Motorcycle Defensive Driving - Covering Up and Slowing Down by MarijanStefanovic


									Motorcycle Defensive Driving - Covering Up and Slowing Down If you are someone
who doesn't feel alive until you are riding your bike, there are many tips on motorcycle
defensive driving which will help you stay alive while you are riding it. Motor defensive
driving tips will give you some ideas about driving to protect yourself other drivers when
you are out riding, and these tips are available without your being required to attend a
course. The Number One Tip The single most important tip you will ever get, and the one
most obvious even to people who will never go near a bike, is to wear a helmet. Helmets
are not merely recommended as safety measures; they are legally required for those
driving motorcycles and yet there are motorcyclists who still refuse to use them. Using a
helmet as a part of your motorcycled defensive driving strategy can save your life. How
is that something you can ignore? You should simply get in the habit of putting on you
habit before you set out, whether you are going across the country or around the block.
Do nothing on your bike unless your helmet is securely fastened on your head. Slow
Down! A second tip is to watch your speed. No matter how experienced you are, no
matter how agile your bike is, speeding on your motorcycle is only slightly less stupid
than riding without your helmet. And speeding not only puts you at risk, it puts any
drivers with whom you share the road at risk as well. You should follow the driving tip
on speeding with extra care when you are navigating curves, because curves are notorious
for causing motorcycle crashes. It's just to easy to misjudge a curve by overshooting the
road or straying into oncoming traffic and being hit. Motorcycle driving is all about
concentrating on the road ahead of you and the vehicles around you, so you should
always be focused on upcoming curves and get your bike positioned to handle them well
in advance. You can learn far more about motorcycle defensive driving by taking the
time to attend a class. Successfully completing a driving class will give you, as a
motorcyclist, extra protection against all the aggression of drivers who do not like to
watch you and your buddies weaving your way through the traffic jams in which they
find themselves sitting for hours at a time. And that's a really good thing!. You can also
find more info on defencive driving and defensive driving tips. is a comprehensive resource to know more about defencive

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