budget
  before grant signing
 Issue:                    Action:

o Prior to first           o   NTP has requested
  disbursement of funds in     WHO to provide
  Phase-2, the PR shall        final settlement of
  transfer the outstanding     the already
  amount to the WHO and        disbursed funds, so
  confirm the Global Fund      that final
                               settlement may
  on the regularization of
  the issue
Progress Update
o Project signing was done on 17th July 2009
o Project start date has been revised to September
  01, 2009
o 1st disbursement of R-8 received on 31 August
o Contract with GDF for procurement of FLDs has
  been matured
o Warehouse arrangements at federal level have
  been finalized
o Recruitment process is in final stages
  n Jobs Advertised
  n Short-listing of candidates completed
  n Interview Committees notified
o Process to be completed within GF timeline
  i.e. March 31, 2010
Financial Summary GF R-8

       Budget       Utilization
      P-1 & P-2         P-1
       (US $)         (US $)

      1.9 million    1.5 million
Progress Update
q GF Board approved USD 173 million in
  category II
q IBR has been proposed which has yet to
  deliberate on it
q TRP comments have been received and initial
  response has been prepared and waiting for
  “Independent Budget Review (IBR)” outcome
q NTP is not updated about the status of IBR
Way Forward

o NTP needs Technical Assistance (TA) for
  development of Round 10 proposal
Thank You!

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