Never Gamble Riding Without A Helmet by MarijanStefanovic


									Never Gamble Riding Without A Helmet! Any paramedic first on the scene of a
motorcycle accident will shake his head upon finding the injured without a helmet on.
Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is synonymous with severe, if not fatal, injury.
Death rates increase exponentially as helmets use decrease. Taking off your HJC helmet
before taking off on a bike ride is a grave (no pun intended) mistake! HJC Helmet, one of
the leading helmet manufacturers in the world, and all other helmet makers for that
matter, will really be against at the accident statistics involving helmet less bikers. And
why not, when transportation statistics show a direct relation between the rise of
motorcycle deaths and the drop in motorcyclists wearing helmets? It is really amazing
how a biker can take the risk when a little discipline - just putting on one HJC helmet for
example - goes a long way in prolonging the biker's life. While traffic regulations say a
helmet is mandatory, not every biker is that conformist. Wearing a helmet, much less
paying for a high-end HJC helmet for instance, can be tedious if not actually a nuisance.
Anti-helmet advocates shun Harley helmets or BMW or HJC helmets as water repels oil.
But is it really cumbersome and tedious? Some cannot see the reason when an innovative
HJC helmet, for example the SY-MAX II, offers great features like optically superior
face shield, one-touch integrated sunshield, pushbutton chin bar, single button face shield
release, and cool interiors. With this kind of HJC helmet, it's practically like wearing no
helmet at all! What is surprising is that bikers will spend a lot on high-end motorcycles
like BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, and other prestigious brands, but think twice about
spending a few hundred dollars on one HJC helmet. Some bikers will pay extra for
motorcycles with higher-revving powers, lowered chassis, great suspension, responsive
gears, but will not spend anything on say, HJC helmet accessories like optional shields,
headliners, balaclavas maybe, breath guards, breath boxes, face masks, flat shields, or
pinlocks. These HJC helmet accessories actually come in a wide array of options for
color, comfort, safety, ease of use, and other biker eccentricities. They spare no costs on
motorcycles and the fuel these bikes guzzle, but hoard every penny so as not to shell out
one for a protective jacket, reinforced boots, padded vests, or even motorcycle gloves.
Motorcycling is definitely fun! Riding a motorcycle with all the feeling of freedom it
brings, the heady breeze, the rush of the wind on the ears, the refreshing morning sunlight
can be very tempting for the biker to forget his helmet or other protective gear.
Unfortunately, sometimes that's where the fun ends, as thoughtless riding without regard
for personal safety can make motorcycling a disastrous - definitely not fun - activity.
Motorcycles are great machines. They take the biker to places where cars normally don't
go. Unfortunately again, though, those places are not always safe - like off-road and
muddy, slippery, mountain trails, unpaved roads, and lots of unyielding road surfaces.
Motorcycle safety should go hand in hand with motorcycling. Wearing a Harley or HJC
helmet should also go hand in hand with wearing jackets, boots, and other protective
apparel. John Daniele is an expert on motorcycle helmets. For information or to purchase
a handcrafted, light-weight, fiberglass novelty hjc helmet see

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