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									What to Expect Following Knee Replacement Surgery
For many individuals who require knee replacement surgery in Salt Lake, a common concern they have
is centered on what they should expect following the procedure itself. Undergoing a major surgical
procedure, such as a total or partial knee replacement, can be an intimidating and stressful occurrence
in anyone’s life, but understanding more about what to expect after the procedure will give a person the
confidence they will need to face the impeding procedure with reassurance.

Stress before Surgery
The first thing that a person preparing to undergo a knee replacement procedure needs to understand is
that knee replacement surgeons in Salt Lake are highly skilled and highly experienced doctors who often
specialize in knee replacement surgeries. The competence and experience of these medical
professionals should put at ease any feelings of apprehension for the patient.

                                            Still, however, even under the direction of such trained and
                                            skilled doctors, undergoing a knee replacement surgery can
                                            be in a stressful and worrisome event in life. For those who
                                            undergo a knee replacement surgery, there are few things
                                            that they can expect once the procedure is done.

                                            First, that average hospital stay for patients recovering from
                                            a knee replacement surgery is from three to five days.
                                            Again, this number is the average time spent in the hospital,
                                            although on an individual basis the doctor may have a
                                            patient stay longer if threat from an infection is present or if
                                            they deem a longer stay is required for the health of the

A patient can expect a brief stay at the hospital immediately following the surgery, but they can gain
assurance from the fact that most individuals who undergo similar knee replacement surgeries often
experience dramatic improvement and recovery. This improvement to the joint and the recovery
process is most noted by recovering patients around the one month mark and thus gives patients
preparing to undergo a knee replacement surgery the hope that in a month following the procedure
they will be able to see great progress in their recovery.

An additional positive outlook that those individuals who are preparing for a knee replacement surgery
can look forward to following the surgical procedure is that the repaired or replaced joint itself will
typically begin to feel much better and pain free in some cases. The dramatic improvement and lack of
pain experience by those who undergo knee replacement surgery is largely due to the repairs performed
during the surgery and is another item for those recovering from surgery to look forward to.
A person who is wonder what to expect following their knee
replacement surgery can ask their doctor what specific recovery
procedures they will be undertaking and what the time frame
to full recovery will be. Typically, doctors will have their
patients begin recuperation practices the same day or the
following day of the surgery.

Not only does this immediate recuperation help to rehab the
knee joint, but it also allows the patient to see that their new
knee joint is durable, effective, and ensures them that a full
recovery is possible. By knowing what to expect following a
knee replacement surgery, an individual who is preparing to
undergo such a procedure will be able to better prepare and
recover from their operation.

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