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Stereotypes, &
Warm Up
 In your notebook, copy and answer
 the following question using complete
 sentences: What do people from
 other countries think about people
 from Colombia? You have five
President, Dinner or Jail?
Task #1 – write three characteristics of each person:
Task #2 – pick one to have dinner with, one to put in jail,
  and one to be president
Person #1           Person #2            Person #3

 Please put your selections
 aside and set up your
 notebooks for some notes.
Prejudice & Stereotypes
n   Prejudice is a generalized attitude towards a
    specific group of people.
n   Stereotypes are beliefs about groups of
n   People use stereotypes as a way to help
    them understand other people’s behavior,
    but stereotypes are often wrong.
n   People assume those who are different from
    themselves are similar to each other.
n   The problem with stereotypes is they assign
    group characteristics and ignore individual
n Discrimination is the unfair treatment of
  people because they are part of a
n Victims of discrimination can see
  themselves as inferior and this can lead
  to low self esteem.
Reasons for Prejudice
n Some people exaggerate difference to
  make people seem more different than
  they actually are.
n Prejudice can be used to help justify
  economic differences.
n Children learn from their parents.
n Sometimes a group of people is blamed
  for the problems of another group.
Nelson Mandela

•Former   President of South
•Noble Peace Prize Recipient
•He has received over 250
•UN has made his birthday
known as Mandela Day a
holiday for world freedom
•He helped lead the transition
towards multi-racial
democracy in South Africa.
Menchú Tum

•Has dedicated her life
to helping the
indigenous people of
Guatemalan Civil War
•Noble Peace Prize
Recipient in1992
presidential candidate in
 Ted Bundy

•He  was one of the
most notorious
American serial killers
of all time between
1973 and 1978.
•Confessed to over 30
murders but his actual
number is believed to
be between 26 and
over 100
•He was executed by
the state of Florida in
Terms and Definitions
Prejudice – a generalized attitude
 towards a specific group of people
Stereotypes – beliefs about a specific
 group of people
Discrimination – the unfair treatment
 of people because they are members
 of a specific group

 Pick 10 vocabulary words and
 use them in 10 complete
 sentences that show you
 understand the meaning of the
 words. Do not just rewrite the
 definition. Due next class.

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