; Did Williams conquest change England
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Did Williams conquest change England


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									Did William’s
conquest change
Peer Assessment
Learning Objectives
n   To assess pupil ability to recognise, describe and analyse
    features of past societies – in this case, changes made to
    England by the Norman Conquest up to 1087
n   To produce a piece of structured writing covering the key
    question – Did William’s conquest change England?
n   To generate high quality levels of talk / debate about change
n   To work with others to improve the quality of writing
n   Effective use of peer assessment to impact positively upon
    learning- two stars and a wish / award levels.
Make sure that you
n   Cover all the issues raised in the chapter
       ü   How he gained control- several years
       ü   Feudal system
       ü   Church
       ü   Castles
•   Use a new paragraph for each point
•   Select and organise your information well
•   Use connectives
•   Write a balanced cnclusion
Peer Assessment
n   Raise awareness of criteria to achieve levels
n   Learner is given the opportunity to learn from
    their peer/ peer given opportunity to learn from
    the learner
n   May be more prepared to take the advice of your
    partner than your teacher!
n   Must focus upon elements needed to achieve
n   Think about two stars and a wish
n Make sure that you follow your Task
  Guidance sheet
n Make sure that you are aware of the
  assessment criteria for each level
n Be constructive in your comments

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