Considering on Implementing a Computer System - Some Thoughts on That by MarijanStefanovic


									Considering on Implementing a Computer System - Some Thoughts on That If you are a
decision maker that will be making recommendations, advising, consulting or even
making the final and actual decision on a new computer or IT system then you need to
understand the best process. Today's IT systems are costly and understanding this process
will keep your organization from making mistakes. Thus, I'd like to recommend a very
good book to you: "Computers for Jumping Profits; Understanding, Selecting, Evaluating
and Implementing Computer Systems" by David C. Dykstra; 1983. Â This book tells you
how to set up a computer system for any small, medium or large business or any
organization or government agency. Although the book is older and the technology has
changed over the years, the fundamental principles of planning, budgeting, ratios and
accounting remain the same. Â The author discusses the various folks involved and who
their different motivations cause conflict in the implementation phase if a more analytical
approach is not taken in the decision making process. For instance the author uses the
example of implementing IBM Mainframes and micro-computers and how the advisors
and salespeople with different objectives have very different perspectives. Â This creates
a false reality when doing strategic planning and asset allocations, cost analysis and
estimates of return on investment thru productivity and efficiency. The author also
discusses employee training costs, temporary slow down until the users are up to speed
and other human factors to be considered. Â Since this book has to do with IT systems, it
also discusses issues with feature creep, challenges with speed, configuration and
potential failure. Sometimes IT professionals and definitely their superiors get too caught
up in the newest and latest technology and not the reality, functionality or cost. Â This
book is of value to all those decision makers along the way, the information in it is
timeless and it hardly matters the time period or the actual technology involved. It is the
decision making process that is important and that is why I highly recommend this book.
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