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					Used Mack Trucks When people think of heavy-duty trucks, they often think of Mack
Trucks, the brand of truck that has been associated with heavy duty hauling and reigning
as king of the road. Indeed, Mack Trucks are notorious for their strength, durability, and
style. From long-haul trucking vehicles to refuse trucks to cement mixers, Mack Trucks
are versatile and ready to stand the test of the highway, the farm, the city street, or the
landfill. With an impressive history that includes manufacturing heavy-duty trucks to
support the Allies during WWII, Mack has been a recognized and respected name in
trucking and transportation for many years. Because Mack continues to be sought-after
by truckers everywhere, used Mack trucks are also commonly available. While new
Mack trucks are valued around the same prices as other name-brand and highly
functioning truck models, used Mack trucks allow buyers to acquire both power and
durability without taking out extensive loans. Used Mack trucks can be purchased
through local buyers and sellers and dealers, in addition to via online classified networks.
By using these networks, truckers can obtain excellent deals on their used Mack trucks.
For instance, one popular classified network features a used 2000 Mack CH613 for under
$20,000. Complete with air ride suspension, engine break, and a powerful suspension, the
truck is an excellent value for any owner/operator bent on having a Mack. And for those
in the construction industry, or those who desire to start their own dump truck business,
Mack is one of the best names in construction and vocation-related vehicles. For only
$60,000 truckers who want a used Mack dump truck can invest in the 2001 Mack
RD688S Tri Axel vehicle from several websites. The truck, which is advertised as clean
and features a vertical exhaust, chrome bumper, and two air horns, is an affordable and
durable choice for an investor, while paying nearly double this price for a new Mack may
be unattainable. For truckers who want to invest in the best, the availability of used Mack
trucks allow those operating in almost any price range to obtain a first rate truck. With a
history of success, durability, and performance, the Mack trucks, and especially used
Mack trucks, make a great investment for any trucker. Marilee McCormack is the
managing editor for which specializes in Sell Trucks.

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